I had hoped that when I became a high school student, I would be able to live a sweet, sour, and slightly erotic adolescent school life like in anime and novels.

Well, that was just a fantasy…….

With my academic ability, I could have entered a place with a slightly higher deviation, but I dared not do so. I thought that by going to a school with slightly lower academic ability than myself, I would always keep my grades at the top, in other words, I would maintain the position of someone who could study well, and I would not be bullied badly.

In fact, I have not been bullied.

–Or rather, I didn’t make a single new friend.

“Good morning.”


“Hey, you’re looking good today〜”

The classroom would get noisy when the popular kids came in, and there was no reaction when a loner like me came in. I myself don’t have the courage to say hello to everyone.

However, if I, Endo Munehitsu, had been a “character who can study” as I had originally planned, I would not have received any bullying, nor would I have had any bad feelings because they were not even interested in me in the first place.

I just feel a little bit sad. But I don’t think this isolated character who could study would be able to suddenly talk to cheerful people even in death.

I’m sure that I will finish my high school life without experiencing youth. I might not be able to have a real-life girlfriend while being healed by the heroines of free novels and manga that I can read on the web.

“Endo〜, Endo !”


The teacher called out to me and I replied. My day begins with no change.

“Hey, Enpitsu…….”

The person who calls out to me from the seat next to mine is my childhood friend, Tsukishima Mei. Tsukishima is also a rather unusual girl and a loner who is not good at socializing. I think Tsukishima is one of the most beautiful girls, but since elementary school, she has never been one to hang out with others. She only talks to me occasionally.

It was Tsukishima who gave me the name “Enpitsu” short for Endo Munehitsu. That’s what she called me when I was in elementary school, but I don’t keep in touch with my friends from that time anymore.

“What’s up?”

“The English text, let me see.”

It’s time for modern literature now, but she wants me to show her the next English text. I don’t know if it will be of any use to her, though, since English is a small class and Tsukishima and I are in separate classes.

“I get it, what about your progress?”

“I’m sure you’ve made progress anyway, right?”

I don’t know if it’s because we’ve known each other since childhood, but I can see right through this kind of thing. Tsukishima held out her hand and moved her mouth to say, [Lend me.]

I gently placed the English text I had on my desk in her palm.

I wrote down the modern literature on the board in my notebook, and then I sort of listened to the teacher’s talk, which I’d already studied before.

I’ll just have to go over the parts that I think will be on the test.

“Oops〜 I’m late〜”

The door at the front of the classroom opened, and in walked a girl wearing a shirt that was wide open, a ribbon hanging loosely, and a skirt that was as short as she could make it. Her hair was blonde and dyed red on the inside. She has long, long fingernails as if to say [to hell with the school rules] several piercings in her ears, and blue eyes with contact lenses.

“Myoudou. you’re late.”

“Yeah〜, I’m late because of the train. Odosen’s scary.”

It was as if being late for the train was not a reason at all…… The one who is now being scolded by the teacher is Myoudou Rin.

“Ugh〜, don’t interrupt the class.”

Tsukishima said as she finished taking a picture of my English text and put her phone away.

(Tsukishima…..that’s seriously the reason you can’t make friends, not that I can tell you that.)

I took the text from her and secretly put it away on my desk. Conveniently, Odosen aka Odomichi sensei is still scolding Myoudou san.

“Eh〜, that’s awful. Just for today, okay?”

“You see, Myoudou.”


“Haa, take your seat.”


The classroom was abuzz as Myoudou san walked to the seat directly opposite of mine.

It was not like Odessen to not scold a student for being late.

“As expected of a bitch.”

Such a voice could be heard from somewhere in the classroom.

Myoudou Rin has been known to everyone as [the school’s number one bitchy gyaru] since she first entered the school. But that has nothing to do with me.

Because, I will not be in the same class as Myoudou from next year.

This school is not a very bright school, but from the second grade, students with high grades who wish to be in the special advanced class are divided into classes according to their grades, while others are placed in the sports class.

In the special advanced class, in addition to the required subjects, classes are provided to prepare students for university entrance examinations, and the school has been producing students who have been accepted into Tokyo and other universities there.

In other words, I will not be with Myoudou san, who has low grades, or with other students who are noisy in class.

“If I go to a special class, I won’t have classes like this.”

Tsukishima said quietly to me.

Tsukishima’s grades were second only to mine. She could have gone to a better school, but for some reason she took the entrance exam for the same school. I wonder what Tsukishima was doing.

“I guess so.”

I answered, but to be honest, I wasn’t sure if I would go to a special class or not. I have not even told my parents why I was not sure.

–Actually, I want to aim for an art school.

I can’t tell my parents. I’m sure they would be surprised if their son, who has been living a safe and normal life up until now, suddenly says he wants to go to art school,…….

Tsukishima stares at me. I feel like the depths of my heart are being exposed.

“Okay〜, let’s resume class〜”

The teacher resumes writing on the board. Tsukishima looked away from me a bit frustrated.

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10 months ago

Thanks for a new novel. Hopefully it won’t do a complete 180 and turn into an Isekai like that other one

10 months ago
Reply to  Chris1

Wait which novel suddenly turned into a isekai. Can u tell me the name?

10 months ago

Wait u tellin meh this could suddenly turn isekai? Lmao