Ignoring my protests, Myoudou san unbuttoned her shirt and took it off without hesitation, placing it on the desk.

She was wearing bright red lace underwear, her breasts were firm and her cleavage was a little sweaty. Yet she was thin from the bottom of her chest to her belly button.

“You’re going to draw, aren’t you? Sit down.”

Myoudou san said, and this time she put her hand on her skirt. Unlike the other girls, her skirt was cut very short and adjusted, and she folded it to make it even shorter.

She put back the folded part, bent forward a little, and slowly lowered the zipper on the side of the skirt.


The skirt fell to the floor.

Like the underwear above, it was bright red lace, with only a string tied around her hip bone. She fumbled with the strings with her fingers.

“w-w-w-wait !”

“Eh? What?”

“If you take off your clothes in a place like this….and if someone finds you, you’ll be expelled……! We’ll be expelled !”

“Eh〜, they won’t find us. It’s locked and the curtains are closed.”

I resisted desperately while trying not to look at Myoudou san.

But there was no sign of her trying to put on her clothes.

“PErhaps……you’re thinking….something dirty?”


“I saw a movie once in which a naked woman was being sketched, but don’t they usually do that?”

“Well….that nudity is called… modeling.”


“There are people who do nude modeling, both men and women.”

“Then what’s stopping me from taking my clothes off?”

Myoudou san spoke so normally that I turned my gaze back to her.

-That’s too stimulating!!


As I was puzzled, Myoudou san approached me in her underwear.

“Perhaps… wanted to ask me for a naughty favor?”

I turned my face away from her as she looked up at me in her underwear. My mind was already panicking and I didn’t know what to do with myself.

“That art modeling? I’ll do it for you. Because this torso is not enough for you, right? It’s a little fat and smooth on the tips of her breasts. I would be more beautiful, you know? I think I’d be a good model〜”

Saying this, Myoudou san crossed her arms as if to pull her breasts together and pouted in dissatisfaction.

“It’s not naughty to draw naked torso statues, but it’s naughty to draw me naked? Weird……but I’ve taken off my clothes, so ….draw me. Sketch it.”

“Please …..don’t take off any more of your clothes……”

I tried my best to calm Myoudou san, who was about to untie her underwear. Is she teasing the otaku virgin, or is she too much of a bitch to have any sense of shame….?

“Then let’s make a different pose than Torso chan.”

With that, Myoudou san moves the torso statue out of the way and sits down on the table, raising her arms, bending her elbows, and putting her hands behind her head. This is what is known as the “armpit pose” in gravure.

“Draw it beautifully, will you? And…..this one.”


I heard a flashy sound, and when I unintentionally looked up, Myoudou san, who had been posing proudly until just now, turned bright red and was holding her chest.

To be more precise, she was holding her breasts, which were about to be exposed.

“Ugh…..can I pose like this……?”

She hadn’t been embarrassed earlier, so I managed to hold back, but my nose got hot at the super stimulating girl who looked at me with a bright red face and looked embarrassed.

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