“Good morning, Enpitsu.”

Tsukishima’s voice brought me back to myself. Tsukishima looked at me strangely as she pulled her bag to the side of the desk, took a seat, and turned to me.

“What’s wrong? Are you sick?”

“No, I’m just a little sleep-deprived.”

That’s a lie.

For the first time…..I saw my classmate in her underwear yesterday after school. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I can remember it vividly. I remember her full, soft breasts, her bright red, almost see-through lace underwear, and her string underwear…….

And then, suddenly, the hooks came undone and she looked distraught and ashamed…..

“Enpitsu, you’re acting weird. Are you listening?”

“Ah, sorry,…..I’ve been studying a bit.”

Tsukishima smiled a little happily at my words. Come to think of it, I was invited to go to a cram school.

“You really like studying, Enpitsu. I’m sure you will do better in MORCH. I have to work hard too.”

“I-I guess so.”

Even though we talked about it, I still wanted to go to an art college.

For me, studying is just a reason why it’s not unnatural to be lonely. Actually, I wanted to have a youth like what I see in anime and games…!

But that’s impossible, so I’m pretending to study like this.

“By the way, Enpitsu. What school do you want to go to?”

“Eh, I haven’t decided yet…….”

“Next year, you’re going to a special promotion, right? Then, there is a column for your school of choice on the application form for the advanced class.”

–I forgot.

I forgot that students who want to be in the advanced class have to fill out and submit the form. As I recall, the deadline is the beginning of the second semester……. Even though it’s over the summer vacation, I have to make a decision soon.

But even if my parents are okay with it, what should I explain to Tsukishima? She’s already ready to go to prep school with me…..

“You better do that. You look annoyed for some reason.”

“Umm, it’s nothing.”

“Enpitu, if you have a problem, I’m here for you. We’ve known each other since childhood, right?”

“Yeah, thanks. But I’m fine.”

Upon hearing my reply, Tsukishima moved his eyebrows in disappointment. Tsukishima and I are connected by a strange, corrupt bond, but it doesn’t seem like we’re that close…?

“Are your English tests okay today?”

“It’s fine, don’t make fun of me.”

Tsukishima smiled proudly and began preparations for the first period. I also took out my textbooks from my bag and prepared my notebook and writing utensils just like her.

“Good morning〜!”

Her voice is loud and cheerful, which I usually don’t hear before the chime rings. It was Myoudou Rin who entered through the door at the front of the classroom.

I quickly turned my head and looked away.

The scene of that time, which I should have forgotten because I was talking with Tsukishima earlier, comes back to me all at once.

(Forget it !)

I desperately pinched my thighs and tried to picture my mother’s face in my mind.

Yes, it’s okay. It was a dream or something, not real.

It’s not……

“Good morning, Otaku kun.”

I looked up and saw Myoudou san’s pretty face in front of me. Her eyelids are glittering with lamé, her eyelashes are long and bunched up, her shirt is unbuttoned and peeking out, and her cleavage is peeking out.


“Geez〜, can you at least greet me back?I’ve taken the trouble to get up early. We’re close, right? You know, the two of us were together yesterday…..”

I screamed [Aaaaaaaaaaah !] and covered Myoudou san’s mouth with my hand. The classroom went quiet, and since I’m usually a quiet guy and now I’m yelling, people think I’m definitely a dangerous guy.

But I don’t want the whole classroom to know what we did yesterday.

“Mgmgo……Otaku kun, you ruined my lipstick. Geez〜, now I have to reapply it.”

Myoudou san pouted in dissatisfaction, then turned on her heel and left the classroom. The classroom was still quiet, and I wanted to die from the awkwardness.

“Enpitsu, what happened with you and Myoudou san yesterday?”

Tsukishima broke the silence and spoke to me.

I could tell that the guys in the class, who normally wouldn’t listen to our conversation, were paying attention to us.

“Yesterday,……we paired up in an English class. Pairs. Yes, in pairs !”

After a few moments of silence, the class sighed, the tension eased, and each of them began to speak.

It’s not much of an excuse at all, but, well,…..rumors of people last for 75 days. I guess it’s been about 15 days since my last rumor.

“I see. That was a disaster. Didn’t your grades drop?”

Tsukishima sighed whether she was convinced or not.

“Oh, well, I guess I’ll be fine.”

The bell rang, and the class returned to its normal routine as if nothing had happened earlier.

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