“Good Morning.”

“Good morning, Tsukishima.”

The day after I fell asleep on the phone with Tsukishima. We greet each other normally. Tsukishima looks calm in the classroom, as if nothing had ever happened before.

It may be true what they say about all women being actresses.

“Oh yes, Enpitsu. About the next three-day weekend.”

I was nervous.

And I mean that in a bad way.

Tsukishima was probably talking about something like, [Let’s go visit a prep school] or [Which prep school do you want to go to?] I was sure that she was talking about something like that.

When should I tell my parents that I want to go to art school? After all, should I tell my parents first and hope my mother will tell Tsukishima’s mother…..?

That’s a little unmanly, isn’t it?

“Three-day weekend?”

“Yeah, if you want, let’s go somewhere to get away from studying.”


I was at a loss for words because of this unexpected invitation. That is a date…..,right?


“Eh, it’s……okay, but…”

“I’m glad. Is there anywhere you want to go, Enpitsu?”

“a place I want to go…..”

People begin to gather in the morning classroom. Even though it’s Tsukishima, I was really excited when a girl asked me out on a date. Yesterday we talked until we fell asleep. Three days weekend, I was invited to go out……

“What about you, Tsukishima?”

“I think I want to go where Enpitsu wants to go.”

I don’t remember Tsukishima being this cute…….

No, she is pretty and cute to begin with. But I don’t know, I think she looks even prettier when she’s like this (?) I’m not sure how to describe this.

I had an idea here.

(If my likeability level is at its maximum, I can tell her that I want to go to art school and she will agree…….?)

“Maybe I want to go to an art museum.”

“Art museum?”

“Yeah, I’d like to go to Ueno to visit art museums and refresh myself. What do you think?”

Tsukishima thought for a moment and then said

“Sure, let’s go.”

She narrowed her eyes and laughed. Would you be so happy to hear where I want to go instead of deciding where we want to go together? I felt kind of bad.

“But what about where Tsukishima wants to go?”

“Well, I think I want to go where Enpitsu wants to go.”

“But it might be boring, you know?”

“No, we can be together. It won’t be boring.”

After saying this in a mumble, she turned to her desk with her ears reddening.

“Then, I’ll call you again……tonight. Let’s work out the details then…?”


Seeing her ears turn bright red, I felt embarrassed as well, so I replied bluntly and started preparing for the first period.

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