Since then, Tsukishima has been messaging me more frequently and our eyes have been meeting more often during class.

Tsukishima: [Enpitsu, can you call me tonight?]

Me: [Okay…….but what about study?] Tsukishima: [Let’s talk while studying.

Then I won’t be lonely.]

Me: [Okay]

Tsukishima: [Then, I’ll call you around 9:00, do you have club activities today?]

Me: [Yeah, I have. I’m thinking of entering a drawing contest during summer vacation, so I want to concentrate.]

Tsukishima: [I see. I’ll go home first then.]

This was an exchange during an English small-group class. It’s rare for Tsukishima, who is serious about her studies, to do that…… But it helped that it was text-based, making it easier for her to say how she felt.

I wish I could say that I won’t go to cram school if things continue like this.


Just to be safe today, after making sure Tsukishima left the school gate, I headed to the art room. If I could win an award in the drawing contest during the summer vacation, I might be able to get closer to art school. But it was a bit naive of me if I hadn’t decided what department I wanted to go into.

The black curtains were already closed and it was dark when I rattled open the door to the art room.


“I caught you.”

As I was looking for the light switch, Myoudou san suddenly hugged me from behind in the pitch black darkness. Something soft pressed against my back, a sweet vanilla perfume. The hand in front of my chest is wrapped around my chest, and the long nail polish is hitting me, and it hurts a little.

“M-Myoudou san?”

“Are you surprised?”

“Let go of me, I’m surprised.”

“Eh〜 you’re so boring〜”

Then, Myoudou san moved away from me and turned on the light switch with a snap. As usual, she was smiling and gave me a peace sign as if to say, [The prank worked.]

“I was surprised……”

“I wanted to surprise you. Otaku kun, you’re so reactive and easy to surprise〜. Let’s start again today, shall we?”

I’m used to this scene by now.

At first I was so nervous that I had no choice but to bend forward, but recently I have become more patient.

I see her in her underwear as “art,” as she says, and I’ve gotten better at flipping that switch.

Myoudou san removes her ribbon and slips off her shirt. Today she was wearing a bright red camisole of terra cotta silk fabric under her shirt. 

Without removing the camisole, she takes off her skirt, leaving her in bright red underwear. In the same vein, she took off her loose socks one at a time.

“Isn’t this pretty?”

I replied as she fluttered her camisole.

“I’ve never drawn that kind of texture before, it might be a good practice for me to express the smoothness of silk in my drawings.”

Myoudou san tilted her head, [Is that so?] I showed her some pictures of my sketches. They were of a naked model with a silk cloth wrapped around her, and I showed her the smoothness of the silk, the changes in the unevenness of her body, and the transparency of the silk……

I was talking so fast that Myoudou san rolled her eyes.

“Otaku kun. You talk so fast when it’s something you like. That’s funny.”

I felt embarrassed and my face got hot.

“But I understand. I also do that when it comes to makeup and nails, but…..I’m sorry, this isn’t what I want you to draw today.”

As she said that, she crossed her arms and grabbed the hem of her camisole. Slowly, slowly roll it up.

The tight stomach, the glistening red belly button piercing, and the vertical stripes make her look like a model.

She slowly rolled it up to her chest and I saw a glimpse of the lace of her underwear. Even though I was used to seeing her, I was thrilled and felt the blood circulation in my body improve. She sat back down so that she could lightly cover it over her body so that I wouldn’t notice.

“I bought it just for today〜”

It was a small undergarment that only covered a very small area.

She carefully took off the camisole so that it would not get caught in her hair and pulled her long hair up into a ponytail.

I looked away at the stimulating underwear….which revealed most of her normally hidden area, or rather, the shape of her breasts.

“Isn’t this amazing? I usually make sure there’s a wire in it to create a cleavage, but…”


Is a bra supposed to have something that hard in it?


“Yes, there’s a wire in this bottom part. It’s normal. That’s why it has such a beautiful shape…….”

I see, by having wires in the lower part to keep the shape, the soft breasts are firmly supported inside the underwear, and the curves of the cleavage and décolleté look beautiful…….

“This area is small, right? So I thought the shape of the breasts would be close to that of a nude one. You see, this will help you when you draw nudes in the future, won’t it?”

I felt ashamed of myself when Myoudou san smiled at me.

–Yes, this is not naughty. This is art !

“I-I guess so. Indeed.”

As I thought it was art and turned my gaze back to her, the shape of her breasts was totally different from the usual. The size of her breasts is completely different, but they have a gravity-like quality, a little like those of a torso statue, and the line from the side to the side of her chest looks like it could be worth drawing.

“Then let’s pose.”

Myoudou san climbed up on the desk as usual.

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