“Ngh !? Of course not !”

“Thought so〜”

Myoudou san smirked and moved closer to me. Because she moves in her small underwear, her breasts sway more than usual, and it’s not good for the eyes.

“After all, don’t you think that you can’t draw beautiful textures unless you touch them?”

I was at a loss for an answer.

She’s right, but what if I said yes…..?

She’s the number one bitch in school, and she’s probably been asked by others to let them touch it.

But I can’t touch a girl’s breast…..without going out with her !

“Erm……but touching an art model is basically a no-no.”

She was so annoyed by my perfect response that she crossed her arms as if to pull her breasts closer together and showed them to me. The bright red, small lace underwear is more emphasized and stimulating.

“Then I don’t want to be drawn with such hard-looking boobs〜”

When I stroked the boobs in the picture, she stood in front of me so that her breasts were in front of my face. The scent of vanilla is more intense than usual because of the proximity of her bare skin, and it makes me feel nervous.

“Then I’ll smooth out the curves around here a little more……”

I pushed down my desire to touch her and picked up a pencil. I slide it into my sketchbook and blur it with my finger to express the texture.

“Hmm, you had to touch it to get a feel for it.”

She’s amused by my reaction, but she’s definitely not going to back down. She’s forcing me to squeeze her boobs…….

But I’m not going to give in either.

Because…’s too unpleasant to touch a girl’s boobs like this ! The excitement of touching boobs for the first time is because you should start dating a girl you like and then touch them ! ! !

“Myoudou san.”

I speak in a serious voice, trying to be serious.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”


“I think you should take better care of yourself. As for the art models, I appreciate them because they are the subjects of my paintings. But, you know, you can’t touch me or anything like that.”

She reacted to my words differently than I expected.

She lowered her shoulders and blinked slowly.

“Did you think I was a bitch?”

“No, it’s not that…….”

“Do you think I let everyone touch me because I’m a bitch? Like all the girls say I am.

Her expression is somewhat sad and her resigned eyes stare at the floor.

“No, I just want you to take care of yourself…….”

“You think I don’t take care of myself?”

“That’s because you suddenly asked me to touch your boobs.”



The usually lively and loud voice of Myoudou san murmured in a whisper. The first part is too small to be heard.

“I just thought it would be okay to be touched by you, Otaku kun !”

My brain froze as if by electric shock.


“Myoudou san……?”

I reached for her shoulder in surprise. She was crying. Her face was flushed with tears as she looked up at me from where she had been lying face down.

When I was about to touch her shoulder, she lost her balance and stepped back.

As she stepped back, my hand, which was supposed to be touching her shoulder, wandered off and softly touched her chest.

I was about to grab her shoulder, so I grabbed it tightly.



So, this is how I touched the soft part of a girl’s body for the first time.

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