I felt a soft touch, and in front of me, Myoudou san’s eyes were tightly closed and her face was bright red.
I was on the verge of exploding from the warm, soft feeling in my hand and her reaction, which was different from what I expected. In many ways…….


After a few seconds, I finally came to my senses and removed my hand from her breast.
I thought she would have reacted with more composure if she was the rumored bitch, but she was like…

“I-I don’t mind it.”

She seemed to have come to her senses as well, and she puffed out her chest with a bright red face.

“Um, it’s not what you think.”

“I know, it was an accident, right?”

“Yeah, you know, I’m not supposed to touch you unless we’re in a relationship…”

“Yeah, but I told you to touch me.”

“But I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. I told you it was okay. If it was Otaku kun, this was consensual. So it’s safe.”

“Myoudou san……”

Myoudou san raised her voice a little, trying to be strong, but she seemed a bit embarrassed and crossed her arms to hide her chest, which had been openly displayed just a moment ago.

“What? Or do you wanna touch my boobs, Otaku kun?”

“No, it’s……um.”

I backed away as she approached me.
Well, there’s no way I wouldn’t be happy to touch it. But what is the correct answer to this?
Thank you would sound perverted, and not being happy would hurt her pride…….

“Like I said, I’m only doing that when I’m in a relationship……”

“Have you ever had a girlfriend, Otaku kun?”


“I see. Have you ever had a girl ask you out?”


Ah, my HP is running low. If she asks me any more of these questions, I’m going to die ! !

“I see…..then my boobs are the first.”

The exact opposite of what I expected.
The words that came out of her were like…

“Myoudou san?”

“I took your first time. Hehehe, then〜 Otaku kun will never forget it. Yay〜”

When she smiled, she looked a little embarrassed and rolled her eyes. It’s strange that she’s always so relaxed. I knew she didn’t want me to touch her, even if it was just an accident.

“So, let’s call it a day, shall we?”

“R-right. See you tomorrow.”

She dressed more quickly than usual and left the room without making fun of me. I continued sketching alone in the art room with the evening sun shining in.

The sketchbook shows Myoudou san in the sexy micro underwear she posed in on the desk a few minutes ago, and I think I’m pretty good at it.
Boobs……boobs, huh.

Indeed, if you ask me,……or rather, if I touch them, the texture is totally different. It’s not round and soft, it’s more weighty.
It is not soft and fluffy. And yet the skin was smooth…….

I moved the hand that had touched it unconsciously.

“Boobs….it’s soft.”

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