I Couldn’t Confess to The Girl I Liked, so I Compromised with The Most Beautiful Girl in My Grade, and All I Got was a Shuraba

Source: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/16816927861984466906


Komiya Youta is an ordinary high school boy with everything but an ordinary family environment.

When Youta enters high school, his father offers him the condition of living alone. 

[To have a girlfriend by my seventeenth birthday.]

If I break the promise, living alone ends immediately  and they say I am  going to be engaged to a shut-in daughter.

Youta thought he had a year to spare, but from the first day of school, he had a one-sided love affair that persisted until he entered his second year.

Then, ten days before the limit came.

A beautiful girl who is called the goddess of the school appears in front of Youta.

“Would you go out with me?”

With that one word, Youta gave up his one-sided love and became a girlfriend with the most beautiful girl in his grade. ……

“I might really stab you in the back if I saw you talking happily to another girl.”

She was cool, but unexpectedly jealous.

Youta’s involvement with girls has suddenly increased since he started dating.

The drama (Shuraba) unfolds with all kinds of girls and girlfriends, including the girl he had a crush on, the prince’s girl, his fiancée, friend gal, her sister-in-law, and others.

Youta does not know. He is disrupting the flags.

Youta does not know. The girls are fighting over him.

Okay so many of you seems to forgot the characters so I will list them here

Komiya Youta – Our main protagonist

Ichikawa Aoi – The goddess

Hitomi Tohno – Youta’s original crush

Sakino Shizuka – The goddess’s best friend

Mitsushima Aki – Tohno’s best friend

Shinozuka Suzu – Youta’s fiancee

Fujimoto Naka – Youta’s best friend

Oh yeah, and every female characters in the series are the “Harem” members….

Episode 1 – The goddess confesses

Episode 2 – The goddess of the school is now my girlfriend

Episode 3 – The goddess Surroundings

Episode 4 – Secret with The goddess

Episode 5 – A Certain Glimpse of the Goddess

Episode 6 – Jealousy of the Goddess

Episode 7 – Conversation Between Childhood Friends

Episode 8 – The Way Home with the Goddess

Episode 9 – The Goddess’s Friend

Episode 10 – My Parents’ House with My Cheeky Step Sister

Episode 11 – Fiancee’s Pride

Episode 12 – Prince of the school (female)

Episode 13 – How to Handle A Princely Girl

Episode 14 – Shuraba ①

Episode 15 – A promise to that girl I’ve always Longed for

Episode 16 – The Goddess’s Ice Melting

Episode 17 – Shuraba ②ー1/2

Episode 18 – Shuraba ②-2 / 2

Episode 19 – The Trial of the Goddess’s Friend

Episode 20 – Shuraba ③

Episode 21 – The Scream of the Goddess

Episode 22 – The Goddess’ Past

Episode 23 – Agony of a close friend

Episode 24 – A goddess, a Best Friend, and a New ……Mastery?

Episode 25 – Hot battle of the Goddesses ①

Episode 26 – Hot battle of the Goddesses ②

Episode 27 – Hot battle of the Goddesses ③

Episode 28 – Heroine Race

Episode 29 – Ex-Fiancee’s Gratitude

Episode 30 – Shuraba ④

Episode 31 – A Promise with The Goddess

Episode 32 – The Goddess’s Present

Episode 33 – His Intention

Episode 34 – The Goddess’ Dinner

Episode 35 – The Color of The Goddess

Episode 36 – Shuraba ⑤

Episode 37 – Punishment from the Goddess

Episode 38 – A Day Without The Goddess ( Before)

Episode 39 – A Day Without The Goddess ( During )

Episode 40 – A Day Without The Goddess ( Later )

Episode 41 – A Three Way Battle

Episode 42 – Shuraba ⑥

Episode 43 – Shuraba ⑦

Episode 44 – Birthday date?

Episode 45 – The Goddess’ Unfaithfulness Investigation

Episode 46

Episode 47

Episode 48 – Shuraba ⑧

Episode 49

Episode 50

Episode 51

Episode 52

Episode 53

Episode 54

Episode 55

Episode 56

Episode 57

Episode 58

Episode 59

Episode 60

Episode 61

Episode 62

Episode 63