After Sakino san was gone, I sighed deeply.

After hearing from my brother, I decided to take action to help Ichikawa san, but I was unsuccessful.
Sakino san gave me the blackmail I needed to finally get my act together again.

She confessed and showed her strength in the state of being rejected.
I was embarrassed to see Sakino san like that, and I was ashamed to be so shy.


I scratched my cheeks, which had been hotter than ever before.

“I don’t know what’s so great about me.”

I’m a pathetic man but I still try my best
I wonder if Ichikawa san will accept me like this again.

“I have to do it for Ichikawa san.”

I switch my thoughts and focus on Ichikawa san’s site.

If Ichikawa san is indeed being harassed, I need to identify the perpetrators.

As Sakino san said, she did not seem to see any such signs in the classroom, and I guessed that they were repeatedly harassing the students at the very edge of being clever and not getting caught.

In the case of such a person, it is unlikely that they will honestly stop when you identify them and tell them to stop, but it is still better than not knowing who is doing it.

“Are there people who would harass Ichikawa san? ……”

I don’t have any idea.
Unfortunately, my extremely small circle of friends doesn’t have access to information about what anyone thinks of anyone else.

I guess it’s best to ask someone who has a wide circle of friends for this kind of thing.
That’s how I got my phone out and contacted a certain person.

I, Mitsushima Aki, was excited to receive a call from a boy I was interested in.
The contact was a simple one.

“Can you take some time after school today?”

Yes, It’s fine !!

I would have answered immediately, but unfortunately, I have club activities to attend to.
It was the first time I had ever been in a club and sighed about it.

But I cannot give up just yet.

“What if it was after club activities?”

I reply to that with a little hope.
Then the line comes back again immediately.

“OK. I’ll just kill some time until the club activities are over. Let me know when you’re done!”

I gutted it out in my mind.

Youta was not in good spirits these days because of Ichikawa san.
I don’t know why he contacted me, but I will comfort him as much as I can.
And then……..

“Eh? Isn’t Mitsushima san kind of grinning?”
“N-No way, A Gentlemen has contacted her?!”
“That’s a lie! That’s not true!”
“I can’t believe it”

A girl in my class saw me grinning at the line from Youta, of all people.
For some reason, the girls collapsed to their knees, and the ah-ha moment spread.

“A, Ahahahahha…….”

After that, I somehow managed to mend and cover up the situation and was able to get away with it.

Next time I hear from Youta, let’s make sure no one is around.
I swore to myself.

After club activities were over, I wiped my entire body thoroughly with towels and body paper, and used every kind of antiperspirant I could find to eliminate odors.

Our high school does not have showers except for the swim team, so taking care of sweat after exercise is a must.
Especially when meeting with a boy who I have a particular fondness for.

After changing into my uniform, I sniffed myself again.

“……….It’s okay right?”

After asking myself this question, I called Youta and headed for the place where Youta was.

I arrived at the family restaurant where Youta was killing time, and upon entering, I found him.
Then I approached that table with great energy.

“Thanks for waiting Youta!”
“Ah, yeahh!!”

Youta was somewhat grumbling.
I am sure he is still not in his right frame of mind. There is no doubt that something happened between him and Ichikawa-san, but since the other side stepped down of their own accord, I just let her do what she wants to do.

With Youta at my side, I sat down in the front seat.
As brightly as possible. With that in mind.

“Haa~ I’m hungry because I’m done with club activities! Can I order something?”
“Ahh, I’ll buy you a drink if you like. Let’s have a normal dinner first.”
“Really !?”

That being said, I was glued to it.

Hitomi says I’m a glutton. Because, don’t you think it can’t be helped?
I run so much every day and burn so many calories. Of course I’m hungry.

Making such excuses to myself, I called the waiter and I ordered more and more food.

Then I ate all the food that kept coming.
I was quite hungry and ate selflessly.

“Fuuuuh, I think I’m full”

Seeing me rubbing my stomach after finishing my meal, Youta seems to be smiling heartily.

“What’s wrong?”
“Ah, no….”

I question Youta’s subtle response.
Huh? What have I done?


And I noticed it right away.

“Youta sorry! I forgot that it’s your treat!”

I can’t believe I asked for a large amount of food when I was told it was on the house. How rude of me.
I intended to have only one dish. But as I was eating, I got more hungry and ordered more one after another. By that time, I had forgotten that he was paying for the meal.

“S-Sorry. I’ll pay for this myself.”
“No, no, no! That’s not what I meant. ……! I just thought it was kind of surprising that Aki eats so much! Don’t worry about the money!

After being told this, I look at the amount of plates laid out on the table, and all at once my face turns red with shame.

I see.
Youta said it was his treat, and instead of laughing at me for asking without reservation, he looked at the amount of food I ate and …….

I’ve been made. Oh no. My face is hot.
I never cared because I had never before eaten a meal in front of the opposite gender outside of my family.

Ahh, what should I do !?

I hope he is not demoralized…..

“Youta don’t like girls who eat a lot ……?”

I ask Youta, turning my head over with a voice that sounds as if it is about to disappear.

“No, not at all!”
“Yes, that’s a relief. Then that’s good. Oh, but I’ll pay for my own food!”
“Oh. All right.”

Yeah, really. I never thought I’d ever be so concerned about the eyes of a Male
But, Youta….

“I’m sorry. So, what was it that you wanted me to do today?”

It was about to get awkward, so I dropped the subject. The topic was the reason why he invited me.
Maybe it’s me…or not.

Youta’s appearance was brighter than before, if not for his mind. He looked as if he had made up his mind.
Could it be, perhaps?

My heart fills with anticipation.

“Oh. Actually, I have a favor to ask.”
“Favor? Couldn’t you just call or line?”
“No, I just think it’s better to be direct about these things.”
“I see. So what’s your request?”
“It’s about Ichikawa san.”

My cheeks, which had been hot just a moment ago, cool down at once.
Despite my expectations, I felt as if I had been doused with cold water.

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