In the end, after Ichikawa san dumped me, I went on a holiday weekend as if nothing had happened.
My mind still wasn’t blown, and even though I tried not to think about it, I couldn’t get Ichikawa san out of my head.

“It’s pathetic.”

I lie down on my bed and mock myself with a potty mouth.
Then I get a phone call.

What was displayed on the smartphone was the word ‘Kaede’.


I’m not in the mood to talk to anyone right now, but if I don’t answer the phone now, it’s that sister of mine. She might even storm into the house.
If I think about it, it would be better to pick up the phone now.


It took a while for the call to start ringing, but I managed to get out.
As much as possible, keep my tone of voice the same as usual so she doesn’t know I’m feeling down.


My ears keened as a loud voice rang out from the caller’s mouth.

“Noisy !!!”
“It’s onii chan’s fault for being late getting out! So what are you depressed about?’
“…… No, I’m not depressed. What the heck, out of the blue.”
“Yes, yes. If you were my onii chan, you’d always say, [You make it sound like I’m always depressed!] You don’t have the sharpness. And there was a strange pause before you replied. ……What is it? Did you get dumped by that super beautiful woman?”

That’s my sister. She gouges my heart precisely.

“Wait, What? You can’t be serious!”
“……..Shut up”
“don’t mind it. That is something good. Let’s go next time. Next time! She was too beautiful for onii chan. You are not worthy of her.”
“Hey!? That’s what you say to a heartbroken onii chan?!”
“Because, Onii chan, it’s so weird when you moan.”
“Don’t be disgusting. And I don’t remember showing you any tears in front of you.”
“Yeah, you were a bit of a wuss before you started high school.”
“Wha?! You, why?!”
“So if you’ve been dumped and you’re not busy, come home to your parents! your cute little sister will comfort you by playing with you.
“Don’t call yourself cute.”
“Don’t fall for your sister just because you’re heartbroken, okay?”
“Forbidden Love Between Siblings: ……Kyaa!”
“Listen to me.”

What the hell is this guy getting all excited all by herself?
It’s certainly safe to say that we’re not blood related.

“Oh, now you think it’s safe because we’re not blood related. Gross.”

What is this girl really?

“Well, that’s why you should come home to your parents! I’ll be waiting for you!”
“…..What’s the point? All right, all right.”

I doubt that they are really waiting for it.
……Well, I don’t have time to stay home alone. I’ll remember Ichikawa san again, and maybe that’s okay once in a while.
I don’t want to face my father, though.

“Oh, and while you’re at it, bring me lots of ice cream and snacks. The ice cream is from Hagen…”
“Bye bye”

Kaede was still saying something, but I pressed the end button, no questions asked.
But soon another call rings out from Kaede.

“I was in the middle of something! Oh, and the snacks….patsu (Closed phone)”

She’s a noisy girl, but she cheered me up a bit.

“I have no choice. I’ll at least buy her some Haagen-Dazs.”

Just as I was thinking that, my phone makes a sound again.
Even I, a quirky guy, was irritated by the third call.

“You’re being a pain in the ass! You’re annoying me!’

The voice I hear stops me from thinking.
When I talked to the phone and checked the name displayed, it showed ‘Tohno san’ there.

I did it. …….


A sobbing voice comes over the phone.
I made her cry. ……

“Tohno san! Sorry, I’m sorry! I mistook you for my sister and ……!”
“Fueee? Oh yeah?”
“Yes!!! She was being persistent, so I just went…… Sorry I didn’t see your name!”
“……I’m not bothering you?”
“Y-you are not a nuisance.”

It seems surprisingly persistent.

“Thank god”

From the other side came the sound of relief.

“Um, did you need something?”
“Yeah….Actually, Komiya kun, you haven’t been well recently, have you? It’s Golden Week after all. …… right?”

I could sense a slight tension in her voice.

“So if you’d like, we can go hang out.”

I was more than a little surprised, as I did not expect to be invited to play.

Apparently, I have made Tohno san pay attention to me.
Certainly the last few days have been quite depressing. If we had been sitting next to each other, she would have been able to tell.

I guess Tohno san’s intention is to take me out and refresh me.
I knew Tohno san was kind.
For a guy like me…


But what is going on?
I just now made a promise to go back to my parents’ house. It’s a little awkward to make them feel uncomfortable and turn down their invitation.

“I knew It’s still annoying, right?”
“No! That’s not what I meant! I just told you I was on the phone with my sister. So I just promised to go home to my parents. ……”
“I see. ……”

I could sense that Tohno san’s voice had clearly toned down.

“All through Golden Week?”
“No, I don’t think I’ve made up my mind.”
“Well then! It doesn’t have to be today, we can do it another day! I still have some time off, and I’m always available! So call me if it’s convenient?“

I chuckled a little at how desperate she seemed.

She said she’s always available …… for me?
When I became aware of this, I remembered her earlier confession and my face got a little hot.

“…….Komiya kun?”
“Ah, yeah. Sorry. I will do so, then, when it is convenient.”

In fact, when I say I’m leaving, it will probably be today and tomorrow.

“Tohno san.”
“Nono, I’m not. Well, then, if you really feel like it, that’s fine. Bye.”

Finally, I thanked her and Tohno san gently said so and hung up the phone.

She really is a sweet girl from what I can tell.


And after I hung up the phone, I noticed a strange feeling inside me.

To say that I was happy that Tohno san invited me was an understatement.
But that’s just in terms of her concern for me.

It did not at all lead to the feeling of being spoken to and having one’s mind floating as it had done before.

“Well, that’s okay”

I immediately stopped thinking about it, got ready to go back to my parents’ house as soon as possible, and as soon as I finished, I took the train to my parents’ house.

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