It would have been the same as usual after I arrived at school in the morning and greeted her lightly.

But, lunch break.

As usual, I headed to my usual spot and there was Ichikawa san with a mysterious look on her face.

Today she did not have a lunch box.

And then she told me.

─ ─ Let’s break up.

I listen back, not knowing what the hell she’s talking about.

“C-Can you say that again?”

“Didn’t you hear me? break up with me.”

“Wai…………Wait a minute !! Why such….. rush?”

“Ara. I suppose saying goodbye is always sudden.”

Unlike me, who was upset, Ichikawa san proceeded quite calmly.

“T-That’s not what I’m talking about!”

“Well then, what is it?”

“At least tell me why!”

“Reason? I see …… is fine. I’ll tell you if you want to know. I’m sorry to tell you this, but I’m sick of it.”

“S-Sick of it?”

“Yes, It’s that one-sidedness of yours. You were too distracted by the other girls. I wanted you to tell me clearly that you liked me. That’s all”

I have nothing to say to Ichikawa san’s words.

Indeed, since I started dating Ichikawa san, I seem to have had more opportunities to get along with other girls than ever before.

And I had never said I liked Ichikawa san. I had half-hearted feelings for her for a long time.

Now, that fact weighs heavily on my mind.

“I’m sorry. I told you that you could leave me if you no longer liked me, but I just couldn’t take it. I’m really sorry. Bye.”

Ichikawa san says just that and stands up.


I tried to call her, but I didn’t know what I was supposed to say now.

In the end, I had no choice but to stare at Ichikawa san’s back as she left.

After Ichikawa san walked away, I sat on the stairs, stunned.

In retrospect, it was a short period of time.

There were many times when she came at me aggressively and left me scratching my head about many things, but I can hardly remember doing anything for her from me.

I didn’t know anything about her, even if I can excuse the shortness of the period.

I wonder why I was dating her.

My heart is in pain.

“You broke up with Komiya kun. Thanks for your hard work.”

I said goodbye to Komiya kun and was about to return to the classroom when I passed Jinguji kun in the hallway.

Perhaps he was waiting for me.

He looks at me with a sickening smile on his face and I glare at him as hard as I can and say. 

“I’m telling you, don’t think that just because I left him that I’m going to be with you.

“No, no, I didn’t say that, did I?’

“So, Which one of you is saying this?”

I was impressed that he could say such a thing after bringing up such a picture of me in the past.

That time he showed me a picture of me in the past and Jinguji-kun had a devilish smile on his face.

“I’m not saying, [Break up with him] or anything like that. I’m not saying that you should go out with me or anything, but you should choose your partner a little more carefully if you are going to go out with him or her. Being with such a mediocre and boring person will only lower your value.”

“Don’t touch me.”

I shook off Jinguji kun’s hand that was trying to pat my head.

What is funny, he still laughs.

“I am the only one who is worthy of Aoi. I assure you, after a month, Aoi will be mine.”


“I’ll take my time and let you teach me about Aoi. Right?”


With that, Jinguji kun leaves.

I shudder with a sickening feeling.

I am sure he is enjoying it in his own way.

I’m not going to give in to him, but if you want to threaten me, citing past photos is a quick and easy way to do so.

But is he not doing it because he is enjoying the pleasure of slowly tormenting me, or is he trying to gain the mental upper hand? Or does he have his own aesthetics for getting women off his back?

Anything like that is a real headache, though.

I truly regretted not seeing his true nature, which he had hidden from me during the year I was with him.

I am sure that if I continue to date Komiya kun, I will cause him trouble.

So I made the decision to break up with Komiya kun.

I didn’t want to involve him in my affairs.

With Jinguji kun’s influence, I’m sure it would be no problem for him to do something terrible to Komiya kun.

That day. I did the same when Komiya kun and I went to school together.

…… but that’s not the only reason we broke up.

“……….Seita san”

What would his brother have done in such a situation?

I also compared him to his brother and realized that I was a nasty woman to the end.

A few days have passed since then.

My relationship with Ichikawa san has surprisingly returned to nothing like it was before we started dating.

I go to school alone in the mornings, and I eat lunch with Naka, as I always have.

I never go to that staircase. The only difference is that Tohno san and Suzu are also members of the group that eats lunch together.

One girl confessed to me and one girl claimed to be my fiancée.

But I didn’t have time to think about that now.

Ichikawa san’s friendship has changed since then.

Basically, she and Sakino san only work together.

As usual, when Nagano approached her and was turned down, he persistently tried to bite back, but was stopped by Jinguji.

Jinguji looks at Ichikawa san each time he does this.

Ichikawa san turns away from it.

There were rumors around that a large couple was about to be born.

They says that Ichikawa san is embarrassed by her boyfriend, Jinguji.

My heart ached again when I heard that.

However, I was certain that I felt a little uncomfortable with that as well.

Ichikawa san really doesn’t like it.

I have watched Ichikawa san closely, even though it was only for a short period of time. So I think I know what she doesn’t like.

There were other discomforts as well. To put a finer point on it, although they were alone, I felt that Sakino san was somewhat awkward toward Ichikawa san.

Naturally, Ichikawa san is aware of this, but she seems not to mind.

What has happened?

…… No good. I find myself thinking only about Ichikawa san. Even though I’ve already been rejected.

In the end, no matter how many days passed, that never changed.

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