From there, I spoke with Youta about Ichikawa san’s current situation.

That Ichikawa san is apparently being harassed.
Youta wants to help her.
But he is rejected by the person in question.

uuuu……..I-I figured that’s what it would be about.
Mouu ! I’m so embarrassed to be soaring on my own. ……

I understood why Ichikawa san has been acting strangely of late, but in the end, I have not been able to ask her about the important things.

I ask Youta, trying not to let him know that I am blushing.

“So, you know. In the end, what kind of relationship do Youta and Ichikawa san have?”
“Oh, do I have to say that ……?”

Youta looks embarrassed.
I had a bad feeling when I saw him.

“Are you in a relationship where you can’t tell me?”
“Not that I’m saying that, but ……”
“So, will you tell me?”

It was a question I asked casually, so as not to let my own disturbed mind be known, but Regret came over me.

What if it’s not the answer I want?

When I thought about it, I realized that I really shouldn’t have asked, and my heart was beating faster and faster in my chest.

Maybe of maybe, but you two are ──── no, no, no, no, no, no.

On the one hand, she is a beautiful girl who was one of the top deities in her school, and on the other hand, a boy who is quite good-natured and kind, although he is ordinary with no particular features.

There can’t be ……, can there?

I can’t even say that.
While denying it, it crosses my mind that they are together.
My heart began to shoot out a thumping pulse.

Oh, I don’t want to. I still don’t want to hear it.

“To tell you the truth… we were dating.”

A scene and quietness comes at once.
There was a lot of noise around us, but for some reason, his voice was the only thing I could hear.

“I-I see”

I answer in a trembling voice.
Calm down. Calm down, me. I’m about to demonstrate the mental strength I’ve developed in club activities. ……!

“I see. …….”

Once again, I spit out the same words and try to get my mind right.
It solidified their relationship in my mind.

I knew they were dating.
Ouch. My chest hurts. It’s harder than I thought. ……
Oh, no. Endure.

“but, I got dumped.”

With those words, I looked up quickly.
The tone of my voice brightens a bit, even though my heart is still beating noisily.

What a selfish woman I am.

“Et-to, Does that mean you’re not together right now?”

Then. It’s still safe, right?
It doesn’t matter if I like him, right?

So that’s why Youta has been so down lately…….

I had been pleased with the fact that my own feelings had been inappropriately dumped.
But I quickly reconsider my thoughts again.

But Youta still wants to help Ichikawa san. That means …….

“Y-Youta still likes Ichikawa-san, doesn’t he?”
“….yeah. I guess so.”

I asked the question with trepidation, and the answer I received was in the affirmative.

There is no such thing.
I’ve been treated like a man, and I’ve just met a boy I think I like.

Moreover, my best friend likes the boy. but He likes another girl.
I wonder if …… Hitomi knows about this.

“I didn’t originally have any feelings for Ichikawa san or anything like that. Sakino san made me realize that. I was made aware of it.

Sakino san would have been the girl who was Ichikawa san’s best friend.

“Sakino san told me that she was probably rejecting me so that I wouldn’t have to deal with that harassment. I’m sure that’s why she rejected me.”

This means that they are in love with each other.

“I know it’s not because of that, but even if Ichikawa-san doesn’t like me, I still want to help her if I like her.”

If you love them, you want to help them. Regardless of what they think.

“I need your help. I need Aki’s help to save Ichikawa san. Please!”

Youta bowed his head toward me, saying so.

It’s not fair. Really sneaky.
Youta doesn’t understand. I’m falling in love with Youta.
And that’s why I can’t believe he’s asking me to do this.
It’s really unfair. It’s cruel.

If I didn’t help him here, Youta would surely be sad.
But if I help him, I’ll be helping them put their relationship back together.
I am not rewarded.

Ahh mouu! What should I do!?
It’s so unlike me to be this distressed!

What do I want to do!
Do I want to help Youta? I want to help him!

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to lose to Ichikawa san, who dumped Youta on …… his own and made him sad!

Even if this means helping to undo the relationship between Youta and her.
I want to help Youta.
And I will prove to him that he deserves better!
To do so, first.

“I understand. I’ll cooperate.”

Youta’s face lights up when I answer that.
I felt a slight prickle in my chest at the expression on his face, but I held it in and continued speaking.

“When you say “cooperation,” what do you mean by that?”
“Yes. Aki gets along with a lot of girls, doesn’t she? So I want you to interview various girls and find out who is harassing Ichikawa san.”
“I see. Okay, I’ll take care of it”

As Youta says, he is confident that my friendship with girls is wider than anyone else’s.
There are many girls who get along with me not only in my class but also in other classes.

Through such friends, the interviews will definitely lead us to the culprit.

“Thank you. Aki.”
“You’re welcome.”

Youta is relieved.
But I’m not saying that I would do anything for a boy I like for free to arrange a relationship with a girl he likes.

I can’t afford to lose.

“But there are conditions.”

I smiled and offered Youta one condition.

“And then…”

Youta looks surprised at the suggestion.

After a few moments, Youta thought long and hard about the conditions I had proposed, then nodded.

Negotiations were concluded. 
Then even I can act for someone I really like.

However, my heart ached again when I realized that his feelings for Ichikawa san were that serious after all.

No, it’s okay. It’s okay. I have a chance.
I heard somewhere that if you give up, the game ends there.

So I definitely won’t miss this chance.
I will make Youta fall in love with me!

(TL/N : damn I really hate this scenario where the girls were rejected directly or not, it made me remember that scene from Saekano Fine movie……still traumatizing…..

Oh yeah btw, The writer said that from here, the story will be brighter, well, it just took 10 chaps….10 CHAPS wtf..)

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