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When we left the movie theater, we went to the food court inside the theater.
There was still time for dinner, so we decided to relax here with a cup of tea.

It’s kind of really date-like.
I can’t be so cheerful. No, I’m not.

It happened at the movie theater earlier.
It was definitely Ichikawa san who spoke to me from behind.
And that one word.
No doubt, she must have seen the exchange between me and Tohno san.
To begin with, I told her that today I will be here with Tohno san plus other members of the group.

So being just the two of us in the cinema was like……..
Obviously, it looks like a picture of me lying and cheating on her.
Very unpleasant.

I must somehow find Ichikawa san and clear up the misunderstanding.

Of the several establishments in the food court, we walked into a crepe shop.
Tohno san bought a crepe there.
The store sold drinks in addition to crepes, so I decided to get an iced cafe latte.

The food court had already peaked out, and we could see a sparse number of seats available. We sat in one of them.

Tohno san sits down and then tastes the crepe. Then she makes a happy face.
She looks kind of cute, like a small animal.
I thought before that Tohno san is quite fond of eating.

“Fuee? Ah…..yeah. Delicious, yes….”

Perhaps my abrupt question caught her off guard, or perhaps she was too focused on the crepe to speak respectfully, Tohno san answered shyly.

Tohno san is aware that I am watching her and eats more moderately than before.
That makes me laugh because it is kind of funny.

“Don’t worry, you can eat as usual.”
“………Mouu. Komiya kun, you must think I’m a glutton.”
“Eh? Am I wrong?”
“It-s not…..that you wrong……”

The fresh reactions I get when I tease Tohno san make my cheeks loose again.
Thinking about it, I may be more relaxed now because I was so cautious with her before that I didn’t even mess around with her in this way.

“D-Do you hate girls who eat a lot, Komiya kun?”

The power of the upward glance given while shyly holding the crepe is high.
I know It’s not on purpose but, this is…….

Tohno san is cute after all.

“No, I don’t care about that.”
“Fufu, that’s good”

Tohno san, who looked relieved, tucked into another crepe.
I’m at peace with that.

It’s peaceful…………. Wait, it’s not the time for this!
Let’s find Ichikawa san for now!

“I’m sorry, Tohno san. Can I go to the bathroom for a minute?”
“Eh? Yes, are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m okay ! Stay here and wait for me!”

I told Tohno san that and left the place.


I, Ichikawa Aoi, was wandering around the facility after I left the theater and after talking to Komiya kun.

Bewilderment, irritation. I was also frustrated with myself for being swept away by these strange feelings.
I’m sure that Komiya kun would not have lied to me and left me alone with her, but the thing happened…..

“I think he’s flirting too much. I’m sure he didn’t do it on purpose.”

Thinking back on it, my heart is blurring again.
And I feel like complaining about it.

“He needs to be punished again.”

What kind of punishment shall I give him?
I know it’s not his fault, but I can’t help what irritates me.

However, when I have given him the permission to go, complaining about it makes me feel as if I am a small person.

“No. If I trust him, I should leave him alone.”

Still, I shake off the negative thoughts and force myself to change my mind.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do now.”

I wasn’t sure whether to leave or not.
Or, since I’ve come this far, I’ll just wander around as I see fit.

But if they are in the same facility, there is even a chance that I will run into them.
Then it would start bothering me again.
Even now, it is thumping from the inside of my chest again.
I’m curious about the things that bother me.

“…………H-He still needs to be monitored. This is a problem before trust and all that. He may be fine, but we don’t know how Tohno san will react.”

I tell myself as if I were making excuses.

“Worst case scenario, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to show up in front of the two of them. I might even see Komiya kun get flustered.”

It’s getting more and more fun to think about that.
Yes. That’s who I’ve always been.

“Once that’s decided, let’s get started looking for them.”
“Eh? Aoi?”

As I made up my mind to do so, I heard someone calling me.

I, Mitsushima Aki, was lounging around in front of the station after finishing club activities.


I feel more tired than usual today. If it was only a morning practice, I would usually stay and practice, but today I couldn’t concentrate much and had to cut out early.

This may have been due in part to the fact that I was thinking back to the events of the morning.

“It’s kind of frustrating….”

I was very disappointed with the results, as if I had abandoned the run in the middle of the day because I didn’t have time.

But that wasn’t all.

“What kind of relationship do Youta and Ichikawa san have ……?”

When I went to the vending machine to buy a drink and came back.
I couldn’t get it out of my head that they were talking happily together.

“I don’t think they’re going to go out…….”

I don’t mean to put down Youta at all, but the other party is that Ichikawa san.
If you were to say that she is dating a very ordinary Youta by any stretch of the imagination, it would seem quite unbalanced.


I felt like blowing off this fuzziness with something.


There I see a commercial establishment just around the corner.
Maybe there would be something there that would be a nice change of pace.
With that in mind, I decided to stop by.

Enter the museum and window shop as I see fit.
When it comes to fashion, all I see myself in are just safe. I don’t think frilly, girlish things look good on me.

The only skirts I had were school uniforms, and I always wore gym shorts underneath, which was not sexy.

What would I look like in the girlish clothes I see in my eyes?
I wonder what kind of feedback I can get from Youta.

I wonder if he will think it is properly girly.

“…………Ugh. W-Why is Youta coming out?”

For a moment, I shook my head and drowned out the person who had crossed my mind.
That’s not what I’m talking about now.
Chanting excuses all by myself.

Look in the mirror and see my reflection.
Short, freshly cut, girlish hair and slightly tanned skin.
Besides, now is club jerseys.
The picture was too tacky.

Guuuh~My stomach rumbled.

“Bad, I’m hungry…….”

Now the foodiness has won out over the sexiness.
Remembering that I had not eaten lunch, I headed for the food court.

When I went to the food court, the seats seemed to be empty from time to time, perhaps because the peak lunch hour had passed.

I just make sure my seat is open and go to put my bag down.

“…………Eh? Hitomi?”
“A, Aki chan !?”

Next to that seat was Hitomi who was sitting alone.

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