Episode 2 – The goddess of the school is now my girlfriend



Ichikawa Aoi.

The most beautiful girl in my grade……no, in school.

She is the top student in her grade and has excellent athletic skills. She is a true combination of talent and martial arts.

She is well received by teachers and even more well-liked by the public.

A girl loved by God who can do anything she puts her mind to and does it well.

That kind of girl confesses to the ordinary……….me?

“……Sorry, can you please say it again?”

“I like you. Will you go out with me ?”

I asked again and it was the same.


No, no, no, you’re lying. Is this some kind of punishment game?

I looked around and saw no one.

Maybe someone is hiding outside the classroom and they are enjoying watching me in a panic.

“What’s going on ?


However, I do not feel any malice from her.

I don’t see any signs of concern outside of the classroom.

I wonder if she is just a good actor or if she can do anything……, I think she could do that well.

“I’m sorry. I don’t see any element in me being confessed to by Mr. Ichihara.”

“Well, you’re a very, very unremarkable person.”

………..Huh ?

“Is that the right thing to say to someone you’ve confessed to?”

“I’m the type of girl who likes an ordinary boy.”


I can’t help but feel that we are not having a good conversation at all, but let’s just calm down.

Is ordinary boy your type?

I know some people say normal people are their type, but …….It’s just weird.

There is no reason for someone as good as Ichikawa san to choose me.

That’s the good-looking guy in the same grade, the captain of the athletic team, the ace of the club, and so on. Or the smartest guy in the class.

Why me? It was natural to ask that question.

“I don’t see the purpose.”

“Purpose? Is there such a thing as purpose in love? Aah, Indeed, love is a byproduct of the human instinct….for procreation, which is a biological emotion. So in other words, yes. So with that said, as an ultimate goal, I would love to procreate with you.”

“What are you talking about! You’re making too big a leap!”

What is she talking about with a clear face ?

Aren’t you ashamed to say it? It’s embarrassing to me!

Did Ichikawa san have such a blasted mindset ……?

“All I’m saying is, do you really like me? ! I suspect that you approached me for some purpose. For example, you know, ……the punishment game.”

As I suspected earlier, this is the most likely scenario.

It’s sad to think about being chosen as a target for punishment, though. I’m very sorry if this is a mistake, but it should be the only way.

“Don’t say that it’s weird. If it’s really a punishment, then more and more I don’t need to pick someone as ordinary as you. Even more so for other purposes. What do you think I can expect from an ordinary man like you?”

“Y-You are the one who confessed to me right ? why are you telling me that much ?”

You’ve been saying ordinary to ordinary for a while now. I’m aware of it, but it’s going to hurt me. I’m asking because it’s not right to confess to that ordinary boy.

I’m starting to wonder if you really like me?

“You’re treating my once-in-a-lifetime confession as a punishment…..It’s sad.”

I was impatient to see Ichikawa san with a sad expression on her face, holding her mouth and keeping her eyes down.

“S-Sorry ! I didn’t mean it that way…… I was just wondering if you really like me….”

“Yeah. That’s why I told you that I have fallen in love with you. I like you.”


I was skeptical, but Ichikawa san moved her beautiful face closer to me.

Smells good. Long eyelashes. Cute.

In an instant, my thoughts are captivated by the charm she possesses.

It seems that the sad gesture earlier was an act.

“If I have to prove it, I could kiss you.”


Ichikawa san’s kiss ?

This is bad.

Her marble-like eyes are fixed on me. Her eyes are so beautiful that they almost suck you in.

I gulp. My face is hot.

Slowly the face comes closer.

And naturally, my gaze is drawn to Ichikawa san’s soft lips.

If you bring your face close……my lips and Ichikawa-san’s lips will overlap ……!

“Y-you don’t have to go this far. I somehow know that you’re serious.”

“Yes. But it’s too bad”

I stopped myself just before our lips met and turned my face away.

She smiles a bewitching smile and pulls her face away.


My heart is loud.

I was so nervous, but she was unconcerned.

“So about that. Komiya Youta kun. Can I hear your response?”


It was impossible to think properly in such a state.

My face is hot and my heart is like a rampaging horse.

Ichikawa san, with a giggle, seems to be enjoying her interaction with me somewhat.

I was getting annoyed because I couldn’t see what she was really thinking.

“I wonder if you don’t need me?”

“….what do you mean?”

“It’s exactly that.”

After thinking about it for a while, I asked again.

“Did you hear me, by any chance?”


I’m fooling around, but I definitely heard this one…….

She says this knowing that I have to have a girlfriend in a week. I was stumped.

“Honestly, I don’t know what you’re confused about, but I promise you won’t regret it.”

A goddess smiling before my eyes.

To be honest, I still have some doubts…….but if what she says is true I think it’s nothing short of a miracle that such a beautiful girl fell for me.

More importantly, Just when I had to get a girlfriend.

In my mind is the image of the girl I have a crush on who is also in my class this year.

But this feeling will never come true.


But is it okay?

“You’re thinking that it is probably not okay to go out with half feelings, don’t you ?”

“Wait, how ?”

“Your face is too easy to read. Normally, I would have thought that if a beautiful woman like me confessed her love to me, I would have said yes immediately. I’m a little shocked.”

“You say that yourself.”

There’s no doubt she’s beautiful, though.

Besides, do I look that obvious?

“I don’t mind though.”


“Even if you don’t have feelings for me. Even if you were to go out with me for some calculating purpose, I would accept it.”

She replied as if she knew everything.

“If you go out with me and don’t like me, then you can leave me.”

“It’s not that easy—”

“But I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen, and I’ll make sure you can’t live without me.”


My heart jumped again.

“So, have you decided on an answer?”


That smile is not fair.

My heart beats faster.

In the end, I don’t know what’s really going on. Maybe she really likes me, or maybe she has other goals.

But I found what she said very appealing.

It’s as if she’s saying that I can go out with her and avoid a commitment to my dad and then break up with her because I like someone else.

But if I do that, that’s the worst.

But I was sure that her words made me feel somewhat better.

I exhale slowly and then regulate my breathing.

I  then looked firmly at Ichikawa san.

“—–If you’re fine with me.”

And so I gave up on my feelings for the person I loved and became a girlfriend with Ichikawa Aoi, the most beautiful girl in my grade.

I, Ichikawa Aoi, confessed my feelings to a boy today.

He, Komiya Youta, was an ordinary boy with nothing special about him.

That’s why I thought he is a good choice.

Even if he can’t exercise or study.

I felt that such a person overlapped with someone from some time ago.

I like him as he is. What I seek is ordinary.

“I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

My boyfriend has already left and I am the only one left in the classroom.

Dusk is already falling. Night will soon come.

We could have gone home together, but we will save that for another time.

“Fufu, I’m in your care, Komiya Youta kun.”

After a small murmur, he left the place.

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