Episode 34 – The Goddess’ Dinner



After I got home and finished cleaning up, I waited for Ichikawa san to arrive.

When I heard that Ichikawa san was going to stay at my house, I was in a hurry.
The house was not clean enough to accommodate people because I had been slacking on cleaning for a bit the past few days.

So I was sorry to Ichikawa san, but I decided to let her kill some time at random until I finished my cleaning.
I heard that she was just invited by Sakino san.
And I had to call her to let her know that I was done cleaning too, so she could come over anytime she wanted.

“Ichikawa san seemed a little strange at lunch.”

I don’t know exactly what, but I thought it was unusual for her to spoil me like that. The teasing in the end was the usual, but I still had a strange feeling that I couldn’t quite shake.

Did something happen with Tohno san?…… I don’t think so.

“I can’t be nervous about it though……”

I am not comfortable just waiting for a girl at home. I can’t help but fidget.

“I’ll clean up a little more.”

I thought I had carefully cleaned the room, but I still checked many times to see if anything strange had fallen out, etc.

The chime rang as I was using the corocoro to roll the carpet in my room over and over again.

At the same time, the tension increases all at once.
I went to the front door, opened it, and there was Ichikawa san with a large package and a supermarket bag.

“Sorry I’m late.”
“No, come on in”
“Sorry to bother you.”

When I entered the room, I felt that Ichikawa san was not there in her usual state.
When she came before, she seemed to be calm and composed, but I wonder if she is nervous as well.

“Leave your bags there.”
“Ah, yeah, thanks”

I am trying to make things right, but my appearance is somewhat awkward.
I don’t want you to do this, because you usually tease me for a handful, but this kind of thing makes me even more nervous.

“What about dinner? Are you hungry?”
“Fufu, I think I’ll cook dinner tonight. Is that okay?”
“Oh, yes !!! Please !!”

I was still happy, though I had expected a little more from the supermarket bag she brought.

My first home-cooked meal. ……
I guess I’m one level up as a human being now. ……!

“Fuu, okay ! I’ll borrow your kitchen!”

After taking a deep breath, she pulls an apron out of her bag, puts it on, and tucks in her long black hair.


The exposed nape is quite …….

Then she takes out the ingredients and begins to move swiftly.

“I’ll help you. What do you want me to do? I’m not sure I’ll be much help though”

I offered to help, thinking that I could not be left in charge at my own home, even though I am not a regular cook and would only be a hindrance.

By the way, the kitchen is more than big enough for one person to live alone and I can have it too.

“No, you go ahead and relax. It’s your birthday and I’ll take care of this.”

…… refused.

“I think you should go take a bath while you’re at it. I’m still making it now, so it will take a while.”
“Ah yeah”

I thought sure, and I started boiling the bath at the touch of a button.
In about fifteen minutes, the bath will be boiling.
What shall I do until then?

Pulled by the rhythmic thump-thump sound of vegetables being cut, I looked at Ichikawa san’s back.

“I get nervous when people look at me that much.”
“Eh !?”

Do you have eyes in the back of your head!?

“I know everything about you.”

That’s kind of scary.
Soon after doing so, an electronic beep sounds to let you know that the bath is boiling.

“Go ahead and get going. It’s still going to take me a while too, so go ahead and make yourself relax.”
“Ah, yes..”

The exchange was something like a newlywed couple.
And the way she called me, earlier, it was you (Anata). Well, I guess this is not you (Anata) in that sense. It is just a tone of voice.” (Anata is usually what the wifey called her husband)

“You must think we’re like a newlywed couple. I could give you a back rub.”
“N-No, I’m fine !”
“You don’t have to be shy.”
“I-I’m going”

I hurriedly grabbed a change of clothes and ran to the changing room.
I had a feeling that Ichikawa san might really charge in.

When I got out of the bath, I could smell the good smell.
There is even a sizzling, delicious sound coming from the kitchen, which makes me feel hungry all at once.

“Welcome back.”

When I enter the room, Ichikawa san greets me, wearing an apron and her hair tied up.
I found myself thinking that it was kind of nice to see that.

“I-I’m back”
“It will be ready soon. Go ahead and sit down and wait for me.”

White rice, miso soup, and soaked spinach were laid out on the table, and the open space in the rear center could be expected to be the main course that she is now grilling for me.

And when it was done grilling, Ichikawa san brought me a plate with shredded cabbage.

“Waah, looks tasty…”

My stomach grumbled uncontrollably.
The dish Ichikawa san cooked for me was a hamburger steak.

There is nothing wrong with this, although it may be fairly standard.
Boys love hamburgers.

“Then let’s eat.”

Ichikawa san unties her apron and sits down on a chair.
I waited for her and then I joined hands.

“Itadakimasu” (Japanese table manners before eating)

I immediately reach for my chopsticks and crack open a hamburger steak. The juices from the inside overflow at once.
I took it straight to my mouth.

“Thank god”

Ichikawa san, who had been looking at me a little nervously, showed a look of relief.
That was somewhat unusual for me to hear.

“Were you nervous?”
“It’s weird”
“You were fine before.”
“Is that….”
“I hope you got a little jolt when I said that.”

Smiling, Ichikawa san was in her usual self.


I thought I’d been fooled again and ran in for some white rice with my hamburger.

“Fufu, Itadakimasu”

Satisfied with what she saw, she finally reached out and began to eat the food.

My stomach was full of satisfaction after enjoying the dinner Ichikawa san had prepared for me.
Although I lived alone, I didn’t do much cooking that I could call self-cooking.

At best, it’s curry or stew.
At any rate, it is an indispensable recipe for those who live alone because it can be managed by putting it in a pot and simmering it.

“How did I do?”
“It’s really delicious, thank you”
“Fufu, that’s a relief. “
“I’ll make you some tea.”
“Okay, Thank you”

I get up from my seat and go to the kitchen to boil water before making green tea.
I then took the teacup to her and sat down again.


Ichikawa san, not understanding why I took a deep breath, tilted her head.

“Ichikawa san, I need to talk to you.”

I, Shinozuka Suzu, were lost.
Since that woman disappeared to Youta’s apartment, I had made many trips back and forth from the station to this apartment.

It’s not for health reasons.
Why on earth are they doing this?

“Should I bump it up? No, I should. No, but ……”

Yes I am on the fence about whether or not to crash at Youta’s house.
Originally, I had planned to do the assault after some time had passed.

But if. I couldn’t do that because my face got so hot thinking about what if I had assaulted him at the right moment of the affair.

[[I was taught! I can have a baby if we lay our bodies on top of each other!]]

I want to punch myself in the daytime.
When I later asked Hitomi what this meant, she told me with a red face.

If you used your phone to look up the site, you would see a large number of sites that could not be shown there, and we managed to avoid those sites and checked the content carefully on the Wiki.

I never thought I’d have to do that …… to have …… children.
I haven’t heard that!!!

“And that guy…”

What’s with the storks!!!!
That’s no lie either!!!!

Thanks to you, I get hot as if my face is on fire remembering what I said that time.

And once you become aware of it, the last thing you want to do is think about what might be.

“Nono, it’s not that. No, there isn’t. …… But I did read that, as a percentage, fifty percent of high school students these days have already had their first experience.”

I took out my phone again and put the same word in the search field and reviewed it again.

“Fiuh. As expected, Youta can’t do that. Even I haven’t even done it yet.”

I finally made up my mind and came to the front of Youta’s room.

“Okay. I’m your fiancée. It shouldn’t matter if I go to your house unannounced! Okay. ……”

Then I opened the door to the room without even ringing the chime.
It was not locked.

“Youta! I’m here for you…..aa”

There was that woman, Ichikawa Aoi, who was playing with Youta with only a towel.

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