Episode 29 – Ex-Fiancee’s Gratitude



“This is the worst…”

I, Shinozuka Suzu, was on my way to the infirmary.
I got too worked up over something as trivial as the 50-meter run in P.E class.

I had challenged her to a match and never thought I would lose both times.
And I was so disappointed to lose the second one because I had a good start.

That time. Just before the finish line.

When I was about to be side by side with her, I tried desperately to shake her off, tangled my legs, and fell over with a loud crash.
This caused the two people beside me to get involved.
Neither of them fell, but they were forced to slow down.

Meanwhile, Hitomi, who had been running selflessly, reached the finish line.
It was the moment she won the game.

As a result, I was the only one without a record.
It was a bad sign with everyone’s attention on them.

“Ah–, I’m an idiot !! Why do I have to tease my legs in that place! It’s impossible!”

With all due respect to Hitomi, I had no eyes on anyone but Ichikawa Aoi. However, if I listened carefully, I heard that the good-looking girl was also a member of the track team.
Even so, a loss is a loss.
In one day alone, I have suffered a total of four defeats.
The first time, I was indeed caught off guard, but this time I have no excuses.

Including this, my ability. It was my complete defeat.

“But I’m glad I got to see that girl’s confused look on her face.”

In the end, Ichikawa Aoi and the good-looking girl ran through the race despite being out of shape.
My fall had ruined the game, and they did not look happy about it.

Then she came over to voice her concern, but I brushed her hand away. It’s funny to remember the dumb look on her face at that moment.
It was a strange way to take a shot in the arm, but oh well.

“Anyway, Where is the infirmary ?”

It would have been nice to come out alone, but there was no way I could have known, as I would have transferred yesterday.

“I should have asked Hitomi for this.”

Hitomi had said she would accompany me, but since we had a grip strength test coming up, I told her I would go alone and come out.
Above all, I didn’t want anyone to see me in a state of disarray after I fell and even more so after I lost.
The ugliness is enough for that place.

“Are you okay?”

It was that guy who called out to me from behind as I wandered limping down the hallway.

“What’s with that, disgusting”
“Hey you…People came to you because they were worried about you, and that’s the first thing you say to them?”
“I’m not asking you to come here. No one asked you to come.”

This bo–Youta cursing me by saying [I shouldn’t have come.]

“You don’t know, do you? Besides, I don’t think there’s a teacher here at this time. I’m on the health committee by the way”
“What about the girls”
“Everything has been thrown to me”
“….Haa, So it’s like that. Then it’s your job to show me around. You’re supposed to show me the way.”
“Can’t you be a little more polite?”

Thinking it was better than another stranger coming in, I ordered Youta to head for the infirmary.

We entered the infirmary and sat in the appropriate chairs.
Then, with a familiar hand, Youta began preparing to disinfect the patient by taking chemicals and gauze from the shelves.

“Come on, get your legs out.”
“Suspicious. Pervert”
“Not that ! I can’t disinfect it!”

I pulled up my jersey and had no choice but to show my bleeding leg.

“Wow, it looks painful. It looks like it’s going to stain.”
“If you hurt me, I’ll get angry.”
“Don’t be absurd.”
“Just get on with it.”

Youta lightly clicks his tongue and then uses tweezers to bring a gauze soaked in antiseptic solution close to my wound.

“This is going to sting.”

I involuntarily close my eyes and turn my face away.
I don’t know how much this act means, but I can’t see it directly.


And as expected, unrelenting pain strikes the wound.

“It hurtssssss !!!”
“There it is !? Wait, don’t kick me ! Don’t be violent! Patience!”
“Okay !!”

I resisted as best I could, my voice not quite a maiden’s scream.

“….so, anything to say?”
“It hurts…Unforgivable”
“Hey you….”

My disinfection was successfully completed, but perhaps because of my desperate resistance, Youta was fully wounded.
He was kicked off, hit his head on a shelf, and was battered by tweezers stuck in him.

“I can’t help it. It was too painful to do anything about it.”
“You’ve got something to say about that ?.”
“I understand okay ?…Thanks..and sorry”

It felt weird to thank him myself. And an apologize
Perhaps I was happy that he came to the infirmary to give me first aid.


Of course not! It’s just a whim.

“What’s with that face”
“No, I thought so you could say ‘thank you’.”
“….I can say that much”
“That ain’t cute though”
“Shut up”
“Ouch !?”

I lightly tapped Youta on the head.

Aaa mouu, I went to the trouble of thanking you, but you’re making me angry
But it’s not bad to be able to say whatever you want without worrying about the other person.

“What are you laughing at? That’s enough. I’m leaving.”

As if in disgust, Youta says this and turns to leave the classroom.

“Wait !!”

But I called him again

“What again?”
“My feet hurt. You have to carry me.”
“Are you dumb. Walk yourself back.”
“I can’t do it. My legs hurt. Or what? Can’t you carry one girl on your back?”
“Tch. Let’s do it!”

When I say this in a silly way, Youta sighs and comes up to me as if he has no choice.
Then he extended his hand with his back to me.

Fufu~n, It was just as I’d planned. Thank God he was simple after all.

“If you touch anything funny, I’ll punch you in the face.”
“I’m going to get angry.”

Come to think of it, maybe this is the first time I’ve been carried by a boy?
I feel a little embarrassed, but no one is probably back in the classroom yet, so it should be fine.

After a few light words, I finally lean back against Youta’s back.
With a shout of [phew] Youta stood up on the spot.

Hmm? You are surprisingly powerful.
But aren’t your arms slightly pulled? This makes it look like I’m heavy!

“Hey, just hang on a little longer!”
“Shut up !! you’re actually quite heav—Ouch !?”
“Rude !!! I’m not heavy.”

Reflexively, I smacked Youta on the head. But it was not a good idea.

“Hey, don’t take your hands off me!”
“Kya !”

There is the sound of curtains being pulled.
Even though I quickly closed my eyes and tried to wait for the shock, what awaited me was a soft touch feeling.


When I slowly open my eyes, I see his face in front of me.

“Ts !?”

It’s so close! What, why!

“Excuse me.”

Then, at that same moment, there was a rattle and the sound of the infirmary door opening.

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