After my morning workout, I went home and took a shower.
Ichikawa san and I parted ways after that, We parted ways, but she asked me about Tohno san afternoon’s invitation, including where we were going to do it.

I wasn’t given any specifics either, only the meeting place.

[I trust you, but please don’t overdo it.]

Ichikawa san nailed it.
I kept this in mind and went to the meeting place.

I arrived at the station well ahead of schedule.

I was nervous because I had never had a friend celebrate my birthday in this way before.
I didn’t hear who was coming or what they were going to do, but I kept that as part of the fun.

“T-Thanks for waiting!”

I turned toward the voice and saw Tohno san running toward me.

“G-good day”
“G-good day….”

Tohno san greets me shyly.
I was caught up in it and returned the greeting. It was awkward, as if I was a stranger to her.

This was the first time I saw Tohno san in plain clothes.
She was dressed in a flower-patterned one-piece dress and cardigan, which suited her well and showed a sense of neatness.

So much so that I have to admit I fell in love with it.

“I-is it weird?”

Perhaps because I was too spaced out, Tohno san asked me worriedly.

“Ah, no, it really suits you”

Bad. too cute.
I was upset by the fact that I had a girlfriend, Ichikawa san, and yet I was so disturbed.

No, no. It’s okay, relax.

“S-So who else is coming?”
“A-Ahh about that…..”

Tohno san clammed up awkwardly.
“The truth is. Fujimoto kun said he will come but h-he said he couldn’t make it”
“……Eh? A-and the others?”
“T-there’s no one else here.”
“So…..just the two of us?”

Tohno san gave a small nod.
…….Is this……a……date?”

The moment I became aware of it, I felt a chill run through my body.

I, Hitomi Tohno, had made up my mind.
That is confessing my feelings for Komiya Youta, the man I have a crush on.

Ah, no, Even if it’s not a confession, it’s more of a way to make him a little more aware of me. ……
A-At any rate, the purpose of this date was to let him know that I was interested in Komiya kun.

And, I said date….

Here’s how it all started.

I promised Komiya kun that I would let him celebrate his birthday, but I was not sure what to do, so I asked Fujimoto kun for advice.


It was Komiya kun’s birthday lunch break.
As usual, Komiya kun disappeared during lunch break.
I wondered where he had gone, but I took advantage of the timing to talk to Fujimoto kun.

“Youta’s birthday? Yeah, I’m just going to buy him dinner……. Eh? Tohno san, are you going to give him something?”
“Et-to……I actually already bought it, but I’m not sure if …… it’s really the right one. I couldn’t give it to him because I was afraid he wouldn’t be happy with it. So I thought Fujimoto kun, who is a good friend of his, might know what he would like to receive.”
“Ah~, sorry. I don’t think I can give you much advice there. …… or whatever he’d be happy with.”
“Ah is that right?”

I have bought birthday presents, but having never given one to a boy before, I wasn’t sure if this was really the right thing to do.

“I-I have something… Actually, I invited Komiya kun to play with me on Saturday…….”
“Eh !?”

Fujimoto looked quite surprised at what I said.
And soon he came up with something.

“(This doesn’t mean that Tohno san likes that guy, does it? Eh, serious? Is it ! That means they’re in love! That’s it. I’ve got to help him and Tohno san with this one! Ah, But I said he and Ichikawa-san are perfect for each other……I hope Ichikawa-san is not like that……. I hope that’s not the case!)”

He is mumbling to himself, and I cannot hear up to the content of his speech.
Then he mumbled something and looked up.

“Tohno san”
“Answer honestly. If I’m not mistaken…… maybe you like him?”
“—–Ehh !?”

The question was so straightforward that I could feel my face turning bright red.

“Ah, If it’s hard for you to say, that’s fine, but I thought that’s what giving a birthday present is all about.”

As easy as it was for him to see through my feelings for him, once again I am speechless as I recognize my feelings for him.

I nodded, but if he asks me if I like him, I still don’t know for sure.
But I’m sure I’m interested in him. I sometimes think that I already like him, but I couldn’t say for sure because I have no experience of liking someone.

“Ah….I knew it!”
“Nono, There’s nothing to be shy about. I have a suggestion about that birthday present you mentioned earlier.”
“Let’s not give it to him today!”
“Eh!? W-Why?”
“I’m sure he would be happy with any gift, but let’s give it to him on that Saturday. I think it would make a better impression.”
“C-Certainly ……”
“So do you have a date plan in mind?”
“Actually, I was wondering if I could talk to you about that ……”

I tell Fujimoto kun what I originally intended to discuss with him.

It was good for me to take the plunge and ask him out, but Komiya kun seemed a little reluctant to be alone with me.
So I panicked and said we would all celebrate together, but I was at a loss to think of anyone to invite.

“I-I see….Why does he not want to be alone with you ……? Well, you can do it this way.”
“Tohno san invited me to celebrate. And I was supposed to take someone else, but I canceled. That’s what you are going to call it.”
“I-is that fine?”
“No puroburemu (Problem) ! Leave it to me! (He’s too shy, I guess because he gets embarrassed when it’s just the two of you. I’ve got no choice but to cooperate!)”

Fujimoto kun was proud and confident when he used his one-word English.

“Then Tohno san will be alone with him. Then you can enjoy your date, give him a present on the way home, and all will be well.”

I react to the word “date” and my cheeks turn red.

“Then I’m rooting for you! Fight!”
“Y-Yes ! I am “


That’s how the operation worked, and I succeeded in getting us alone.
I’m nervous, but I got compliments on my outfit, so let’s go …… today!

I decided to take Komiya kun with me and move out of the place.

A short distance from where they left.
There, unknown to the public, someone was observing their movements.

“I told you not to get carried away. But I didn’t mean it would be just the two of you, did I?”

The person began to act accordingly as they moved on.

(TL/N : Ohnyo)

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