“Et-to, back from club activities?”
“Yeah. I was surprised to see you here.”

When she looked at me, Hitomi rolled back in her head.
Hitomi seemed to have eaten the crepe and now only the wrapping paper lay on the desk in emptiness.
And across from Hitomi was a can of café latte.

Is she here with someone?

“Sorry, were you here with a friend by any chance?”
“Ah~, Et-to…..yes”

Somewhat absently, Hitomi nodded.
This response …… perhaps?

“Oh, maybe it’s the neighbor kun I’ve heard so much about!”
“Hey! You’re talking too loud, Aki chan!”

Sounds like a hit.
Hitomi screamed, her face red with embarrassment.

But still, She was finally able to ask him out. Nice work, Hitomi.

“HoHo~ Well, well, well, I must say hello.”
“Mouuu. You’re so quick to get carried away. We go to the same school. You know that?”
“Come to think of it, We are.”

Yes. We kept it a secret at school that we were childhood friends.
Is it correct to say that I try not to get involved in school with Hitomi too much rather than secret ……?
Speaking of reasons, I had a lot of problems with that when I was in middle school.

“But …… I can’t keep doing that forever.”

Hitomi was thinking the same thing, and muttered without effort.

“Okay. I’ve decided! ! I will introduce him to Aki chan today. I also want to introduce him to Aki chan. As my precious childhood friend.”

I was so happy to hear what Hitomi had said that my teary eyes relaxed.

“Ehehe, are you crying, Aki chan? You’re overreacting.”

Then, she gives me a good pat on the head. That is also comfortable.
And my stomach made loud noises again, probably because I felt so relaxed.

“Ah~ Hitomi made me cry and I’m hungry. I’m going to get something!”

With that, I took my seat.


I, Tohno Hitomi, was filled with joy.
I can introduce Komiya kun to Aki chan. And I can also introduce Aki chan to Komiya kun.

Komiya kun and I haven’t developed a special relationship yet, but I still didn’t want to keep a secret from the person I love.

“Komiya kun, where did he go?”

He said he had to go to the bathroom for a while. Before he went, he looked a little pale and I wondered if he was not feeling well. I wonder if he is okay.

While worrying about Komiya kun, Aki returns with a tray.

On the tray was a large bowl of udon and a pile of tempura on a separate plate.

“Wow. You eat a lot.”
“Well. It’s the end of club activities! Oh, but wait! It would be a little embarrassing if Hitomi’s boyfriend saw me in such a large quantity.”
“B-Boyfriend !? It’s not that yet!!”
“Hoo~ Does that reaction mean it will be soon?”
“Mou ~ Don’t make fun of me!”
“Hehe, Sorry sorry”

Aki chan apologizes with a laugh and slurps down her udon in one gulp.
She still eats with energy. But that’s one of the things I love about Aki.

“Speaking of which, Aki chan.”
“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

Aki chan listens as she ladles the noodles on top of the bowl.
She seems to be concentrating on udon now. When she finishes putting the noodles on, she anxiously brings it to her mouth along with the broth.

“What’s troubling you?”
“Eh…….Ugh Ugh ?! Hmmmm…..W-Why?!”

Aki chan, perhaps having hit the bull’s-eye, was choked up and then asked in surprise

“When you somehow came here, you looked unusually dazed, which is unusual for Aki.”
“…… How did you figure that out?”
“Fufu. We’ve been childhood friends for several years. You look like you did in middle school when you were in a track and field slump.”
“I wonder if I looked like that. ……”
“Maybe you’re in a slump?”
“Not really…….”

Aki chan turns her head away in embarrassment. She is always sensitive to other people’s problems and asks about them, but when it comes to her own, she has a bad habit of not letting them out.

“What’s wrong, I’ll listen if you want?”

I asked Aki chan, not my usual way of giving back, but I wanted to help.


Aki chan’s embarrassment is cute.

“It’s not that I have a problem, it’s more like …… hey, let’s say I have a story, will you listen?”
“Yeah, tell me tell me!”

It’s not often that Aki chan asks me for advice, so I can’t help but feel a sense of regret.
If it is not related to club activities, then what is it about?
It also makes it more interesting, and I listen.

“For example! I mean, really, just for example?”
“Just hurry up!”
“Don’t rush me so much! So, that …… girl friend of mine gets bothered when a boy she is interested in is with another girl. …… I wonder what this is all about. ……”

I was in raptures. I was speechless.
Aki chan is fidgeting and her cheeks are blushing. How cute!


My dear childhood friend who is always cool and reliable.
She’s a manly woman and has never heard of any such talk before, and she’s …… bothered by her male friends talking to other girls? Is that what she means ……?


Too cute……
My childhood friend is too cute……!

“Hitomi !”
“Ahh !?”

I was shaken by Aki chan and came back to myself.
Aki chan seems to be perplexed by an emotion she has never felt before.

But …… that Aki chan is …….
Fufu. As a childhood friend, I am genuinely happy.

“Aki chan…… That’s Love.”

Aki chan freezes at my words.

“Why…… hahaha, Aki chan is funny!”

I laughed because it was funny to see my cool and handsome childhood friend confused. Aki chan looked unconvinced and her mouth twitched.

Aki chan said the same thing to me in the past.
It was when I asked for advice that I was bothered by Komiya kun.

“Aki chan, you said the same thing when you were with me. Don’t you remember?”
“Aki chan’s face is red!”

Aki chan is insensitive when it comes to herself.
Once Aki chan realized that she was in the same situation as I was at that time, she became more and more red, as if she couldn’t stop herself.

That’s nice. Aki chan, you are a maiden.
Who in the world is her male friend who did this to my Aki chan?
…… I’m a little jealous.

“Bbbbb-but, it’s Nnnnn-not that”

Ahh~ Aki chan, cute~”

“It’s only been a few days since we met. We haven’t really …… played together much or anything.”
“But you don’t like it when he talks to other girls, do you?’
“Aki chan. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. If you like the person, it’s love.”

She was almost steamy
Seeing Aki chan like that makes me happy.
I will tease Aki chan from now on, because she has teased me so much up to now.

Just when I had made up my mind to do so, someone approached me.

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