Episode 4 – Secret with The goddess



Ding-dong, the chime rang early in the morning.

I woke up to that sound.

Then, as I was still sleepy and rubbing my sleepy eyes, the sound rang once more.

“…… who is it?”

I live alone and the only people I can think of who visits my house, other than my friends, are delivery men.

But deliveries never arrive this early on a weekday morning, and that was the same for my friend.

I get up and walk out of the 1K room into the hallway and head for the front door.

In the meantime, the chime rang three times.

“Yes yes, who is th–!?”

“Good morning. Komiya kun.”


Standing at the door was Ichikawa san, who became my girlfriend the day before yesterday.

“I told you on the way home yesterday that I would see you again.”

“Ah that ! but, Is that what you meant?!”

[going to my house tomorrow morning]? How should I understand that?

“Is it weird for a girlfriend to come to wake up her boyfriend?”

“It’s certainly a situation I long for. But my question is, how do you know where I live!”

“……?If it’s someone you like, you should at least know where they live.”

What’s with that confused face…?

I am under the illusion that I am wrong because she says it as if it was normal.

“Sorry, I was surprised because someone knows my address without being told.”

“Is that it? Isn’t it normal to want to know everything about the person you love?”

T-that’s right, I certainly wanted to know everything about Tohno san.

Even though I haven’t had Tohno san to tell me where she lives. but I know her house.

Oh, I’m not a stalker! I just happen to know! Really by accident!

That means….Hmm? Ichikawa san is not wrong ?

Or perhaps that’s not the answer?

Oh no, I’m confused…..

“I’m sorry to interrupt you while you’re thinking, but it’s still early for school, so would you mind letting me in?”

“Eh !? You’re gonna come in ?”

“What is it that you don’t want me to see? Like your computer history?”

“Noo!! Don’t do that, so don’t ever look at it!?”

Most teenagers’ rooms, regardless of gender, have things they don’t want to be seen in. 

Either way, the computer is NG. (TL/N : NG is Not good)


“I-Ichikawa san ??”

What’s wrong?

I called out as it suddenly became quiet.

Ichikawa san still did not respond, but kept silent and thought about something.

“Yes, it was rude of me. It was certainly rude of me to come out of the blue after what happened yesterday. I’m sorry. I’ll be waiting for you at a nearby park, so please come when you’re done getting ready.”

That said, it was still six o’clock.

Even though it is April, the mornings are still slightly chilly depending on the day.

And I have just woken up, so it will still take some time, and I can’t bear to have her waiting outside in the middle of such a situation.


I stopped Ichikawa san, who turned away and started to walk away.

“Y-You can wait in your room if you want.”

She is my girlfriend. I can’t turn away a girl who came all the way to pick me up.

“Ara. So I can look at your computer history.”

“That’s not it”

“What’s wrong?”


I asked her to wait until the room was ready, but it was the first time I was alone with a girl, so I couldn’t help but be nervous. 

Moreover, she even made breakfast with what was in the fridge. However, the refrigerator was almost empty, so I could barely cook anything more than rice and miso soup.

The ingredients are supposed to be the same, but it tastes much better than what I make.

What’s going on? Is there anything she can’t do, after all, as rumored?

Ichikawa san stares at me as I sip miso soup.

I’ve never had people look at me like this before, but when the other party is Ichikawa san, it’s hard to say.

“Etto, something wrong?”

“It’s nothing. I’m just looking at the profile of someone I like.”


I feel itchy when Ichikawa san tells me to my face that she likes me.

I’m usually embarrassed by that.

I looked at the TV to escape her gaze.

From the TV I hear morning horoscopes.

[Ninth place goes to you, Taurus! You may be swept away by the opposite sex this week. Try acting with a Gemini with whom you have great chemistry! Your lucky item is a mechanical pencil!]

Oioi. Ninth place. How subtle …… I mean, it’s mid-week, but weekly horoscopes?

Being pushed around by the opposite sex…..It’s already happening though.

I looked at Mr. Ichikawa from the side.

“I think you and I are a perfect match.”

“…..Ee? Oh, you are a Gemini.”

“Yes, June 21st is my birthday.”

“Hee……..Wait a minute. Do you know when my birthday is?”

“Ara. You say funny things. Next week, the 21st, right? I’m just two months after you. I guess it’s fate.”

I knew it.

Something like that doesn’t surprise me anymore. I want to ask her how she knows where I live and how she knows me so well, but I’m afraid so I don’t.

And what about the idea that we are destined just because we share the same day? If we were doomed just because of that, the town would be full of doomed people.

“Thank you for the meal.”

I then enjoy the breakfast I had made and take the dishes to the sink.

The time is just before seven o’clock. It is still a little early to leave for school.

Ichikawa san is sitting on a cushion, watching the TV news.

When I look at her profile, I still can’t help but think that she is extremely beautiful.

Once again, it was uncomfortable to have that Ichikawa san in my room.

“Ara, what’s wrong ? Did you admire my profile?”

“Tsss, no…”


“Well, we still have some time, so why don’t we have a little chat?”

“That kind of aggressiveness is very welcome.”

Ichikawa san turned off the TV and turned to me. I sat down beside her across the table.



I don’t know what to say, even though I said so to somehow cover up the story. I think I was calmer during the confession.

Ichikawa san continues to stare at me as if she was going to blow a hole in me.

Do you have any topics to discuss? …….

Oh, yes. We need to talk about this properly.

“A-about school.”

“It’s about what we do with our relationship right?”

As if she knew what I was talking about, Ichikawa san interrupted me.

Maybe she sensed my gaze yesterday.

“It would be a big deal if people knew that you and I were dating.”

“Ah no…….yes.”

She seems to be aware of this. There is so much difference between me and her.

This must be discussed thoroughly to avoid causing unnecessary trouble.

“I know. You and I are like Beauty and the Beast. If the villagers find out you are beasts, they will attack you.”

You called yourself beautiful, how consistent. You’re not wrong, though.

“You are more on the side of the villagers than the beasts, though.”

A correction has been made.

So I’m a mob that can’t even be a beast. This is not wrong either.

“But wouldn’t it be nice to have a story about a villager and a beautiful woman?”

“…… that story is interesting?”

“I think it’s a novelty, though.”

If you want to read it as a story, that would be different.

Let’s get back to the subject since we’ve gotten off track.

“Well, I’m sure nobody cares about me, but still, Ichikawa san is different.”

“Still, I think it’s only a matter of time before people find out.”


“I’m not that patient of a woman.”

“What do you mean by that……..”

“’Fufu, I mean I always want to be with the person I love.”


It’s hard to say that we should try not to hang out too much at school when she says it with confidently.

“But it’s okay. I don’t like flirting in public that much either. And I don’t want people to talk about it. Let’s not tell anyone.”


It’s beyond shameful to make a girlfriend you’ve gone out with say something like this.

I’m sure she knew what I was thinking and said so.

Ichikawa san seems to know everything about me.

“Don’t be sorry. I understand and I don’t want to cause trouble for the people I love. Besides, there are plenty of ways to keep out of sight. Will you at least eat lunch with me?”

Ichikawa san looks a little sad.

How could I refuse if she said that to me with a face like that?

“Oh. If that’s alright with you.”

“That’s a deal.”

Ichikawa san immediately returned smiling when I said this.

Is Ichikawa san an actress or something? It’s pretty sneaky.

(TL/A : I know that the story seems slow but I think somewhere in the next chapters, there will be a bomb….)

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