Episode 6 – Jealousy of the Goddess



“What were you talking to Ichikawa and the others about?”


When I returned to my seat, Tohno san, my neighbor, called out to me and I panicked.

I was completely caught off guard because I was thinking about Ichikawa san.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just small talk!”

“Small talk…”

“No, Because it’s really nothing!”

I desperately try to make things right with Tohno san, who for some reason looks at me with suspicion.

It makes me feel somewhat guilty.

“I-I was just wondering if Komiya kun also likes Ichikawa san?”

“Ue??! W-Why?”

“Well, because boys like beautiful people like Ichikawa san…..even as a woman, I think she’s very beautiful……”

H-How should I answer this……

“I’m not as pretty or as stylish as Ichikawa san……I really envy her.”

Indeed, Tohno is not much bigger than Ichikawa san. If anything, she is on the small side.

But it is no exaggeration to say that together they bring out her cuteness.

…..I’m thinking like a professional, it’s creepy, let’s stop.

What I am trying to say is that if Ichikawa san is called beautiful, then Tohno san is cute.

I wonder if Tohno san is still struggling with style and such.

I think it’s cute enough as it is.

“……I guess boys like people with style more.”

I could barely hear the little voice blurting out.

Somehow Tohno san’s face seems to be somewhat depressed.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah no ! Just a little bit!”

Is this……misunderstanding ?

“Is this about your childhood friend?”

“Ee??! Why ?!”

This panic. No doubt about it!

She’s having trouble getting the person she loves to turn to her.

It must be that!

Damn you, handsome childhood friend! You’re disturbing Tohno san!

If that were the case…..There is only one thing I can do. Support her.

Just the thought of Tohno san going out with someone else is destroying my brain, but as a loser, I have no right to interfere with that love.

I want her to be happy because I loved her more than anything.

Come on, me! You must encourage her!!

“IIII-I think Tohno san is cute enough.”

“Tssss. I-Is that right…Thank you !!”

I chewed too much. What’s with “cute”? Am I a Chara boy?

More importantly, Tohno san seems to be in better spirits than before.

Thank god. But her face is red.

“Tohno san ? Are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine ! As you can see!”

When I said this, Tohno san hurriedly moved away from me and struck a pose as if she were making a power hump with her right arm.

Her white arms were quite slender.

“Ahaha. It’s not done at all.”

“Ugh, you’re laughing ?! No problem, I’ll make it!”

Tohno san sulks and turns away.

The situation made me smile and laugh.

I feel like I am more in touch with nature than before.

Perhaps it is because a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have to think about what to do if I get dumped or other unnecessary things.

Maybe I’m getting back on my feet sooner than I think.

I would be lying if I said I no longer have feelings for her.

But I had a feeling that maybe soon I would be able to sort out these feelings.

That’s what I’m going to miss, though.

I mean, it’s still very dishonest. I haven’t told Ichikawa san that I had someone else I like……

Ichikawa san told me that it was okay if I didn’t have feelings for her, but was this really the right thing to do?

Should I talk to Ichikawa san properly?

That I have someone I like.


I remember how grumpy she was this morning. I am not sure if I can speak properly from that

I’ll try to apologize once I’m on my lunch break……

The reason for this is still unknown.

I wasn’t even aware of it.

That someone is watching with a smile but sharp eyes. 

lunch break. 

With a piece of bread I bought at the store, I head for the stairs leading to the rooftop.

Unfortunately, the rooftop of this school is closed and cannot even be accessed. My destination is not the rooftop, but the stairs.

I headed for the stairs and there was a person sitting on the stairs already waiting for me.

“Here you are, finally.”

“Sorry, I had to go to the store.”

“I don’t mind.”

Ichikawa san does not change the expression on her face and begins to take out her lunch box without hesitation.

I still feel like she is not yet cured of her morning grumpiness.

No, this may be her normal state. Cool is her usual state. Right……..?

We had agreed to have lunch together in the morning and to meet here, in a less crowded place, at noon.

Naka persistently asked me where I was going, but I somehow managed to fool him and come all this way.




A different kind of awkwardness comes over rather than the one at home this morning.

Ichikawa san is silently chewing on her lunch box. The bento was a vegetable-based menu, and it was apparent that she is careful about what she eats daily.

O,Okay !

“Oh, you know? Are you mad at me?”

“Do I look angry to you?”

I have trouble with that answer. If anything, I think she is …… angry, but I’m not sure I can make a stupidly honest affirmation here.

“No, H-hmmm…”

“This morning.”

As I was pondering what to say, she interrupted me.

“I wonder if what Fujimoto kun said this morning is true?”


What did he say?

“He said you were hungry for women.”

“Ahh, That is…..ts!”

Maybe you were mad at me for that!?

“I wonder if Komiya kun is still not satisfied with his girlfriend. Are you aiming to be a harem king?”

“No, it’s not that ! The thing is…….”

“Haa. Was it Tohno san? You seemed to be having a lot of fun talking to her.”

“N-Not like that…It’s..”

Bad, bad, bad. Did she see?

Ee? Did she see me talking to someone I like?

I’m pretty sure it sounded like I was having a good time.


“Sorry? I wonder if you realize you did anything wrong enough to apologize.”

There is no escape.

It’s not like I cheated on her or anything, but I originally liked her, so I feel guilty for going out with her in a less blown up state. …… Oh, God, what am I going to do!

“Komiya kun is a flirt, isn’t he?”

“N-No I am not…”

“I have to punish Komiya kun for that.”


Your eyes are not smiling!!!

Ichikawa san approaches with a wry smile.

“If you are a boyfriend that does think that I don’t like, then…”

I-I’m finished….

I was too terrified to see.

“…..mugu!!??” (SFX)

She stuffed something in my mouth.

When I bite into it, it pops and spreads sweet and salty juice in my mouth.

Is this …… cherry tomatoes?

When I fearfully opened my eyes, I saw Ichikawa san smiling elegantly.

I no longer feel the pressure that I felt earlier.

“Ara, what’s wrong? You look like you’ve been pinched by a fox? Did you think I was mad at you?”

Huh….she’s not mad?

“Maybe I could be an actress.”

This time and this morning was an act?



Completely fooled!!!!

I’ve been played!!!

“Komiya kun’s reaction was so amusing that I felt compelled to tease you. I’m sorry.”

“Give me a break.”

I can’t take it.

I was thinking of …….

“Ara, But it’s true that I was jealous. If I see you talking happily to another girl again, I might really stab you in the back.”

“……You’re kidding, right?”


More and more reasons why  I couldn’t tell her that I like Tohno san.

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