Episode 56



When I returned to my parents’ house, Kaede was waiting for me at the entrance with a mysterious look on her face.
I had told her the time of the train I was taking, so she must have been waiting for me , but I wondered what was wrong.

“Welcome back. What’s that thing?”

Hearing that, I immediately knew why she had that look on her face.

“Yes, yes, this “

I hand a large bag of ice cream and sweets to my sister, Kaede.
Kaede’s face breaks into a smile when she receives it. What a lively person.

……But even so, I can’t help but feel like I’m grinning.
What on earth are you up to?

“What is it? Why are you grinning so much?”
“Hihihi, that’s a secret!”

I had a bad feeling about this.
Kaede flipped around and slid the front door open, shouting loudly into the house.

“Onii chan’s back!”

She didn’t have to let my dad know every single time.

With this in mind, I follow her into the house.


But when I was about to go up to the house, I noticed that the unfamiliar leather shoes and elegant heels were neatly arranged.

“Someone here?”

If so, I’m embarrassed that Kaede yelled in front of the guests to let them know I had arrived.

I followed Kaede with some hesitation.
And soon my doubts about the shoes that lined the entranceway were answered.

I walked into the living room and immediately saw those figures and was convinced.

“I didn’t know you were home.”
“Hey, long time no see.”

The one who turned a fresh smile toward me and raised his hand was my older brother, Seita Komiya.

“Ah, Youta kun! Long time no see!”

Then, following her brother, a woman appears from behind.
I gulped, involuntarily, after seeing the woman. My own cheeks heat up.

“I-It’s been a while.”

Nervous at the unexpected resumption, my voice trembles.

“Aah! Big brother, you’re blushing!”
“Shut up”
“Ouch !?”

I smacked my sister lightly on the head, who was grinning beside me and teasing me, and she screamed.

Then I dropped my stuff off in my room and went back to the living room where everyone was gathered again.

Makimura Sayaks. After a year of not seeing her for the first time, her beauty has become more polished, and she is so beautiful that it is hard to believe that she is from this world.

…………… and well, my brother’s fiancée …… is already his wife. It would be lascivious of me, my own brother, to give such a woman an ah-ha evaluation, so I won’t.
Well, only with beautiful women.

When I see my brother and his girlfriend happily flirting in front of me across the table, it makes me a little ………… or even a lot nervous.

“The Jealous Gaze.”
“You’ve been too loud. It’s not like that.”

I poked my sister, who was sitting next to me, on the forehead and she glared at me resentfully.
You say a lot of unnecessary things.

Sayaka is a childhood friend of mine and my brother. She is the same age as my brother.
We are seven years apart in age, and I have looked up to her as an older sister since I was a little boy.

She is beautiful, caring, dignified and kind.
How could I not fall in love with such a super perfect sister who was so close to me?

Yes, I liked Sayaka.
After all, my brother, who is also a perfect superhero, and his girlfriend got engaged and broke my heart.

That was a little after the third grade, wasn’t it?
I knew they were dating, so a loss was a loss at that point. I’ll admit that …… was a bad …… way to go.

“By the way, where does Youta kun go to high school now?”

There is a pause for a moment, but I quickly answer.

“Oh, I see. …… I thought for sure that Youta kun was going to Kita!”
“Well, well, well. Youta seemed to be having a lot of trouble.”
“Eh? Is that so?”

Kita High School is the alma mater of my brother and Sayaka san.
It is a very prestigious school with a frighteningly high deviation value and strong sports teams.
I was on my way there too and had no problem with the decision.

But I didn’t go to that high school.

The reason for that is …… that. It is puberty.

Oh yes!!!
I was in shock from a broken heart and an inferiority complex to my perfect, superhuman brother, and I lost all motivation to do anything.

The more I knew the two of them as perfect beings, the more I realized that I would never get there. I no longer see the point in trying.

In hindsight, I think I was young. I am young enough now, though.

Anyway, since then, I have not been motivated to do anything, and I have been spending as much time as possible in a normal way, and now I am here.


The more I look at them, the more I see that they are a perfect match.
Now I don’t really think of Sayaka san that much anymore.
I still get nervous when I see her in front of me, though.

I watch them smiling at each other as they get along.

Her kind expression with a sly smile and naturalness when talking with her brother is somewhat similar to Tohno San’s. Or perhaps Tohno San has an atmosphere similar to hers.


Huh? Maybe I’m …….

The true nature of the discomfort that had been stuck inside me. It was right around the corner.

My dad came home after that and we went straight to dinner.
It was a relief because I would have had heartburn if I had to watch them make out any more. For the first time in a long time, I was grateful to my father.
According to the two ……, they are not aware of any flirting.

Then, after eating dinner, I went back to my room again

I lie down on my bed and think again about the discomfort I sensed earlier.
Earlier, I described Sayaka san and Tohno san as similar in that they are introverts.

On the extroverted side, there is another person who is similar to Sayaka san.
The dignified figure of a capable adult woman with the colorful scent of an adult.
These reminded me somewhat of Ichikawa san.


Another unintentional sigh escaped me.
I remember Ichikawa san, and I feel down.

I took out my phone and looked at the two shots I had taken earlier.

Oh, no. I’m starting to cry when I remember.
The vision blurs a bit.

“Youta, I’m coming in.”

Faster than I could reply at almost the same time as the knock, my brother entered the room.
I hastily wipe my eyes.

The meaning of knocking!!

“Where was that? Um… what happened……?”
“No, nothing!”
“….hmm? You dropped your phone.”

I somehow managed to fake it, but when I picked up the phone my brother had dropped, I remembered what was on the screen.

I’ve been seen….

“This girl is somewhere…”
“Seita! There you are!”

I was about to say something when Sayaka entered from behind me.

“Oh, Youta kun, I’m sorry to bother you. What are you looking at?”

And then she goes straight into my phone.

I wish you would stop.
It’s kind of very embarrassing.

“Uwaa~ An amazingly beautiful girl. What? Youta’s girlfriend?”

…… former, though.
I’m too embarrassed to tell you.

“Hey, Sayaka. Have you seen this girl anywhere?”
“Eh? Hmmm….”

Similarly, Sayaka san was also puzzled by Ichikawa san’s photo.
And then immediately give an answer.

“Oh, it’s her! Aoi-chan!”
“…… Yes, that’s right. It’s Aoi chan!”

I had no idea that my brothers knew Ichikawa san, and my bare voice came out.

There, for the first time, I heard from both of them about events in Ichikawa san’s past that I did not know about.

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