After Suzu left, there was a peculiar air between us.
Somehow, I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve had this feeling too.

It was still some time before bedtime, so we sat together on the couch and watched a variety shows.
I felt that there was something of a mismatch between Ichikawa san and a variety show.

Sometimes Ichikawa san rests her head against me.
She had just taken a bath and the soft smell of shampoo tickles my nostrils.

She used the shampoo that she brought with her, not the one I have at home.
It had a sweet smell different from mine.

Still, I wonder. Why do girls smell so good after their baths?


It was already some time there when I was thinking about that.
Ichikawa san yawns cutely, perhaps feeling sleepy.

“Getting sleepy?”
“Yeahh, a little”
“Ready to sleep?”
“Shall we do that?”
“Okay, I’ll get you a futon.”

In case you are wondering, there is a futon for guests in this house.
I had never used them before, but I didn’t think the first person to use them would be Ichikawa san.

“I don’t need a futon.”
“I’ll sleep there.”

Ichikawa san pointed to the bed I always use.
Well, if Ichikawa san wants to use it, I don’t mind, but …… I’m kind of nervous about the opposite sex sleeping on the bed I always use.

“Okay, I’ll take the futon.”
“Not that either”
“…..What do you mean?”
“Because today we’ll sleep in one bed.”

Ichikawa san and I together?
I mean, this bed is just a single bed, so I don’t think there’s enough room for two people to sleep……. No, but you can if you pack it in.

If we do that……

“No, Impossible Impossible Impossible Impossible Impossible!! That’s Impossible!!”
“Ara, that’s rude. Are you so unhappy about sleeping with me?”
“Not that!”

No, no, no, sleeping with a girl is too hard!
I’ve never been with anyone until the other day, and now suddenly we’re sleeping together and …… skipped too many steps!

“I-Ichikawa-san? Think about it. I’m a man, too, you know?”
“Yes, I know. But I believe in you. Komiya kun is not that kind of person.”
“What does that mean!”
“Come on, let’s brush our teeth.”

Ichikawa san leaves me in a distraught state, takes a toothpaste out of her own bag, and heads for the sink.

The pace is too fast. …… I say I’m in such a hurry, but Ichikawa san is fine with it?
So you’re saying my patience will be tested tonight. …… Is that what you mean by not letting me sleep?

Then I followed Ichikawa san and brushed my teeth, too.

“Oh, before I go to bed..”
“What’s wrong?”

It may sound a little bit weird to say that we are finally going to bed, but Ichikawa san stops me just as I am about to fall asleep.

I knew it, maybe we should stop sleeping together?

Ichikawa san was behaving a bit suspiciously, her hands behind her back.


Ichikawa san then held out her hand in front of mine, which she had been turning so as not to look at me.

“Happy Birthday.”

I almost let out a strange voice.
The unexpected surprise and the sight of her embarrassed face in front of me made my face light up with heat.
Then I came to myself and accepted the gift offered to me.

“T-Thank you. May I open it?”

Its carefully wrapped box is a bit small.
My heart is filled with gifts I received from women, except my step sister, for the first time.

The ribbon was untied and a dark blue men’s handkerchief emerged from the box.

“W-Woahh!! T-Thanks…I’m so happy”
“I was a little nervous about whether you would like …… because it was the first time I had ever picked one out for a boy, so I was a little worried. I’m glad.”

Ichikawa san, showing a rare sign of weakness, patted her chest.
Seeing such a figure makes my heart beat frighteningly loud.

This is bad. Cute. I want to hug her.

Suddenly, I almost feel such an urge.

“Come on, let’s get some sleep.”

Despite my inner conflict, Ichikawa san easily went to bed.
Then she lay down, opened the futon, and laughed at me.

Nononononono, ImpossibleImpossibleImpossibleImpossible!!
I can’t do that at this time!!!!

“What’s wrong? Let’s quickly go to bed.”

Ichikawa san made one of the biggest teasing faces of the day.

—–She got me….

Then I turn off the light and we get into the futon together in a state of mindlessness.
I have my back to Ichikawa san. I think if I turn around, our faces are close enough to collide.

Knowing this, Ichikawa san follows me closely.
A soft touch is felt from behind through the back.

Pi. Let’s count pi.
It’s the only way to make my mind go blank.

Here we go!
3.14159265………………, no! I only know this far!!!!

“Are you nervous?”
“Fufu, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. You sound so weird.”


Stop it! Don’t make sexy noises and stick together!
What do you mean by this, you said earlier, that you believe in me!
Too cruel, right?


As I was thinking about whether there was any way to panic Ichikawa san, she spoke to me from behind.

“Oh, by the way, fiancée. right?”

My heart jumped with a thump.
This is different from the high-pitched rumblings of earlier.

“Suzu. You call her by her name. I wonder if you are close?”
“N-No…..Somehow, it just happened. ……”
“Hmmm~? Komiya kun, you somehow manage to call out a girl who isn’t your girlfriend.”

W-W-Wait a minute. Could this be… Maybe this is a chance to call out…

“But don’t call me that either.”

It seems that there were none.

“I don’t want the reason to be that you’re doing it to other students.”

You are right…..
I’m so pathetic.

“You have nothing else to hide from me?”
“Yes. You seem to be getting along with a lot of girls lately.”
“You seem to know what I’m talking about.”

This is also a figure of speech.
That being said, for some reason, I feel like I have more opportunities to talk with girls these days.

“F-for example?”
“Well? You didn’t promise to play with any other girls besides me, did you?”
“Aah, that kind of thing………”

Well, I think I promised Tohno san that I would celebrate my birthday with her this coming Saturday. She said she was going to invite her friends too. …… Is this out of the question too?

I-I guess I have to say it. ……

“Well, to be hones—”

I decided to be honest about my promise to Tohno san.
After listening to the story, I could hear Ichikawa san’s tone of voice change again.

I know I deserved it, but she’s going to get mad at me again ……I’m scared.

“That’s okay”

Surprisingly, I got an OK.

“What? Are you sure?”
“It’s fine. You’re just celebrating a birthday, right?”
“I-I intend to.”
“I don’t mind if you do. But tell me everything that happened.”
“…… I will keep that in mind.”

Reporting is important!

“But I guess …… you still need to be punished.”

Ichikawa san then pulled me over and reversed the direction of my body.

Even in the darkness, I could tell that Ichikawa san was right in front of me.
If I put my face forward even a little, I would touch Ichikawa san.

What do I look like now?
I can hear Ichikawa san’s breathing.


Then something soft is pressed against the lips, and the sound of the touch is muffled.

“Hmm…..Fufu. I was thinking of doing it again, but it’s too early for you. Good night.”

Then Ichikawa san settled in my arms.


Needless to say, I ended up so bleary-eyed that I didn’t sleep a wink until morning.

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