My Childhood Friend, Who Made Her High School Debut, Asked Me To Assert Dominance, So Got I Fired Up and Confessed to Her, but She Turned Me Down. ~If I Get Along With the Gyaru Who Sits Next to Me. My Childhood Friend Would Get in the Way~



Lately, my childhood friend has been acting strange………no wait, I don’t think it’s strange, I think she just simply made her high school debut.

She seems to be studying about SNS and starting to wear makeup. She also dyed her hair to the extent that’s not violating the school rules and had become a completely cheerful person.

And ever since my parents left for overseas work after I graduated from middle school, she has been nagging me about various things. Are you my mom !

The protagonist, who was depressed after his love confession was rejected, was approached by a female gyaru who sits next to him.

What conclusion will he come to after being tempted so many times !?

A love story that begins with the words [I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to confess !]


author: ケイティBr (Keity Br)

Chapter 1

Episode 1 – Tsun Tsun Childhood Friend

Episode 2- I Confessed To Her But I Got Rejected

Episode 3 – I Befriended The Gyaru Who Sits Next To Me

Episode 4 – Why?

Episode 5 – What Are The Benefits?

Episode 6 – It Was Fun

Episode 7 – Uncomfortable Feeling

Character Image/Character Introduction

Episode 8 – I Got Home But I Can’t Find You

Episode 9 – Surprised

Episode 10 – Not ◯◯◯

Episode 11 – It Shouldn’t Be Here

Episode 12 – I Didn’t Do Anything

Episode 13 – Nothing Good Comes From Conflict

Episode 14 – The Girls Rejoice at Saizeriya

Episode 15 – I Just Want To Be By Your Side

Episode 16 – I’ll Pick It Up

Episode 17 – I Want to Tell You Again

Episode 18 – Where Did You Sleep?

Episode 19 – Repeated

Episode 20 – It’s Okay To Touch

Episode 21 – Came To an Understanding

Episode 22 – I’m Not a Cheerful Person

Episode 23 – Sharing?

Episode 24 – Who Are You Again?

Episode 25 – Fake Tears

Episode 26 – Your Face

Episode 27 – Not That Smile

Episode 28 – I Don’t Know

Episode 29 – Always

Episode 30 – Do You Like It?

Episode 31 – Melancholy