“Will you make me your fake girlfriend?”


Rina suddenly made such a proposal.

This is the first time we’ve talked about this,

I mean, what’s a fake girlfriend?

“Erm. What do you mean?”

“Pretending to be your girlfriend. Just like that.”

“No wait. So what does that mean?”

I don’t understand. What are the benefits for me by doing that?

“First of all, I won’t get confessions from other guys !”

Yeah, yeah. I see……..that’s not a benefit for me ! !

“Well, hold your horses. A quick-tempered man is not popular.”

I was about to cross-examine her.

Let’s just calm down. Stay cool.

I’m the kind of guy who can calm down after drinking a shake.

The sensation of pouring down this lump of sugar.

It filled me with a sense of euphoria……after all, McDonald’s shakes are the best.

“…….Please continue.”

“I’ll tell you what. Maybe, your childhood friend Saori chan, likes you, Itta. But, I don’t know if she’s aware of it or not. Is it right so far?”

“Well. I have a feeling that’s the case…..but then, she turned me down, you know?”

“That’s because your confession was too heavy, Itta ! At least for me. Maybe because she didn’t have any rival till now?  Because you two spent all your time together until middle school, right?”

“To be precise, my brother as well…..I guess.”

“Right? That’s why I think it’s a good idea to introduce a rival here !”

“Huh? Why is that?”

“It’s like a standard development in novels and manga right? Don’t you know that?”

“I know that, but……what’s in it for me?”

“It lets you know how your beloved childhood friend really feels. Honestly, at this rate, you don’t know when you’re going to blow yourself up, do you? You said so earlier.”

“I……I see?”

In other words, in order for me to avoid exploding, this time, you want me to assert dominance to my childhood friend?—But is that okay?

“It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s just a lie. For example, how about we break up after 3 months?”

Is that even possible……? Hm, I don’t know. But, I don’t want Saori to end up with another man.

I’d be depressed if that happened.

“If Saori chan went out with another guy because of that. In that case, I will continue to be your girlfriend♪ Well, I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

“No wait, as expected, that’s not good. I don’t want to continue that kind of relationship.”

“Then, let’s break up.”

God, she’s taking it lightly. In the first place, this proposal itself is too light.

Is it okay if I don’t have to think about it that deeply? I’m starting to get confused. I’m sure Rina is teasing me.

The girl in front of me seems to be enjoying talking like this. Somehow, my heart felt lighter.

Right, speaking of which, there’s something I haven’t heard.

“For the time being. I thought about it once, so what is your secret, Rina?”

“My hobbies are watching anime and playing eroge.”

Did I hear a word I shouldn’t have heard ? ?


“Eroge? For real? Aren’t high schoolers can’t buy them?”

“Well, It’s for all-ages. The one I played. But look. You can find pictures of them on the Internet, right? That’s why eroge is eroge”

I-I see.

“You know, I was struck by this. I thought, “Isn’t this interesting from an eroge development point of view?  You know, the latest NTR (cuckoldry) thing?”

“No, I’m not being cuckolded. I’m not in a relationship with her. In this case, I’m the one who like her first.”

“You know a lot. Well, that’s how it is? Not bad right? Look, I’m cute, you know?”

Once again, I looked at the girl in front of me. She is indeed cute.

If I can go out with a girl like her, I feel like I don’t mind if it’s a lie. As I’m worrying about this……

“If your childhood friend’s reaction doesn’t look good, I’ll break up with you right away. Okay?”

–After thinking for a while, I refreshed my throat. 

“I’d like to think about it for a while. If I answer now… feels like I’m being scammed.”

“I guess so–. Then let’s go to karaoke anyway.”

“Why do you want to go so badly?  By any chance, have you ever been with someone else?”

“No, I haven’t. Because I sing eroge theme song, you know? That’s why.”

…….I see………

“Then why don’t you go by yourself or…does it have to be with me?”

“There’s no way I’m going by myself. By any chance, are you used to going alone?”

Don’t come at me like that….stop it. I’m going to lose my life.

“Pretty much……fairly……sometimes?”

“Hm? Is it possible for a guy? A girl like me doesn’t want to go alone and get hit on.”

(Oh, is that so? Why don’t you tell me that first?)

“Then, let’s go to karaoke ! I’ve been looking forward to it.”

Saying that, Rina tried to pull me away.

Stop it. Guys around my age become nervous when they’re being pulled along.

And then, my pocket vibrated, letting me know that a message had arrived. After taking out my phone, I looked at the screen.

Saori: Hey. Where are you right now? What are you doing with Yamamoto san?

Ichi: We’re at McDonald’s. I told you earlier.

Like I said, are you my mom or something !

If she was my girlfriend, I’d understand. But you turned me down ! !

Ichi: But I’m supposed to go to karaoke with Rina now.

I got annoyed and sent something like that.

Saori: Huh? What are you thinking? Stop that.

Saori: There’s no way a cute girl like that would deal with someone like you !

What are you talking about, you’ve never talked to her properly.

Damn it. As expected, my relationship with my childhood friend is not good. It’s annoying.

Tsundere is not good. I wonder when she became like that. A man’s mentality is not that strong !

“You’re messaging Saori chan?  Did you mess up?”

“Yeah, I messed up…..I guess I’m screwed.”

“Well then, you’re going to make me your fake girlfriend?”

“What should I do……..”

I just confessed to you the other day, I’m sorry, Saori.

I think I’m going to lose my mind……

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11 months ago

Urghhh, the MC’s anger attacks make him super unlikeable.

1 month ago
Reply to  dmntt

He hasn’t done anything truly horrible and his childhood friend is driving him nuts.
can’t he be angry about that?