“Then, I’ll tell you what. I’m going to keep my happy face from now on. So stay by my side, okay?”

“Not like that….You know it, don’t you?”

She looked a little relieved while saying that.

I felt comfortable with such a distance between her and I.

That’s right, I felt very happy with our current relationship.


I’ve come to realize that I have feelings for Rina that are more than just friends.

I can’t stop thinking about it throughout the entire afternoon classes.

There are things I haven’t been able to convey to Saori.

I’m not sure why I decided to confess my feelings to her at that time.

In the end, without being able to tell her that, It’s become what it is now, but after that confession, Saori told me that I was cheating on her. It’s ridiculous to say that.

We’re not in a relationship. So no matter what I do, it’s not cheating.

When I think about it, I feel that something is not right between us. And it’s fatal.

But I have to tell her soon. I don’t want to be the one to break up a fight.

I don’t want to do something that will result in a breakup.

I don’t know what to do.

“Sigh, I want to start over.”

“Hmm? What about?”

I murmured unintentionally. Rina asked me about it.

And then, I lied quickly.

“Umm, the smell….something like that.”

“Somehow….I feel like you’re saying something different from before. So what?”

“Please check it out after school…”


Come to think of it, I was going to ask Saori to check it. I think I heard her saying,

Lunch after meeting? something like that.

Saori and Ishii kun came back to the classroom a little late for the afternoon class.

They seemed to be talking during the break time, is she busy with the comittee work?

While I was thinking this, Saori came up to me after school.

 “Ikkun, I can’t go home with you today.”

“Oh, did something happen with the committee?”

“That’s right….. my schedule is getting pushed a little bit. 。。。。”

“Got it. Should I wait?”

Hmm. Saying that, Saori looked at Rina and got lost in thought.

“Today, I’ll send Shirai san off, so it’s fine. We’re going home at the same time anyway.”

Ishii kun suggested so. Well, of course you’re timing is the same.

“And it looks like you’ve gotten along with Yamamoto san. Itadori kun, you can drop her off.”

Why would Ishii kun say such a thing?

As I was making a curious face, Ishii kun came close to me and whispered.

“Yamamoto san, she’s been floating around in class, and I want you to get along with her. As a class committee representative, you know.”

He said something like that. Certainly, as a class representative, it must be something that worries him.

“Okay, I understand. Saori, please call me when you leave. If necessary, I’ll pick you up at the station or something.

“Okay. I’ll contact you, so come pick me up at the station.”

Oh, so it’s confirmed…fine, but….

Ishii kun, the guy next to her, smiled bitterly.

But then, it would be a hassle once I get home.

Should I kill time at a bookstore near the station? Or a manga cafe? How about dinner?

I don’t know how long One person karaoke is….so it’s hard to do that.

I’m afraid of what she will say if I don’t hear her call.

Just thinking about it made me feel tired.

“Well, let’s head home, Rina.”

“Okay. Then, Saori chan, Ishii kun. See you tomorrow.”

[[See you tomorrow.]]


Rina and I were on our way home together.

Usually, we talked about how we pass the time.

Saori seems to be busy with committee meetings.

Like today, there may be things that make me wait.

I thought and asked about it. It wasn’t helpful. . .

She seems to be using a tablet PC to play eroge, but not to watch Anime.

She also said that she watches videos on websites and uploads her diary on SNS.

It’s something like 15 seconds long and full of short videos.

Yeah. Not helpful. Other than eroge and diaries, she’s no different from me.

“Well, I think I usually watch online videos  or study at a Cafe. I’ve been told not to have a part-time job.”

“Hm? Why?”

“Because I’m suddenly living alone, I have to take care of things at home. So I can’t do it. At the very least, I need Saori’s permission. 。。。。”

“Ah. ‘If you don’t do it properly, your room will be dirty.’ Like that?”

“Yeah, like that.”

It happened in the first week…hmm.

What’s a garbage day? Is it good?

Wouldn’t it be better to throw it out anytime?

I also need to sort out the letters that arrived at home, too.

Also, the house and unused rooms can be damp if I don’t ventilate them or clean them at least once.

Living alone in a house is more troublesome than I thought.

While talking like this, I arrived at Rina’s house.

And then I realized. By the way, I hadn’t asked her to check my odor this afternoon.

“Oh, come to think of it, I didn’t get you to check my odor.”

“Hmm? You want me to check it?

“Well, just in case?”

“Then, lift up your arms. Yes, just like that… Here I go.”

Then she hugged me. She rubbed her head against my chest.

I’m so nervous ! I was so nervous that I stiffened up.

Then, she sniffed my armpit.

“Hmm. A little more….sniff…sniff.”

And with that, she pulled away….hey, seriously.

Wasn’t Rina supposed to stay ‘by my side all the time’?

“Well, I feel like I should do something a little more.”

“I’ll stop by the drugstore on my way home. There might be something there, thank you.”

“Yeah. Good luck.”

Rina saw me off with a smile.

But what I want you to do is not that smile.

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