Episode 11 – It Shouldn’t Be Here



“I’m not hitting on you. But please tell me your ID message.”

“I knew it, you’re hitting on me. So funny lol.”


In the morning, me and Rina, who was sitting next to me, had a great time exchanging conversations.

We were able to exchange IDs, so Rina and I are no longer loner buddies.

Well, it took a long time to exchange and we couldn’t do it before Homeroom.

I was searching on how to do it during break time.

I couldn’t find anything when I put in the ID that was given to me. What’s going on?

QR? Furfur?? What is that, is it good?

 My family and Saori were registered in my phone book when I installed the app.

So I don’t know how to exchange except for messages.

We were both finally able to exchange, and I felt a sense of accomplishment.

I didn’t realize how difficult it was to exchange IDs. ・・・・・・

Then it was time for lunch break.

As usual, I bought my lunch at the convenience store and bought it in my bag.

I took out a chicken salad and an apple and started to eat them.

It’s cheap and tasty. And I can get some protein.

But I doubt if I’m eating right…

As Saori once scolded me…

It’s a hassle to make lunch, and it’s a pain in the ass to go to the school cafeteria.

Food that is troublesome to make and has more calories than protein does not appeal to me, who is addicted to muscle training.

When I told Saori that I didn’t want to put that much effort into it.

 She said, [I’ll make you lunch sometime.]

Thank you, Saori.

But it’s hard to self-restrain all the time.

I’ve decided to eat only at night without worrying about calories. I’ve decided to eat only at night without worrying about calories.

Sometimes I eat a shake from McDonald’s or a honey toast from a karaoke bar.

It tastes as good as it sounds.

Yesterday, Saori stayed over at my house, so I didn’t have my lunch box prepared.

Saori called out to me and went straight to the cafeteria.

She was kind of glaring at Rina and me as she left.

While I was thinking about that

I was eating my chicken salad when Rina, who was sitting next to me, asked me a question.

“I’ve been wondering about you for a while.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Is that enough for you? Do you want me to share mine?”

“Eh. You want to share?”

Saying that, I looked into Rina’s lunch box.

It was a colorful and delicious looking lunch box.

“Did you make this, Rina?”

“No, Mama made it.”

“Hee. Then, I’d be glad to have the fried egg. But I don’t have chopsticks.

Eggs are the source of life. They say cholesterol is the source of life.

There is no way that the egg, which is a lump of something, is bad for your body. I believe in eggs.

“Well, shall I feed you?”

“Eh, seriously? Please do.”

Saying that, I waited like a baby bird.

How could any man refuse an offer from a pretty girl?

If it was from some older sister, there would be no need to refuse.

“Wait, I didn’t think you wouldn’t hesitate at all…….”

Rina said so with a dumbfounded look on her face.

“Eh. If you don’t like it, lend me your chopsticks, I’m already feeling like eating the fried egg.”

Because I’m usually so strict with my diet, so once I get the urge to eat, I can’t hold it in.

I stared at Rina’s face while thinking about this.

 She looked a little embarrassed, cute.

I want to return the favor after she made fun of me earlier.

“Don’t stare at me like that, it’s hard to do it. I’ll lend you chopsticks this time, so use them.”

“Thank you.”

All right, I got to borrow the chopsticks. Let’s have some eggs !

But first, I need to check something.

“About the chopsticks, can I use the unused side here? Or is it the side that gets dirty when I hold them?”

“It seems like…….you’re used to it. Is that also the influence from your childhood friend?”

“…….I’ve been saying this since middle school…..”

“Well, anyway. This time, please do it on the other side.”

“Got it.”

Saying that, I eat the fried eggs.

The eggs have a little bit of cheese in them, and you can taste the flavor on top of it.

Maybe they put some broth or something in it as a secret ingredient.

Rina’s mother is good at cooking.

That’s what I think.

“It’s delicious. The heat is just right and it’s tender overall. On top of that, you put something like dashi stock in it to create a little depth of flavor, and I feel like it’s made so that it tastes good even when it’s cold. I like the cheese that is added to make it even softer.

“What’s with the seriousness lol, food report? Are you talking about a jewelry box? lol.”

It just slipped from my mouth.

“No, I was into cooking for a while. But soon I got tired of it. I had no one to feed it to. When Saori comes over, she wants to cook.”

“What’s that? Are you speaking fondly about your sweetheart in front of a girl?”

Sweetheart……..is that so. It’s nice when Saori and I are alone at home.

I don’t feel stressed.

“If you don’t mind, please eat the other ones too. I’m looking forward to your interesting comments♪”

“I can’t think of that many. Don’t just raise the bar.”

I wanted to eat the fried egg from earlier. Somehow I just felt like it.

If I ate normally, I wouldn’t be able to talk so much.

While twisting the comment, I finished my lunch and continued chatting with Rina afterwards.

It was almost the end of the lunch break when Saori and the cheerful group came back.

Then Saori saw us talking happily and said.

“Sigh……. I knew you were cheating on me.”

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