Episode 18 – Where Did You Sleep?



“I’m staying over.”

“I brought a sleepover set♡”

“Don’t worry♪  I messaged them that I’m staying at my childhood friend Saori chan’s place today♪”

Rina who’s in front of me looked so happy.

Looking at that face, I wonder if it’s okay just for a day.


But there is something I have to ask.

“So, does Saori herself know this? If they contact her, they’re going to found out, you know?”

“I know. If you refuse, then I’ll go to Saori chan’s place.”

So, it’s okay then? Something is bothering me.

Well, as long as I don’t do anything it’s fine.

“……Then you can use my brother’s room. Saori uses that room when she came over.”


I’ve allowed her to stay over…..I wonder if it’s ok.

“Anyway, I’m going to take a shower♪”

“Oh, go ahead. Do you have shampoo and towels with you?”

“I’ve brought a single-use shampoo. Can I borrow a towel?”

“I’ll bring it later. Is everything else okay?”

“I’ll call you if something happens.  I’ll call you no matter what♪”

“Don’t call me if there’s nothing wrong.”

While joking around, she got ready for the shower.

Rina started to remove her makeup before taking a shower.

I’ll brush my teeth while she’s at it.

No. I don’t have any other intention, okay? I was just worried about my mouth, okay?

Look. It takes courage to go into the sink to brush my teeth while she’s taking a shower, right?



While brushing my teeth, I looked at Rina from behind.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Rina’s back, but she’s petite and her shoulders are very different from mine.

I realized once again that a man and a woman have completely different bone structures. I think that once again.

I finished brushing my teeth and used the sink to rinse out my mouth.

“Well, I’ll be back to the living room, , so if something happens, press this button. Then I’ll come from the living room.”

I explained about the modular bath and turned on the power.

I also check to see if the hot water comes out properly.

I had been scolded a few times when I didn’t check the hot water and made a fuss when it didn’t come out.

After that, I started to check first.

Now it is a warm season, but it would be terrible if it were winter. One time, I took off my clothes and there was no hot water.

………Okay, no problem.

“Rina, the shower is ready.”

“Thanks a bunch.”

“Well, don’t call me unless you need something, okay? I already prepared it properly.”

“Ugh, you’re so persistent. I don’t like persistent men, do you?”

Well, I don’t trust you. You’re always making fun of me.

I think so, but I won’t say it.

“I’ll wait for you in the living room after I bring you a towel.”

“Okay okay”

Then I handed her the towel and went back to the living room.

“I’m tired of having people who don’t know anything come to my house…..”

Although I once played with Saori when I was in elementary school.

She didn’t stay overnight.

The only person who has ever come to stay at my house is Saori. 。。。。

Thinking about that in a daze.

I watched the rest of the anime I was watching halfway through.

It’s a continuation of the Demon hunter Red light district arc. As usual, the artworks are amazing.

Was the animation director such a great person? I don’t know much about it.

And then, the story progressed.

Just then, the boss of the story, the demon siblings, were defeated…

I see, the brother and sister wanted to be together for a long time……. that’s all.

But after the sister died, the siblings were turned into demons, and a lot of things went wrong.

It’s like me and Saori’s situation. Our relationship is not siblings but childhood friends, but I think the situation is similar.

My childhood friend who has changed and me who cannot change.

I guess I just don’t want to change after all.

I’m fine as long as I can protect my little world.

……I just want to be by your side.

As I was thinking about that, Rina came out of the shower.

“What’s wrong? Iitta kun, you look kind of sad? Are you crying?”

Eh….seriously? I thought so and touched my eye area,

It was a little teary. For real 。。。。

Was I the kind of person who would cry when watching anime?

Come to think of it, my dad cried when he was watching “Stand by Me Dora Neko” once.

I don’t know what it was about. He said he couldn’t stop crying.

I should’ve known this story a long time ago. That’s strange…..I guess my father saw himself in the story, too.

“No, it’s nothing. I was just watching the demon hunter.”

“Ah. That anime. When the ogre dies, there’s a bit of sadness in the story.”

“You’re right…..

“Oh, I haven’t seen this story yet. Can I watch it?”

“Well, yeah. Oh, I haven’t seen this episode yet. But only one episode, okay? It’s late already.”

And then, Rina and I started watching Demon hunter.

This time, I didn’t cry because there was someone next to me.

“Then, let’s go to bed already. I’ll show you my brother’s room.”

“Thank you.”

Then I showed Rina to my brother’s room.

Saori sometimes uses this room, so there are a few cosmetics in there, but other than that, it is a normal boy’s room.

Rina looked around the room and began to examine something.

What is it? When I was thinking of that,

“Hey, you didn’t use this room yesterday, did you?”

“Wha…..”(What is she on about?)

“Because, in this room, Saori chan’s hair doesn’t fall anywhere on the futon.”

Eh? You’re going to look at that?

“Where did Saori chan sleep last night?”

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