[You should keep your hair short. It’s annoying when it’s long.]

[aren’t you a little overweight? Why don’t you exercise?]

[Do you smell something? Did you wash your clothes and hang them up right after?]

[Let’s go to the karaoke with everyone today ! It’ll be fun.]

[It’s the picture that’s trending on SNS. Isn’t it super cute? You should install the app.]

Lately, my childhood friend has been acting strange………no wait, I don’t think it’s strange, I think she simply made her high school debut. Ever since my parents left for overseas work after I graduated from middle school, she has been nagging me about various things.

First of all, my childhood friend used to wear glasses until middle school, but she switched to contacts. She used to let her hair down, but nowadays she often wears it up in a ponytail.

She seems to be studying about SNS and starting to wear makeup. She also dyed her hair to the extent that’s not violating the school rules and had become a completely cheerful person.

When I first started being told by my childhood friend.

I used to listen to her and think [That’s right, it’s important to keep up my appearance.] but lately, I can’t help but notice it.

I don’t want to go to karaoke with someone I don’t know. I can only sing anime songs. There’s no way I’m going to have a good time singing with your current group that’s filled with cheerful people. What kind of torture is it to go to a place where you know you’ll be ridiculed?

SNS are just a pain in the ass, I only look at them occasionally on my computer, but I’m not planning to look at them on my phone. I’d rather be playing an app game called “Uma no Musume” than playing SNS on my phone.

“I can’t sing.”

“You’re lying. You were a good singer when you sang in the choir group back in middle school.”

“That’s all I can do. And I practiced a lot back then, so it’s only natural that I’d get better at it.”

“Aren’t you playing SNS too, What was it? Was it Pin something?”

“It’s Pintarento. That’s not SNS. You don’t have to communicate.”

While she’s talking about this, I’m trying to read a book, but I can’t concentrate. I’m just in the middle of a good story.

I honestly don’t want you to talk to me right now.

“Hey. Don’t just read books, listen carefully.”

“………Sigh. All right. So what is it?

“I’ve told you many times. let’s go to karaoke……”

“I told you I don’t want to, why are you asking me so much? I don’t want to go with some one I don’t know.”

“That’s because…….we all want to have fun together.”

“I don’t like that ‘everyone’ guy. It’s like they have no opinion.”

“Huh !? You. I’ve been with you since the third grade of middle school. Why did you start saying that?”

“……Who knows why……well, I don’t know myself.”

I think it’s called puberty? They say it’s something to establish oneself. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I started reading books a lot.

“Anyway, I don’t mind going to karaoke only with people I know. Then I don’t have to worry.”

“I see…….”

My childhood friend Saori, fell silent.

“For now. I’m going with my friends today. I’ll ask you again next time.”

“OK. If it’s just like I said, then I’m going.”

Saori said that and left. To be honest, I’m annoyed. Are you my mother ! Or are you one of those “tsundere” girls that I often read in novels?

If there were such a person in real life, it would be a pain in the ass. I’m not a masochist.

[I like older sisters who spoil me !]

I’m sick of it……. I want to change this relationship.

Talking to my childhood friend these days irritates me. It was better back then.

……Now what should I do……

–I’m Itadori Ichiryu, a high school freshman.

After returning home, I was thinking about the relationship I have with my childhood friend Saori.

To be honest, hanging out with Saori right now is stressful. It’s nice that she thinks about me and tells me things.

She even comes over to cook dinner for me sometimes. We both know each other’s parents and they know about it. Our relationship is like a family.

But she changed.

As soon as she made her high school debut, she belonged in a group that full of cheerful people.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Saori was timid until middle school, but it’s a good thing that she changed.

She doesn’t play with me much anymore, which is sad.

But I heard things.

[[Isn’t she kinda dull? She’s a bit lame.]]

That’s what the guys Saori was hanging out with said…

Then Saori began to say various things to me.

At first I was shocked, but then she started talking about my appearance and how I’ve gained weight since my parents went abroad. Like that…..I was shocked….I’m smelly…..I’m shocked how I smelled….I can’t believe she thought that way.

―That was my problem, so I thought it would be better to fix it, so I did it properly. After that, Saori happily praised me and that boosted my motivation.

I’m a guy who’s thirsty for praise. I want more praise.

But, you know, did she really think she’s doing me a favor by trying to get me to do things I’m not interested in, like going to karaoke with people I don’t know or telling me to play SNS?

I’m not Saori’s property or her boyfriend.

I don’t want to be mixed up with her group and be treated like a trophy.

However, it’s not that I don’t like Saori. Since her debut in high school, she has become brighter, prettier, and more fashionable.

Her breasts have also become bigger since around the second year of middle school, and I can’t help but peek at them.

She became a girl who caught other people’s eyes.

There’s no way that there’s a guy who doesn’t have a liking for such a girl.

I am no exception to that.

However, I don’t think that I can have a good relationship with her as it this point.

I feel that one day I won’t be able to stand it anymore and I will hurt her.

–I have to do something.

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giogio who like yanderes and is fan of ane naru mono
giogio who like yanderes and is fan of ane naru mono
11 months ago

same man. i too like older sister who spoils me rotten.

11 months ago

MC sounds kinda whiny. Though it’s certainly concerning if his friend’s new friends talk shit about her behind her back.