A few days after I confessed my feelings to Saori and was rejected. I was experiencing emptiness.

No. I didn’t expect that she would say it’s not possible.

I thought there was a higher chance that she would say OK. Or sorry. ….What was not possible.

Am I physiologically impossible?

And on top of that, the type of guy she likes is older than her. What am I supposed to do when I’m the same age as her?

If a senior confessed to her, would she say ok? Would she have sex with him?

Aaah–. I don’t want to think about it…………

Recently, Saori rarely talks to me anymore.

But if the timing is right, we go to school together. But even then, she’s somewhat distant.

“Am I that scary? Hey? What’s that supposed to mean?”

I can’t ask her any questions, and it’s hard to talk to her.

It might have been a mistake to confess in a rush……….

While I was thinking about this, a gyaru-like girl sitting next to me called out to me.

“Hey. You and Saori don’t seem to be talking much these days. Did something happen?”


That’s what I was just thinking about.

“Hey, don’t ignore me.”

“Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about that.”

“Hmm? Did you two get in a fight?”

“Rather than a fight… could say it’s a blind love? Or something like that?

“What’s that, as expected, are you guys dating?”

“There’s a deeper story to it. it’s not something that I’m going to talk about in the classroom.”

Saori is also in the classroom. So I can’t talk about it.

“Eh, but I want to hear it…….Well then. Can we go to McDonald’s after school? I’d love to hear about it there. If you don’t tell me, I’m going to ask you all the time.”

“Ehhh………that’s a pain in the ass.”

“It’s just me ! Hey ! I won’t tell anyone else. I’m a loner too.”

“No wait, I’m not a loner.”

That’s right, I have a childhood friend ! ……but  she’s gone now, I guess I’m a loner too.

“By the way, Yamamoto san, you’re a loner too? I don’t think that you look like one?”

I asked Yamamoto san while looking at her hair.

“Oh, this. This is my natural hair.”

Saying that, she touched her own hair and showed it to me.

It has a slightly golden color with light pigmentation. Her eyes are black.

She has a slightly stern look in her eyes that makes her difficult to approach.

 “Papa is a foreigner, and he’s a little pale.”

“Hm. I see.”

“It’s a lie, I’ve actually bleached my hair a little bit.”

Saying that, she laughed happily. I was taken aback and laughed along with her.

“When I was little, my hair was about this color. When I got older, they turned darker.”

“I can’t believe you’re a loner when you look like that.”

“Ah-. About that. I don’t have the same taste as them.”

“Hee. What kind?”

“I can’t say that out loud. Besides, you might tell other people.”

She said that in a teasing way. To be honest, it’s really cute.

I had been talking to my childhood friends so much that I hadn’t really paid that much attention to her, but I didn’t realize how cute she was when I saw her like this.

“I’ll Keep it a secret.”

“Is that so? ……Well then, do you want to go karaoke?”

“Eh, why is it like that?”

“We know each other now, don’t we? Is that not good?”

What is she thinking? Yamamoto san is….

“You know, Yamamoto san? The reason I don’t want to go to karaoke. I can only sing anime songs. So if you know anime songs, then maybe I’ll go?”

“I don’t have a problem with that. I sing anime songs too.”

“Eh. Really?

“Really, really. I mean, we’re friends now, so call me Rina. We’re anime song buddies.”

Is it really? –I wonder if she’s just sweet talking………

“Then, for now, we’re going to McDonald’s, talk there, and if everything is okay, we’ll go to karaoke. Is that okay?”

“OK♪ Then, let’s go after school♪”

As she was saying this, a familiar voice called out to me from behind.

“Hey, you !”

I turned around and saw that it was Saori. For some reason, she seemed angry.

“You said you don’t go to karaoke with strangers ! Why are you going with that girl !?”

“I didn’t say I would. We’re just going to McDonald’s.”

“Huuh? If I had asked you to go to McDonald’s, would you go !?”

“Yeah. I don’t mind if it’s McDonald’s. I like shakes. I like shakes after all.”

For some reason, McDonald’s shakes have a taste that you can’t find at other restaurants. I don’t know why.

“Then, can I go to McDonald’s too !?”

Eh…….Rina’s the one who suggested to go to McDonald’s…….I don’t know what to say.

She said she didn’t want other people to hear.

And I don’t want other people to hear what I have to say either. Especially to this girl in front of me.

“No. I have to refuse this time. Right now……I want to talk to Rina.”

“****Fine ! ! ! I’ll ask you out again ! ! ! Remember that !!!!”

“Yeah, ask me again.”

Saori said angrily and left her seat.

I see, she’s going to ask me out again. I don’t mind as long as it’s not a place I don’t like. I’ll tell her the reason then. It seems like she misunderstood something.

When I looked around, I saw that everyone was surprised at Saori, who suddenly became angry.

No wait. It’s not my fault, right?

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11 months ago

Uh, ok, so she actually likes him, I guess it’s gonna be one of those “you don’t know what you missed!” kinda stories, rather than him improving himself after getting rejected. Unfortunately, since the MC sucks and needs to grow the fuck up.

8 months ago
Reply to  dmntt

Bitch, how could he improve himself, the reason she gave was that she liked older men, he can’t just suddenly make himself older, sure he could get more mature, but she didn’t say maturity was the issue, she specifically said older.

1 month ago
Reply to  Dionysus

I never understand the type of girls like the MC childhood friend but I wouldn’t call her a bitch. a bit bossy and stuck up but not a bitch.

10 months ago

The MC its autist or got asperger? he is so strange

1 month ago
Reply to  john

I resent that fact you made.
I have Aspergers and I’m autistic.
I’m not like the MC and I’m not strange at all.

1 month ago
Reply to  john

tbh the translation is bad so it loses a lot of meaning.