“[Shut up. This is my natural hair. Don’t get involved with me] That’s what I say♪”

Said Rina with a tee-hee face.

Rina said that while making a face….

Yup. No wonder she’s a loner !

My childhood friend (Rina), whom I have not seen for a long time, failed to make her high school debut.


I don’t know what to say to someone who failed to make their high school debut.

“How do I say….that’s….pretty flashy, huh?”

 “Yeah, yeah. I’m really scared of myself. I messed up. But I don’t want to apologize about it.”

Is that a good thing to hear……?

While thinking that, I looked at Saori who sit next to me.

Saori also had an indescribable expression on her face.

We were silent, and then Rina started talking.

“When Mama remarried my new dad, I felt like Papa was gone. I want to show that he was still in my heart. So that’s why I changed my hair color. That’s all.”

I don’t think that’s all. I don’t think that’s anyone else’s business.

I don’t know how the remarried stepdaughter feels.

My family is lucky that nothing happened between my parents. Now I’m the only one left in Japan.

Well, it can’t be helped. There are almost no Japanese high schools abroad.

I don’t think I would be able to keep up at an international school all of a sudden.

Then, I looked back at Saori and recalled how I felt at that time.

(I didn’t leave Japan because I didn’t want to leave Saori alone.)

At that time, no, ‘even now’.

Putting that aside, right now it’s about Rina who’s in front of me.

“That’s……how should I put it, I’m sorry for your loss?”

“No, I ain’t dead lol.”

“Well, then, my deepest condolences?”

“I’m not mourning ・・・・ you’re using the wrong word.”

“All right, I’ll pick up the remaining cremates.”

“Don’t just kill me.”

Silence falls over us again. I don’t know what to say.

Saori has been silent too.

For the time being, I brought coke to clear up my throat.

“So, what does the loner Rina chan want to do? Suddenly making a pass at Ikkun.”

“Nothing. I just want to be friends again. That’s all.”

S-saori san? You don’t have to be so hard on her, okay?

You were Rina’s childhood friend too, right?

……Hm? Thinking back, I think these two used to fight a lot when they were in elementary school.

Mainly, Rina chan was mean to Saori chan.

And then I would intervene.

“Hey, why don’t you stop? Let’s get along again. For my sake, okay?”

[[I don’t want to be told by you.]]

Ugh…….. I guess I was wrong to say something so template-like. I’ll change it then.

“Hey, nothing good comes from conflict, you know? Only loner will come out of it.”

“Huh? You’re trying to pick a fight?”

Rina stared at me. I’m a little scared.

I looked at Saori awkwardly and saw that she was smiling a little.

I don’t think this is an appropriate time to smile……but I don’t know what that smile means.

I don’t know because I’m a loner. I see, I was a loner.

Just then, the food was brought to the table.

I got myself together and started to eat. I read somewhere that eating cheese makes people happy.

I saw that somewhere.

 “Sorry, it’s my fault. I’ll treat you today, so please give me a break.”

“Eh !  Really ! Yay♪ Then……can I order the most expensive one??”

Rina showed me the menu while saying that.

What is it………eh? 4 digits at Saizeriya? Rib steak?

No, it’s not that expensive for a steak, but……..4 digits?

“Aren’t you asking a little too much? Can you eat it, Rina chan?

“If there’s leftovers, why don’t we take it home? If it’s meat, you can reheat it.

“I see. I’ll order that, then. Thanks for treating us Ikkun.”

The two of them called the waiter and decided on the order.

I wonder if my pocket money is okay……Isn’t it too much for high schoolers?

“Then you can take a picture before eating. That’s what we’re here for.”

Saying that, Rina handed me her smartphone.

It was a smartphone case with excessive decoration, in a word, flashy.

Somewhat, it’s difficult to hold.

Why do girls in this world want to use such a phone….I wonder if it’s an expression from her personality….

“Okay. Well, then take a pose……hmm. Something’s missing….. (mostly the chests part).”

“What? Do you have any complaints?”

“A-anyway, please smile ! Smile for zero yen !”

It’s a smile. If you have a smile, you can do anything. I believe in Rina’s potential.

Yeah, smile. Smile………yeah, It’s cute. Let’s take a bunch of pictures for now.

If you take only one picture at a time like this, it will be a mistake.

Also, it’s important to ask them to pose,

“Pull your chin back a little more, and keep your eyes focused on the camera.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Looks good. Let’s turn sideways for a while. Good !”

“Let’s change the pose next time. Yeah, yeah, that looks good.”

I took pictures while saying  that. Now it’s perfect.

Saori taught me how to take pictures like this.

This is the part where you praise me ! I did exactly what you taught me !

And then I looked at Saori.

She has a very complicated look on her face……… Eh, did I do something wrong?

“I raised you, so you should praise me first.”

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