“I raised you, so you should praise me first.”

Saori made a complicated face as she said that.


“Well, you’re the one who taught me. I guess I better praise you when I take the picture.”

“That’s right. I don’t like when Ikkun praises other girls ! !”

How unreasonable of her to get angry when I just followed her instruction.

But it’s okay, now that I know what she wants.

“Then, next is Saori. Move your seat.”


I asked her while we were changing seats.

Then Rina came next to me and started to check the pictures we had just taken.

“Who’s phone are you going to use? My phone? Saori’s?”

“Please use Ikkun’s.”

“Roger that. Then, pose for me……yup, yup, try to move to the center.”

“Hm? Like this?”

Oh, wow. That’s good. Very good.

Saori’s boobs are really nice.

“Good, good, great ! Tilt your face a little, so you look more resembled.”

“Yes, smile a little !”

I think I’m getting excited !

“Next one, try another pose !”

………After taking many pictures like that,

I think Saori’s mood improved, and the pictures turned out great.

“I think it’s like this. What do you think? I’ll send you a message if it looks good.”

Saying that, I handed the phone to Saori.

“Let’s eat already, shall we? It’s getting cold.”

We had doria, escargot, lasagna and pasta……

In addition, there’s steak……..that’s a lot of steaks !

As expected, we don’t need the rib steak that Rina added !”

“Hey, Rina san, there’s one thing I want to say.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“You know, you have big eyes, Rina san. Don’t people often say that to you?”

“Eh? Really? Are they that big?”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s big. It’s very cute.”

(Because your eyes are so big, the food looks small, right? Right?)

Perhaps because Rina was told such a thing, she opened her eyes a little and started blinking to show off.

Yeah. It’s cute. But, if I think it’s too much this time, I’ll tell her.

I don’t want to look like I was wasting money.

I made a decision that might not come true.


And when the meal was over….i thought once again.

As expected, it’s hard. What’s hard is the amount of food.

They definitely asked for too much. And my wallet is empty.

I need to withdraw the allowance my parents give me………

“Let’s take the leftovers home……”


They don’t seem to be forcing themselves to eat. That’s outrageous.

It’s like it’s my fault for forcing myself to eat. 

“What are you going to do after this? I’m full so I want to go home. I’ve got stuff too.”

Saying that, I looked at the plastic bag I was given to take home.

I don’t think I want to go out with this bag.

“Then, I’m going home. It’s not late yet, but should I drop you off, Rina? What about you, Saori?

“I want to talk to Rina chan first , so you go home first.”

“That’s right I’d like to talk to you, too. About various things.”

“……Got it. But don’t be too late. Both of you.”

I don’t know what they’re going to talk about, but it’s probably something that’s hard to talk about when I’m around.

Well, whatever. Let’s go home.


And then, I headed to the station. The train took me back to my house a few stops away.

Maybe it’s because yesterday and today were so noisy. I feel lonely when I’m alone.

I’m also sleepy because I ate too much.

I’ve already had enough for dinner. After taking a shower

I’m going to do some muscle training while watching anime on Internet Movies.

My parents and brother have gone abroad, so there’s no one at home.

So I can watch whatever I want and they won’t say anything about it.

Like watching anime. Even though I can’t watch what’s trending right now, there are so many great works from the past that no matter how much time I have, it’s never enough.

Especially the robot series….how many hours does it take to watch all of them…?

When Saori came to my house, we often watched action movies.

I watched a lot of marvel movies. I enjoyed “The Avenger,” but there were too many characters.

There were too many characters in the movie that I had to ask Saori to explain to me every time a character I didn’t know well appeared in the movie.

I heard that Saori’s father loves American comics and has a lot of them at home.

However, he doesn’t watch Japanese anime, so I don’t think he and I have much in common right now.

I wish I could spend time alone with Saori like we did this morning.

I am. That’s all I want. ……

I wonder why life doesn’t go well.

When I was watching anime while vaguely thinking about such things

The doorbell rang.

“Who is it? I don’t remember ordering anything……”

Saori was here yesterday, so I don’t think she’ll be here today……….

With that in mind,  I opened the front door and there was,

“I’m here♪”

There was Rina.

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