My name is Yamamoto Rina.

A girl who failed to make her high school debut and became a loner.


My mom is Japanese and my dad is half British.

My hair color was a dark golden color like my dad’s when I was little.

When I grew up, the color got darker.

Or has it become a little brighter? It has become somewhat toned.

I lived in this city until elementary school.

After my mom got divorced, I went to her parents’ house after that.

When I was in the third grade of middle school,

I came back to this city because my mom was getting remarried.

I didn’t hate my new stepfather, but I didn’t like him either.

But I was wondering if my mom would forget about my dad after she remarried.

I couldn’t help but wonder.

I decided to bleach my hair so that it would be about the same color as my dad’s.

At first, my mom had a complicated look on her face.

[Your hair color was like that when you were little, Rina. You can do whatever you want.]

She said, In fact, even Scandinavians are more concerned about their hair that got darker than their parents,

It seems that bleaching is common. So globally, it’s nothing special.

When my parents remarried, I went back to the city where I originally lived for high school.

And in there, none of the people I was friends with in middle school were there.

The school I went to has a rule against dying one’s hair excessively.

I was walking around with blonde hair.

So the first thing my classmates asked me was.

[Why are you dying your hair? Isn’t that against school rules?]

That was it. At that time, I was still bothered about my dad.

I didn’t want someone who knew nothing to talk about my hair.

[Shut up. This is my natural hair. Don’t get involved with me] 

I ended up saying….that.

I’m screwed ! I thought so, but…..

At that time I was in no mood to take it back.

So, I became a loner in the class.

As expected, I showed the school teacher an old picture of me and my dad.

I show it to people and they’re convinced by the color of my hair, but I didn’t want to show it to anyone who was interested in me.

Therefore, I don’t feel the need to apologize anymore.

However, in our class, there are two people I was friends with in elementary school.

Itadori kun and Saori chan were there.

While I had failed in my high school debut, Saori chan, whom I hadn’t seen in a while, seemed to have succeeded.

However, she didn’t seem to notice me at all.

I wondered when they would notice.

I was thinking that I didn’t feel comfortable explaining my family situation to them.

Itadori kun took a seat next to me.

But he still didn’t notice.

Saori chan was busy with Itadori kun and her new friend.

She doesn’t talk to me, who has already made a mess and has been a loner in the class.

But that all changed one day.

Itadori  and Saori chan suddenly became distant.

According to rumors, Itadori kun confessed his feelings to Saori chan and was rejected by her.

At first I couldn’t believe it.

We had been good friends since elementary school, and went to the same high school together.

As far as I can see, Saori chan likes Itadori. You could say she is dependent on him.

And then I came up with an idea.

[Hm? Now I have a chance to be friends again, and more, naturally, right?]

Until now, Saori chan has been by his side for some reason or another, 

and no one has approached Itadori kun who became cooler.

That’s no wonder. She’s always been a fierce territorial defender since she was in elementary school.

It was obvious that if I get my hands on him, I would get into trouble.

But now, it’s interesting that Itadori kun and her don’t realize that I am Rina, who used to be their friend.

It’s an interesting situation.

Recently, I’ve been addicted to light novel and eroge.

I was saying that boys have a weakness for gap moe.

So I made a plan to tease him in a good way…with that plan,

I called out to him one day.


[Hey. You and Saori don’t seem to be talking much these days. Did something happen?]

I called out to him, but he hardly seemed to recognize me.

He looked at me from the front and was surprised.

Eh? What’s going on?

I think, I’m just plain cute? Don’t I have a presence?

How much do you only see Saori chan?

I was a little annoyed and said in a strong tone, 

[Hey, don’t ignore me.]

But he didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

[Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about that.]

[Hmm? Did you two get in a fight?]

You know who why I know it? The rumors been going around, you know?

And then, as the story goes.

[Is that so? ……Well then, do you want to go karaoke?]

[Then, for now, we’re going to McDonald’s, talk there, and if everything is okay, we’ll go to karaoke. Is that okay?]

I kept inviting by saying such a thing..

I was afraid that I might not have  chances anymore to outsmart Saori chan.

And then, at McDonald’s.

[Will you make me your fake girlfriend?]

I said. I don’t mind if they ended up together.

It’s okay if Itta kun and Saori chan get back together.

That’s what I thought at the time.

Once we start doing it, I wonder if he’ll be my real boyfriend.

I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like if I could be his girlfriend.

Because right now, I’m a loner.

I don’t know how I’m going to face my new father-in-law when I get home.


I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

I want Itta kun to continue to care about me.

Now is a good time for me to do so, since he and Saori are apart from each other.

So I’m going to go to his house and tell him how I feel.

And so I came to Itta kun’s house.

I used to come here when I was in elementary school.

He lives alone now, and Saori chan is  probably not around..

I don’t think she’s going to stay over for two days in a row.

I have to ring the doorbell. 。。。。

Fuu, fuu, huff.

Okay, I’ll press it.

Ding dong: 、、、、

It’s going to be different from back then. It’ll be just the two of us in a boy’s house.

When I thought of that, I started to get nervous.

I hear him coming to the front door…


Iitta kun looked surprised.

All right, here’s what I’m going to say.

“I’m here♪”

This is it♡

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