“Because, in this room, Saori chan’s hair doesn’t fall anywhere on the futon.”

Eh? You’re going to look at that?

“Where did Saori chan sleep last night?”


That’s what Rina said, and she’s doing some kind of affair investigation.

“Maybe she cleaned up in the morning?”

“Is that so? I don’t think she would have cleaned up on a weekday morning.”

T-that’s true. If you’re going to clean up, you should do it on the weekend.

Some big boss said, “Saturday is the best day to clean up.”


“Or maybe, you two sleep together……” (Oh shit.)

Yesterday, no, as for this morning, that’s right. 。。。。

“I’m sure it’s just your imagination. Saori always (sometimes) sleeps here.”

“……Well, okay…?”

”…Anyway, you can sleep here today.”

Saying that, I closed my brother’s room door.

 A hair?

Do girls notice that kind of thing?

Surely, I only have short hair, so she can tell if she pays attention to it…?

Eh…..let’s just clean my room before going to bed.

I can’t use the vacuum cleaner late at night.

I brought a broom and a dustpan and started to clean lightly.

“…There’s definitely something that looks like Saori’s fallen hair in my room. Are you serious…”

It’s long hair, and you can tell it’s slightly dyed.

If you look at this hair with that kind of suspicion from the start.

It’s the kind of evidence that makes it easy to guess who it is.

For now. I’m going to clean up the hairs while searching the entire room detail by detail.

And while I’m at it, I’ll collect the fine dust and throw it in the trash.

I mean, why do I have to do this kind of erasing affair evidence thing.

……It’s unreasonable.

While thinking about such things,

I looked at my phone.

“Rina said she told Saori but, is that true?”

I haven’t heard anything from Saori.

I’m sure she’s usually very picky about it.

I’m a little concerned. It’s late, but I’ll send her a message.

Ichi: Rina came to stay over today, do you know about it? 

………It doesn’t get read immediately. I guess she’s already sleeping.

But I still feel like I’m forgetting something。。。。

Well, okay, let’s go to sleep now。。。。


The gyaru, Rina’s Point of View

In the middle of the night when I stayed over at Itta kun’s house, I suddenly woke up.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was already past 3 a.m. 

“I need to go to the bathroom。。。”

It was dark inside the house, so I used my phone as a flashlight and opened the door to go outside.

“So dark……”

Let alone at home, why is it so scary when it’s dark in someone’s house.

As I thought of that, I looked at Itta kun’s  room.

“He probably won’t wake up….”

I thought so and knocked, but there was no response.

Well. It would be strange if there was a response.

“Anyway. Let’s just go to the toilet.”

I head for the restroom while relying on my memory of when I came to visit in the past.


Phew, I feel refreshed.

I fill water from the jug in the living room and take a sip.

If I drink too much, I’ll feel like going to the bathroom again.

On my way back to my room, I get a little curious and go back in front of Itta kun’s room.

“I if the door is opened… it is….it’s opened……….”

I looked in the dark room and there he was.

Fufu, you’ve let your guard down. Why didn’t you lock the room.

Earlier, before going to bed, I knew that I was deceived.

Saori chan probably didn’t sleep in his brother’s room last night.

That means there’s only one answer.

“I will sleep next to you, too♪”

Ung. It’s a little cramped… But somehow… If I pull closer…

Mmm. I think I can manage.

All right…….good night, Itta kun.

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