While Rina and I were exchanging drinks

Saori brought some miso soup and said

“What, are you guys flirting?”


“It’s normal, okay. We’re friends. It’s a normal conversation between friends.”

“Hmm? Here you go, miso soup.”


Saori sat down next to me while we’re having this exchange.

[[Thank you for the meal.]]

It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten at home with more people..

After my family went abroad, I usually ate alone.

“So, what are you doing here, Rina chan?”

“Well, I want to talk to Itta kun a little bit more. Can’t I?”

“It’s not like you can’t, but. You don’t have to stay over. You sat next to each other……”

“Okay, I get it. Then, I’ll stay at yours next time, Saori chan. That’s fine, right?”

“Why is that……well, okay………”

Come to think of it, I’ve never been to Saori’s room ever since middle school.

I’ve been to Saori’s dad’s room and he made me read American comic books.

I didn’t understand English well at the time. I preferred Japanese manga.

I wasn’t really interested in them.

Well, whatever the case may be, it’s a good thing if the two of them get along well.

In such a situation, it’s better to leave it alone and not get into a conversation.

But there’s something I have to ask..

“So, yesterday, Rina, you lied about staying at Saori’s house, and Saori herself didn’t even know about it….what did you say to your parents?”

“I didn’t do anything in particular. I just told them I’m staying at Saori chan’s house.”

“I thought I’d check when I got here, but……you guys haven’t done anything yet. 。。。。  Ah ! I really wanted to see Ikkun. So I told them I was going out early.”


“Well then, let’s just go ahead and do nothing……… But you should stay at Saori’s place as soon as possible and make an alibi.” (It’s not a crime, but……)

“Okay,” “Guess I have no choice.”

While saying such things, the two continued to eat.

I finished my meal quickly, but there was nothing more to talk about…

But it felt somewhat awkward to leave the table first.

As I was just sitting there thinking that, someone spoke to me from next to the table.

“If you’ve already eaten, put away the dishes and wash yours by yourself.”

“Okay.” (Is she my mom or something.)

“What about soy milk and barley tea? Do you want some?”

“No, Thanks.”

“I’ll clean up then. You pass too, Saori?”

She nodded when I asked. Well, this girl only drinks water these days.

They said water or sparkling water is good for beauty…….

And recently, she’s considering talking to her parents about buying a sparkling water maker.

She’s very conscious. Very much…..

I cleared off the table, washed the dishes, and went back to my room to get my stuff.

I still have some spare time. I’d like to lie down for a while, but…

Should I change my clothes or not? I changed my pants, while thinking of that.

Then I thought to myself, “Why not just put on a formal-shirt?”  And lay down.

I’m so tired from this morning…


“Hey ! You slept with your clothes on again !”

?? Oh, I fell asleep.

Saori’s voice wakes me up. She’s so energetic huh?


“It’s not good morning. Why are you sleeping after getting dressed ! You’re wrinkling your clothes ! !”

“I’m not wearing a formal-shirt, so it’s fine. The wrinkles don’t show on pants.”

“They do !”

“Eh. Is that so?”

I don’t think it bothers you but ・・・・

You don’t even change school uniforms every day, right?

“Okay. I’ll be careful from now on.”

“I think I heard you say something like that before?””

Saori stared at me as I took off my underwear and changed into a formal-shirt.

“Hey, what are you changing clothes for !?”

“Huh? I’m only changing my tops.”

“Okay, just hurry up ! I’ll be waiting for you in the living room.”

She said that and left.

“What the hell…”

My body is worth nothing though.

…..But, if it’s your boobs.

Shit, I’m getting turned on. 。。。。

Calm down, those boobs is my sisters even though she’s not my sister.I’m going to think that way.

After I finished changing, I checked my collar and tie with the front camera on my phone.

I had gone to school with my buttons out of place before, and I got in a lot of trouble.

When I first started wearing a tie, I used to check it at the sink.

The most dangerous time is when you think you’ve gotten used to it.


When I got back to the living room, both of them seemed to be ready.

Rina seems to be contacting someone on her phone. Maybe her parents?

“Yeah, so-so.  It’s good.”

Hey, which is it ! If you’re going to praise me, then do it properly.

I’m a guy who grows when I’m praised and pampered. Maybe.

“Let’s go then.”

Rina said so. I mean

Today, the three of us are going to school in the morning. I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

Am I a normie? Even though I’m not a cheerful person?

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