☆Chapter one character

Main Character

Itadori Ichiryu/Male/High school freshman/Me (Ore)

Height slightly tall, Thin, and Macho.

Hobbies : Anime, ani-songs, reading, muscle training.

No girlfriend.

He has parents and a younger brother. Because of overseas work, everyone has left except for Ichiryu. His grades are above average. Perfectionist. Hates being called by his first name because it reads the same as his surname, Ichiryu. He prefers to be called by his nickname. His favorite type is an older sister with big boobs who spoiled him.

Shirai Saori/Female/High school freshman/Me (Atashi)/Ikkun

Height : Normal, Large breasts. Hobbies: Manga, taking care of children.

No boyfriend.

She recently got into fashion. Since her childhood friend Ichiryu family left, Ichiryu’s parents asked her to take care of him. She was thinking that Ichiryu was a lazy guy who stopped taking care of his appearance after entering high school. What a helpless boy. She thought.

Yamamoto Rina/Female/high school freshman/Me (Watashi)/Itta

Height : Normal, Normal breasts. Hobbies : Anime, Eroge.

No boyfriend

Half foreigner with light pigmented hair. She told her school that she has natural hair. But in fact, she bleached her hair.

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2 months ago

The character images on the redirected site kakuyomu doesn’t show up due to server errors. but I think it’s because they’re not any at all.