Love Glasses ~When I Broke up With My Girlfriend Who Has Zero Liking for Me, the Madonnas at School Started Approaching Me~



I have a secret that I can’t tell anyone.

It all started on the first day of school in my second year of high school.
Thanks to a mysterious pair of glasses I got by chance, I was able to see the “likability” of the person I was talking to.

If it’s just an acquaintance, it’s around 40.
If it is a friend, a number of about 60 appears on my forehead.

If it is a girlfriend, I would like to say it is more than that, but the likability of my girlfriend, who I am proud of and called one of the three most beautiful women in the world, is


I was in disbelief at the number.

I followed her, feeling disbelief at the number.
Then, I witnessed her having an affair with another man.

I said goodbye to her and tried to go back to being a normal, shady boy, but I noticed that the girls around me were having an abnormally high score.

The other two of the three most beautiful girls on campus.
The numbers of my friend’s sister were showing 100 at every turn.

And for some reason, the number of my ex-girlfriend, whom I was supposed to have broken up with, kept going up.

How does the main character end up with such strange glasses and being pushed around by all these pretty girls? ……

If you read this book, you will definitely want a pair of glasses, and you will be captivated by them too.

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