<Masuda Ayaka’s point of view>

After finishing preparations for the summer festival, I hurried to the hospital room where Shoma was staying.

I managed to slip in just in time, just before the end of the visit at 19:00.

When I knocked, I heard a voice from inside and went in.

“Ayaka, is that you?

“Shoma, are you okay?”

I asked, and Shoma turned to me with a smile.

He was sitting on the bed in the hospital room, looking a little tired, but his eyes were shining with their usual kindness and warmth.

“I’m fine. More importantly, everyone else came and messaged me, but I thought Ayaka wouldn’t show up.”

“T-that can’t be true.”

I was a little curious about who would be included in Shoma’s ‘everyone’, but I couldn’t ask.

“I see.…Did the preparations for the summer festival go well?”

“Yes, everything is going well. They said they can hold the festival tomorrow as planned.”

“I’m glad to hear that. I’ll be able to go tomorrow night after I get out of the hospital.”

Shoma said with a relieved smile on his face.

“…you’re going to the summer festival too, right?”

“Of course I am.”

With whom are you going? When I was about to ask him that, I suddenly saw a piece of paper folded up on the shelf next to his bed.

The name “Toda” was faintly visible on it, though it was a little far away.

“Toda-kun, he came to visit you, too, didn’t he?”

“Eh? I got a call that Daiki is too busy to visit today.”

“I see. Then this is…”

I was surprised by Shoma’s words, and when I approached the piece of paper, I saw that it had the name ” Toda Mai” written on it.

“It says Toda Mai.”

“Oh~. Mai came too. She is Daiki’s sister.”

I had a bad feeling about this, and although I felt bad, I opened and read the contents.

When I saw that I had finished reading, Shoma asked me, “What did it say?” I ignored the question and moved on to the topic at hand.

“Shoma, are you going to the festival with anyone?”

“No, I haven’t decided on the first or second day yet.”

I hear his words and gather my courage and say

“Then, then. I want to go with Shoma on the second day.”

I looked at Shoma’s feet and waited for his answer, feeling my heart beat faster.

“That’s fine.”

After a few moments, I heard Shoma’s voice.

Shoma didn’t realize what I said at that time, but he must have indeed realized the true meaning of this invitation. I knew it was finally time to compete.

“So, what did that piece of paper say”

“This was a note from an errand.”

At that time, I lied to Shoma, apologizing as best I could in my heart and thinking that I was a bad girl.

Shoma said to my lie without a doubt, “I see”

“I want to deliver this to her, so tell me where Toda-kun lives.”

“Oh, thanks. I’ll email you a map

After that, we talked for a while about Kiuyu’s works, how we met in preparation for today’s meeting, and other trivial matters, and then left the hospital room.

After I left the hospital, I was standing in front of Toda-kun’s house that Shoma had told me about.

I let out one big breath and rang the intercom. I heard a girl’s voice from inside, the door was opened and a pretty girl came out.

“Who is it?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

I apologized as quickly as I could.

The person in question tilted her head to see what was going on.

“Toda-kun…is Daiki kun there?”

“What, you are a guest of my brother?”

I said so and she called out loudly, “Onii chan!” Toda-kun came out from inside.

“Oh, you’re an unusual guest, aren’t you? What is it?””

When he asked me that, I told him everything.

I saw the letter her sister had left for Shoma inviting him to the second day of the summer festival.

I told him that I had taken it home with me without telling him what it said.

As I talked about it, a sense of guilt began to well up in me.

I thought he deserved to be angry, but what Toda-kun said to me was different.

“You’re so kind to come all the way here to tell me.”


“I think there are bad girls who don’t come to tell you things like that. But you came to tell me. Did you really do it because you liked Shoma? They say love is blind. Besides, I was lucky that you found it before Shoma. Mai should have said it via email or something that would definitely get the message across, but because she said it like this, it turned out like this. You did it to win the war called love, so there’s nothing wrong with you. I’ll take care of this, so enjoy it to your heart’s content. ”

Those words saved my life.



With that, we parted and I went home.

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