<Matsuura Sera’s point of view>

After returning from a school trip, I opened the front door of my house and, ignoring my parents’ “Welcome home” I dashingly dived into the bed in my room without putting away my baggage.

The things I didn’t want to remember from the school trip kept replaying in my head, and before I knew it, I had fallen asleep in a state of despair.

“..ra. Sera. Wake up. It’s almost noon.”


Woken up by mother’s voice, I checked the clock and found that it was almost 11 o’clock.

“Mouu. No cleaning up, no bath, and no sleep. Mother will clean up after you, and I’ve put some hot water in the tub, so go take a bath.”

I had just woken up and could not think straight, so my mother urged me to take a bath.

As I soaked in the bathtub, my brain gradually awakened.

[Sera is really stupid, isn’t she?]

[I don’t even care about you anymore, and if anything, you’re just in my way. You were the one who regretted leaving me.]

Human memory is a nasty thing. Memories we don’t want to remember, memories we want to forget, stay in our memories.

I soaked in the bathtub for a while, but the more I soaked, the more the thought of being dumped kept occupying my mind, so I quickly got out of the bath.

When I headed for the living room, my mother, who had probably finished cleaning up or was relaxing on the sofa, came over to talk to me.

“Have you finished already? Did you warm up?”

“Yes. Enough.”

“By the way, I found your glasses in your luggage. If they are your friend’s, give them back to her.”

The glasses that mother handed her were the ones that Amano Natsumi had given me.

“No, my friend gave those to me because they look better on me.”

I took the glasses and put them on for a test and looked at my mother.

“How is it? Do they look good on me?”

“Yes. Yes, they look great on you. Your friend really knows her stuff, doesn’t she?”

“Really? Then, I’ll wear it on a regular basis…hmm?”

As I looked at my mother’s face while talking, I noticed a number 83 written on her forehead where there should have been nothing there a moment ago.

However, when I shifted my glasses a little and looked at Mom’s forehead, I still could not see anything.

I stared at the number in wonder,

“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”

“Hmm? No, somehow, thanks to the glasses, mother looks 20% more beautiful than usual.”

“Ara, no. Compliments on your mother won’t get you anywhere.”

I replied with a smile, and she looked at me with a look of unconcern on her face.

And then the number on her forehead changed from 83 to 84.

Why did the number increase?

Is it only my mother’s that I can see?

“Hey, can I put on these glasses and go out?”

“Go ahead. Be back by dinner.”

So I packed up, put on my glasses, and headed out to solve the mystery of the numbers these glasses could see.

I headed for the shopping arcade to meet people as much as possible, but I couldn’t see any numbers on their foreheads, which was the usual scene.

As I was walking through the shopping street, looking around as much as possible, I was suddenly approached by a man.

“Hello~! Would you like to have a word with me?”

It was a pick-up.

Normally I don’t get picked on very often, but since I was scurrying along, he must have thought I was a timid woman.

I tried not to make eye contact with the guy who was picking me up, and to avoid offending him, I said “Excuse me”. But the guy was not so willing, and he came around in front of me and said, “It’s okay right

I was surprised to see the man’s face for the first time.

On his forehead was the number 30.

“Hey, just a little bit. No?”

“Can’t you tell by my attitude that I don’t like you? If you have time to pick up women in the daytime, why don’t you work and earn some money to be more popular?”


The guy who was trying to pick up on my arm, which was very valuable, and I brushed his hand away and said, “Haa?”

The man who was told this looked like he was about to explode with anger, and the number on his forehead was 28.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Who would take a woman like you!”

With that, the pick-up man left.

I must thank the pick-up man now.

Thanks to him, I understood most of the mystery of these glasses.

These glasses allow you to see the likability of the person you are talking to toward you.

And at this moment, another new question arose.

I had asked him a question in a playful way when I came over to his house.

[The day before that day, Shoma. You bought new glasses, didn’t you? Did those glasses help you see anything?]

[N-No, of course not. It’s just a pair of glasses. You want to try them on?]

Thinking back on it now, that reaction was a little strange.

He was obviously upset.

And if Shoma also has these glasses, it all makes sense.

“I see. It’s a contest to see who can use these glasses better.”

With that, I headed home.

On my way home, I passed by a park and saw a boy and a girl I recognized.

I decided to take action, just for starters.

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