When I woke up, it was noon.

If it were school, I would be late, but today is my day off.

I looked at my phone and saw that I had a call from Daiki.

[I heard there’s going to be a party next week, so make sure you come!]

[All right. Anyway, are you free from now on today?]

I replied that I wanted to ask him about yesterday’s matter, and he replied right away.

[I’m free, what’s wrong?]

[Can you come over to my place now, alone?]

[Alone? Well, okay. I’m on my way.]

Then, as I was getting ready, Daiki came a while later.

“It’s unusual for Shoma to call me. What’s wrong? Has your popularity period arrived?!”

“So soon!”

What the heck, even though you are expecting me. So, what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about these glasses.”


“Yeah, just try them on one more time.”

Daiki put on the glasses I gave him.

“I knew these glasses were fake.”

“No that. Do you see something on my forehead?”

“I see a number 70. What is this number?”

Daiki touched the number he could see on my forehead.

He can see the number.

“I see. Give me the glasses.”

I took the glasses from him and put them on myself again.

Then, I put them on again, and the “-” that had been there a moment ago was back to “69″

“I see.”

“So, what are these numbers?”

It’s bad enough that I didn’t tell him the truth after I asked him to cooperate with me.

But is it okay to tell Daiki?

Even if I did, would he believe me?

It would be a waste of time and energy if he did believe me and then told everyone about it.

I looked at his face.

“Don’t tell anyone, okay? I’ll kill you if you do. And don’t laugh.”

“Yeah, I won’t tell and I won’t laugh. So?”

Daiki’s face was serious as he said that.

And 69, the number on his forehead.

I decided to believe him.

“This glasses. I can tell how much someone likes me by looking ——.”

That was a big step for me.


“Yeah. The number that Daiki could see earlier is my liking for you.”

Then I told everything to Daiki, who was looking at me like I was crazy.

“Look one more time.”

“Hmm? The number has changed to a [-].”

“I just found out that once a person wears glasses, their likeability becomes invisible. ”

“I see. So someone other than me found out the true identity of these glasses.”

“——, you’re amazing.”

“I know everything about Shoma. So, who is it?”

“Masuda Ayaka, from the same clasa.”

“Masu… mean the three most beautiful girls?!”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“You’re friends with Masuda-san, too!? If the guys at school find out, they will kill you.

One of them is your ex-girlfriend and you are close to the other two. How many virtues did you accumulate in your previous life? Please share one of them!”

As he was speechless, Daiki regained his composure.

“Kohon. Well, I understand the situation. First of all, we need to find out how much Masuda-san knows about the glasses. There are cases like mine.”

“I guess so. But how do we find out?”

“Well, I know a good place.”

“A good place?”

“Yeah, here it is.”

Daiki turned the screen of his phone toward me.

There, the screen of the talk with me was displayed.

[I heard there’s going to be a launch next week, so definitely come!]

“I think we can make it on this day.”

“Daiki, you. You’re reliable except for studying!”

“Except for studying, that’s too much!”

After that, we had a good time talking about unimportant things and playing games.

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