Then time passed and the day of the party arrived.

“Congratulations on winning the class match~!”


At a Viking restaurant near the high school, the party began with a toast

The seating was free, but naturally the men and women split up and sat separately.

I got up from my seat and went to get food as everyone else went to get food.

There was a wide variety of food available, from meat to sashimi, vegetables, and desserts.

I was trying to decide what to eat,

“Kakuta, congratulations on your MVP award. That was great.”

“Kakuta, why don’t you join the basketball team?”

“It’s thanks to Shoma that we won the championship.”

The boys in my class came up to me and started talking to me.

“Thanks! No, that’s not true. It’s thanks to all of you.”

Unlike usual, I had nothing to worry about today, so I was able to talk to them without any worries.

The conversation continued even after we returned to our seats, and I was having a good time.

“You look like you’re having fun.”

While I was talking with my classmates, Daiki started talking to me.

“I knew it, you don’t look good in that.”

“You don’t? I like it a lot. It’s fun just to look at them.”

Daiki then quickly adjusted the glasses I was wearing with his hand.

“Because today’s the promise day.”

“I understand. Then, let’s get started.”

“Ou, please.”

Daiki gives a thumbs-up and a smile, then claps his hands to get everyone’s attention.

“Yes~, it’s almost time to get going, let’s switch seats once!”


“I’m getting tired of the boys.”

Daiki’s suggestion was seconded by a few of the others, which naturally led to the change of seats.

I sat motionless in my seat as the seats around me filled up one after another.

“Hello, Kakuta-kun. I’m Amano Natsumi. Call me Natsumi.

You looked really cool at the class match, Kakuta-kun.”

She sat down next to me and introduced herself like that.

“Thanks, Natsumi san.”

“Mouu! You could have just called my name …….”

I was laughing at her as she said this, her face puffed out, when another person came to sit in front of me.

“It has been a long time, Shoma.”

It was a very familiar face.

“S-Sera. It’s been a long time.”

“You’ve become very popular since we broke up, haven’t you?”

“I-I guess so.”

“It wasn’t a lie that Kakuta-kun and Matsuura-san broke up, was it?”

Natsumi enters the conversation with Sera.

“I’m talking to Shoma right now. You can’t come in here.”

“You can’t talk like that you know? Matsuura-san.”

Sera was smiling at Natsumi, but when she said this to her with a hint of murderous intent in Her eyes, it was Hinano who came next to Sera.

“You are here, Sakahara Hinano. I had a lot of things I wanted to talk to you about.”

“That’s a coincidence, isn’t it? I also wanted to ask you a few questions.”

“Do those two seem to be at odds with each other?”

Natsumi, who sensed something when she saw the two of them glaring at each other, asked me, to which I replied, “Well, I don’t know.” but inside I was in a panic.”

Shuraba, Shuraba.

Daiki is now executing the operation and I can’t escape from here until the operation is completed.

I had no choice but to continue talking to Natsumi-san, give bland replies to the two people I was facing, and get through this moment.

I was thinking that it would be much better to keep talking to the guys.


I managed to get through the Shuraba and the party was over.

I sighed heavily because I was mentally exhausted, and Daiki spoke to me.

“It was a hellish scene, wasn’t it?”

“It’s true. I’ve lost my life span. I hope the plan worked.”

“Don’t worry, we succeeded in getting this person to hang.”

Daiki looked at me and smiled during the operation, but he seemed to have done his job well.

“I would have killed you if this had failed.”

“I had a hard time too. While stopping Masuda-san who was going to go to your place, I used the advanced technique of making her wear these glasses for a moment. I would have taken money for this, but I’ll let you off the hook this time.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Hmph. It’s a replacement for the money. mind me.”

With that, Daiki gave me back my glasses.

I was impressed and disgusted that this guy was so thorough.

“Then, I’m going home. Good luck to you too.”

“Yeah. See you later.”

When I was about to leave Daiki and go home, I noticed that I had received a message.

[It was nice to talk to you today. I’m wondering if you have some free time sometime. I’d like to talk to you alone next time.]

It was Natsumi whom I had talked to today.

[How about tomorrow?]

[Tomorrow, right? Okay. Then, we’ll meet in front of the station at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.]


An invitation for the two of us.

Thinking that this was thanks to MVP, I happily agreed and went home.

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7 months ago

The fact that a shuraba with Sera was even allowed to happen means the mc is already becoming exactly what I was hoping wouldn’t happen. If he still had the mindset he had when he first discovered she was cheating, he would have just told to her to shut up and quit bothering him. But no, the road to getting back together with her has now arrived, and with that, I’m dropping this.