The school trip was over, without leaving home, but my head was so full of various things that I could not settle down, and the transfer holiday dawned just as I had come up with the only answer to my question.

I got out of the futon, put on my contacts, changed into my school uniform, washed my face, and straightened my sleeping hair.

And when I opened the front door at the usual time, my neighbor, Sakahara Hinano’s door opened at the same time.

“Ah, good morning. Shoma.”

“Good morning, Hinano.”

“You seem to be in a different mood than usual.”

“Ah~. I changed my contact lenses instead of glasses. Maybe that’s why.”

“W-well, T-that…”


“Well, I’m kind of happy because I feel like you are back to the past Shoma.”

“The past me?”

“No, it’s nothing. Come on, we’ll be late for school if we don’t get going soon.”

After saying that, Hinano blushed a little and hurriedly walked towards the school, so I quickly followed.

And as we were heading to school, talking about memories of the school trip and other such trivial matters,

“Shoma, Sempai!”

I thought I heard a voice from behind me, and the next thing I knew, something was on my back.

I almost lost my balance, but somehow I managed to hold on and when I checked to see who it was, it was Mai.

“Mai, is that you? Long time no see.”

“It’s been a while. Not that. I only heard from you once during the school trip. You didn’t contact me even once during the school holiday?!”

“I’m sorry. I bought Mai some souvenirs besides the Shisa, so please forgive me.”

“Really?! Then I forgive you!”

“Thanks. Then, will you get off me? It’s hot.”

When I said that, Mai immediately moved away from me.

It is good to see such honesty.

“Senpai, did you forget your glasses today?”

“Hmm? Yeah. Something happened, so I changed them back to contact lenses, weird?”

“No, no, I think you look cooler that way.”

“I see. Thanks.”

Saying that, I patted Mai’s head and she beamed happily.

And then, Hinano, who had been watching the exchange, spoke to me.

“Um, who’s this?”

“Ah~, you didn’t know about this, did you? Mai is the younger sister of Toda Taiki, who is in the same class as us. We’ve been involved with each other for a while.”

“I see. Toda kun’s sister, is it? Imouto san, come this way for a moment.”

Hinano called Mai away from me and the two of them began to whisper something together.

Then, when I thought she had returned, she said, “Come on, Shoma! Let’s go to school quickly!” “Yes, that’s right. Senpai, come on!” and both of them, in a kind of friendly way, quickly took me to school.

We arrived at school and Mai went to her classroom, and I and Hinano also went into our own classrooms.

We arrived at school a little too slowly, or just in time, so the chime soon rang and the morning meeting was about to begin.

“Alright, everyone’s here.”

The teacher smiled and addressed everyone.

“Good morning, everyone. I know you are all looking forward to summer vacation now that the school trip is over, but I have a message for you, as usual, I would like to ask you to help with the summer festival that will be held around this district. This summer festival is an important event for our school, and your cooperation is essential.”

Such a voice from the teacher rang out, and my heart swelled with excitement and anticipation throughout the class.

I looked around, wondering if it was that time of year already, and everyone in the class, especially the boys, were listening intently to what the teacher was saying.

There is no doubt that the summer festival is a fun event that brings the school and the community together. But I didn’t really understand why everyone was taking so seriously.

The teacher continued, and everyone took it seriously.

After the summer festival was over and the morning meeting was over, Daiki approached me.

“Hey, Daiki. Why did you listen so seriously when they were talking about the summer festival?”

“What, you don’t even know that?”

“What is it?”

“There is a legend that if you are together on the last day of the summer festival when the fireworks go off, you will get married. That’s why everyone, including the guys, are interested in what the teacher have to say about the summer festival.”

I looked at my friend with a mixture of surprise and interest.

“Heee~? I didn’t know there was such a legend about the summer festival.”

“That’s why Shoma is like this. Well, have fun at the very least. No, you will suffer from the magic of the summer festival.”

Daiki said with a smile.

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