<Matsuura Sera’s point of view>

The power of these glasses is tremendous.

Everything works.

For example, friendship.

After the incident with Sakahara Hinano, I started talking with her and we have built a good relationship of trust.

Other girls in my class who used to avoid me now hang out with me, and my relationship with my parents has improved even more.

And then there is love.

Men are very simple creatures, and just by helping out a little or asking for help, my likability level rose quickly, and by the time the number on the forehead was in the low 80s, he was confessing his feelings for me.

I had a good flow of confessions from numerous unimportant guys who had been Shoma’s test subjects, but there was one guy besides Shoma that I really wanted to drop using these glasses.

That day.

He was the guy I had been cheating on Shoma with until the day he found out about the affair and told me to break up with him.

I immediately took action.

Before going to school on weekdays, I dressed up as much as I could, staked out in front of his house and waited for him to come out.

When I saw him coming out, I would appear in front of him, pretending to be by chance.

“Oh, hi.”

“O-ou. Sera, I see. It’s been a long time. What’s going on?”

He looked a little surprised when he saw me, but returned it to me normally.

The number on his forehead was “5”.

Thinking that he wasn’t that interested in me, I struck up a conversation with him.

“No, I just wanted to see your face for the first time in a while.”


“Are you still seeing her?”

“……, well…”

“From the looks of it, things aren’t going well~. How’s it going? If you’re free after school today, do you want to hang out?”

“Sera, you look different.”

“Really? well~ I don’t really care either way. When you decide on the answer to my question, e-mail me.”

I waved my hand and pretended to be in a hurry, but when I looked at “him”, the number had changed to “10”.

Immediately after I left him, he sent me a text message saying, “After school, at the usual place”. I thought, Men are simple after all.

After school that day, we just watched a movie and split up.

The next day was bowling, and the next was a study session.

Occasionally he would call me at night, or text each other, “Special ~.” that shows expectation

I even gave him a present when his birthday was coming up.

Thanks to my efforts, his number finally reached “87″.

And finally.

“Sorry”, I’m late. So, what’s so important?

“…Sera. I like you.”


“I like you. So please go out with me.”

“….Wait, wait a minute. What happened to your girlfriend?”

“I broke up with her.”


“That’s why……”

“I’m sorry.”

At my words, he froze in surprise.

I continued to say to him

“I have someone I love. So, I’m sorry. I like you, but I don’t think it’s in the sense of the opposite gender.”

Saying that, I left him.

I’m sure he felt the same way as I did.

Besides, I was able to bring a guy with almost zero numbers to the point of confessing to me.

The only thing left to do now is the real thing.

And today, with the summer festival coming up tomorrow, I was working with a friend when we received a report that Shoma had collapsed.

I immediately went to the spot where I found Shoma lying on the ground in pain, surrounded by Sakahara Hinano and several other students.

I called out to him, “Shoma!” but there was no reply.

The teacher and ambulance arrived shortly after.

“Sensei is going to the hospital to attend to Kakuta-kun, but I was wondering if one of the students could accompany him. I can’t stay here all the time because of the festival. What about you, Sakahara-san?”

“I’m also in charge of the preparations for the summer festival.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“I’m going.”

In the midst of this conversation, I volunteered to run for the position.

Then, after making eye contact with Sakahara-san and nodding to each other, I hurriedly took the doctor to the ambulance.

I wonder how much time passed, Shoma finally woke up.

“Shoma, are you all right? I was worried when I heard you collapsed.”

“Umm, where am I?…”

“We’re at the hospital near the summer festival.”

“The hospital……”

I told Shoma, who still did not fully understand the current situation, that he had fallen ill when he was preparing for the summer festival.

Then I saw the numbers on his forehead and I almost smiled a little.

“Oh, yes… Daiki and the others, where is everyone else?”

“Everyone else is still getting ready at the venue. I’m only here to escort Shoma, so I should be back at the venue soon. Please don’t push yourself too hard. This time it’s just heat stroke, but it’s just luck.”

“Sorry …….”

“Well, now that my work is done, I guess the doctor can take care of the rest.”

I got up from my chair and was about to leave the hospital room when a voice called out to me.

“Can I ask you something?


“Why are you my chaperone? Sera.”

I smirked mischievously at the question, put my index finger to my mouth, said, “Se-c-ret!” and left the hospital room.

I returned to my preparations, determined that the summer festival would be the real contest.

(TL/N : Plz dont let her win..)

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