After Daiki was taken away by the teacher, I was free and went out into the hallway to buy some drinks.

I bought a cup of milk tea from the vending machine in the lobby and was about to leave when I saw Ayaka on the terrace looking at the sky, so I went next to her.

“Ayaka likes to watch the moon, doesn’t she?”

“Eh!? What’s wrong, Shoma?”

“I just wanted to talk to you.”

“I-I see.”

When I said that, Ayaka’s face turned a little red and her eyes went back to the sky.

The number “100” can still be seen on her forehead.

“It’s beautiful, Shoma.”

The night view of the city seen from the terrace is filled with more light than I have ever seen before, it really is like a jewel box. The other side of the terrace is the ocean, and there’s a dark space with a beautiful full moon shining on it.


“Eh? W-What is it?”


While I was admiring the view, Ayaka quietly laughed and said that

Then I felt something wrap around my right hand.

“Eh. …….”

Then I looked at Ayaka.

The city and the moonlight shining from the side shines in Ayaka’s big eyes, twinkling and shimmering.

She was so beautiful.

“What’s wrong?”

I asked her, but she just smiled and looked at the scenery again.

I was so embarrassed that I didn’t know what to say and could only freeze with my face turning red.

I can’t figure out what Ayaka is really trying to say, so I return my eyes to the night view and decide to keep my head down.

“I heard that on the second day of a school trip, there are a lot of confessions.”

After a few moments of silence, Ayaka spoke up.

“I heard that’s true.”

“Have you done it yet, Shoma?”

“W-What!? What are you talking about?”

“Confessing …… to someone …….”


“I’m sure she’s waiting for you. Like Hinano-chan.”

“I wonder.”

“That’s right. Today was also cute, wasn’t it, Hinano-chan? I’m sure that …… Hinano-chan will be looking for Shoma …….”

“Shhhh! Someone’s coming!”

I felt someone approaching, so I took Ayaka’s hand and hid behind a chair on the terrace.

“What are you doing? mou”

“I’m sorry. …….”

“I was just talking to the group leaders at this time to decide the order of tomorrow’s presentations.”

“Really, I’m sorry. …….”

I can hear the girls’ exasperated voices and the boys’ flat apologies.

“no, I heard that this is the time for confessions, so I was wondering if Tani-san is going to, you know, be confessed”.

“Whaa!? What are you …… talking nonsense,…… like child?”

The voice belongs to Yudai and Tani. The two of them lined up where we had been until now.

The two of them stood looking at the night view for a while. It would have been nice if we could have gone somewhere during this time, but there was only one way in and out of the terrace, and since we would be noticed if we tried to leave, we had to hide until Yudai and she left.

“Hey ……, I hear you’ve been studying hard lately.”


“Well, I’m not that interested in it, but …… why?”

The fact that Tani saw Yudai’s declaration in front of him that he wanted to go to the same high school as Tani means that she knew about it and heard about it. Asking him knowingly is a good chance for Yudai to confess his feelings, isn’t it?

“That’s …… that …….”

Yudai said nothing, then took a few deep breaths loud enough for us to hear, and opened his mouth, staring firmly out the window.

“I-I’m having fun studying ……, ?”


Yudai missed a great opportunity that even I could see.

Tani sighed lightly,

“Baka …… good night.”

She left Yudai with a light sigh and disappeared across the hall.

The remaining Yudai gazed at the scenery alone for a while,

“I’m a loser. ……”

He muttered to himself and stomped off.

“Haa~. What’s that Yudai guy …… doing?”

We returned to our original location after making sure they were gone.

“Shoma knows something?”

“EH? No~. ……”

“Maybe there’s a real reason why Ueda-kun is studying so hard?”


Ayaka saw me struggling and not knowing how to answer, and nodded, “I see.” She seemed to understand.

“Shoma, too…”


“I’ll be happy if Shoma’s reasons for reading books are similar to Ueda-kun’s …….”

Ayaka laughs softly as she looks at the nightscape.

Ayaka’s profile reflected the light of the night scene, and her long eyelashes and large eyes sparkled, and I thought she was very beautiful. Even though I must have seen the same profile many times, I thought it was the most beautiful one now.

“Yeah. ……”

I was embarrassed by Ayaka’s cuteness after all this time, and just nodded my head in a small way to Ayaka’s words, who might have realized Yudai’s true intentions.

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