Time had passed since the teacher’s report, and the summer festival was finally approaching tomorrow.

I woke up feeling a little lethargic, probably because of the heat, and went to the summer festival venue. Several people had already gathered ahead of me, and Daiki was among them.

“Oh~. Shoma, you’re late.”

“Daiki and the others are too early.”

“That’s right. After all, this is the legendary summer festival.”

“You’re too enthusiastic.”

“Shoma is not enthusiastic. Wait, really, you don’t seem to be in good spirits. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

Daiki looked at me with concern, but I brushed it off and said so.

While we were having this exchange, people started to gather and preparations for the summer festival began.

They were assembling food stalls, decorating lanterns, and discussing menus, decorations, etc. for the stalls.

“Shoma, what do you think of these lanterns?”

“I think they look nice! I bet they look beautiful at night, right?”

“More to the right! More to the right!”

Everyone continued to earnestly prepare for the event, and noon arrived.

It was now afternoon, and with the hot sun shining brilliantly overhead, we decided to move indoors for a cool break.

At that point I was feeling a little tired, my morning sluggishness growing, but the desire to do my best for the summer festival that everyone was looking forward to was motivating me.

When the break was over and we went outdoors again, the wind was blowing pleasantly.

“Shoma, are you okay? You look pale. I knew you weren’t feeling well.”

“Eh, I’m fine. Really, I’m fine.”

I forced myself to smile to reassure Daiki, who was looking at me worriedly.

The last preparations for the stall were underway for a while.

However, I gradually began to feel so sick that I felt bad myself, and it became hard to stand still.

“Shoma, can you grab that tonkachi by my feet for a minute?”

“Hm? Yes.”

I was about to pick up the tonkachi from the stall when my vision finally became distorted and I felt unsteady on my feet. I tried to put my hand on the pillar of the stall, but my hand cut the sky, and before I knew it, the view I could see was blue sky.


Daiki’s shout echoed in my ears.

I seem to have collapsed.

My consciousness faded and the voices and scenery around me faded away.

“Someone! Get the doctor!”

I hear Daiki’s voice, but it is gradually fading away.

I can see people’s faces peeking into my field of vision, and I can hear the buzzing of the summer festival, but I can’t feel anything anymore.

And so my consciousness has already flown far away.

The next thing I saw when I woke up was a strange ceiling.

I looked around and saw a girl with glasses standing next to me, looking worriedly at me.

“Shoma, are you all right? I was worried when I heard you collapsed.”

“Well, where am I…?”

I was still in a daze.

“We’re at a hospital near the summer festival site.”

“Hospital …….”

Little by little, I began to remember.

I remember that when I was preparing for the summer festival, I fell ill and collapsed.

“Oh, yeah…Daiki and the others?”

“Everyone else is still at the venue getting ready for the festival. I’m just Shoma’s chaperone, so I should be back at the venue soon. Please don’t push yourself too hard. This time it’s just heat stroke, but it’s just luck.”

“Sorry …….”

“Well then, I guess my work is done and the doctor can take care of the rest.”

I apologized and she got up from her chair and started to leave the hospital room.

“Can I ask you one question?”


“Why are you my chaperone? Sera.”

When I asked her one question to stop her, Sera shyly put her index finger to her mouth like a mischievous child and said, ’Se-cr-et’ and walked away.

“What secret? Besides, those glasses look familiar……”

I was left alone in the hospital room thinking about that.

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