<Matsura Sera’s point of view>

“So you did, didn’t you? That kiss, with Masuda-san.”

Slipping out of the hotel at night, I questioned Shoma.

Even I didn’t kiss Shoma when we were dating.

I asked him, believing that I could have been mistaken.

“I did.”

“…I see. Are you going out with Masuda-san?”

“I’m not going out with her.”

“Hee~, I see. Then, do you like her?”

“Why would Sera ask me that?”


I came to my senses when he said that.

Why am I so nervous? I don’t care what happens to the ex-boyfriend I once dumped.

Why……? me.


At that time, perhaps because I had been blown by the sea breeze at night for a long time, my body seemed to have cooled down without me noticing.

I couldn’t possibly do it in just a nightgown.

I shrank back and rubbed myself together to try to keep warm, when something was draped over my body.

“That’s because you’re wearing such thin clothes.”

It was an outer garment that Shoma had brought.

I said, “Thank you,” and when I turned to Shouma, his face was unexpectedly close to mine, and we froze, staring at each other.

Shoma’s face, dimly seen in the moonlight, looked so cool.

At this moment, I was convinced.

I was sure that I loved him.

I realized that this is what it means to realize the importance of something after you have lost it.

“I love you.”

Those words were out of my mouth before I knew it.

The words came out like a dam that had burst, unable to be stopped.

“I still love you, Shoma. I’m sorry I cheated on you. I don’t think I can be forgiven even if I make a mistake. However, if I could do it all over again, I would like to do it with Shoma again. Go out with me. ”

“…… Sera.”

I turned my eyes and turned my lips towards his lips.

And then I felt Shoma’s face getting closer and closer to mine.

I can faintly smell the canned coffee he was drinking.

And then something gently touches my lips.

It was not something soft and warm that would warm my cold heart and body.

It was cold and hard.

I slowly opened my eyes and realized that the object against my mouth was the canned coffee Shoma was drinking.

I looked at Shoma holding it, and for some reason his face was smiling.

“Sera really is an idiot, isn’t she?”


“There’s no way I’d believe the words of my ex-girlfriend, who cheated on me and dumped me. Besides, I don’t care about you anymore, and you’re just a hindrance. Ah, what a waste of time. Of course I was deceived. Besides, it’s also bad to be deceived. You were the one who would regret breaking up with me. ”


“See you later. You can keep the coat. I don’t want to wear it anymore.”

Without even listening to my words, Shoma left me and went away.

I heard something snap at that moment.

“I was serious. …….”

The tears that welled up in my eyes never stopped flowing after that.

The moonlight colored those tears beautifully.

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6 months ago

ye she deserved it haha

6 months ago
Reply to  ItsJustFhei

Okay. Since that was his endgame I ain’t mad he went anymore

6 months ago
Reply to  ItsJustFhei

I’m sorry I cheated on you but I love you sounds so contradictory