“Shoma! Shoma! It’s already 8:30 in the morning. If you’re late for check-out time, the teacher will get mad at you!”

“Nn. Sleepy~.”

The last day of the school trip.

I was woken up by Daiki and woke up just in time to be late.

Last night, as soon as I opened the door to my room after separating from Ayaka, Yudai.

“Listen to me, Shoma!”

He cried. I know why Yudai is crying. He’s probably been talking about it ever since he came to our room. Daiki is getting upset with the camera in his hand.

At any rate, I decided to let Yudai talk about what he wanted to talk about and calm down.

“That’s why ……. I’m an idiot, I …….”

I can’t say ‘I saw you’ and give him safe advice.

“You should have just told her honestly that you wanted to go to the same school as Tani-san. ……”

“That’s no good! That’s only after I become a man worthy of Amane!

Yudai makes a clenched fist and makes a strong argument, but Daiki interrupts him.

“But is it really okay to be so leisurely? Tani-san is popular too~”

Yudai laughed quietly at Daiki’s words and shed a single tear.

“If that makes Amane happy, I’ll just watch over her. …….”

From then on, even as the day went on, a chattering session in the name of reflection took place, and I couldn’t sleep even if I wanted to.

I hurriedly finished getting ready and went to the meeting place.

I was just in time for the meeting, and while waiting for the plane to take off, we went to the souvenir corner in the airport and picked out some souvenirs.

“Hey, Shoma. Which of the two shisa do you think is cuter as a souvenir for Mai?”

“Why don’t you just call or email her and ask her that?”

“She doesn’t reply to my e-mails. Even though she’s supposed to be at home.”

“Haa~ can’t help it.”

I took out my mobile phone, found Mai’s contact details and made a call.

The moment the ringtone was about to go “Pururu”,

“Shoma-senpai! What’s wrong!? Did you feel lonely and wanted to talk to me?!”

“Ah~. You look fine, Mai.”

“I’m fine. I never thought I’d get a call from senpai!”

“About the souvenirs, can we make a video call now? I’d like to show you the real thing.”

“Eh? W-Wait a minute, please.”

After that, I heard a thudding sound, and then what appeared on the screen was Mai’s perfectly set face as usual.

“Oh, it feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Mai’s face.”

“Yes it seems”

“What I want to ask you is about the Shisa, do you have a favourite one?”

“~Hmm, that’s right~. Oh, I like the one with the red one and the blue one hugging each other.”

“This one?”


“Okay. Then, I’ll buy this as a souvenir for Mai, and you can have a red potato tart and a chinsuko from your brother~.

“Of course. Then, please enjoy the school trip to the end.~”

Saying that, I ended the call with Mai while waving my hands.

“Thank you, Shoma. You were super helpful.”

“But you know, today is a weekday, right? Why is Mai still at home? What about school?”

“Ah~, I heard she’s not feeling well, so she said she’s not going to school yesterday and today. I got a call from Mum.”

“Really? She seemed fine.”

While we were talking about this, a notification on Daiki’s phone rang.

“Speak of the it, it’s from mother.”

[She said she wasn’t feeling well because of Daiki and wouldn’t go to school until a while ago, but she went to school earlier, humming cheerfully. Daiki must have said something to her. Thank you.]

“Like that.”

“I see, I’m glad she’s feeling better.”

When I said that, Daiki sighed heavily and went back to shopping.

I didn’t understand why he was sighing, but I looked around at the souvenirs without paying attention to him.

“Phew~. I bought, I bought. I guess this is all the souvenirs.”

I was walking around the airport with a big paper bag in both hands.

Then, thinking that today was the last time I would be in Okinawa, I decided to go outside the airport to taste the Okinawan air one more time.

The concrete was even hotter in the sunlight. The air was so different from the air-conditioned airport that I felt a rush of air.

Looking around a little, I saw her long hair and skirt swaying in the wind behind the heat mirage.

I confirmed that the figure was Natsumi, and quickly walked towards it.

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