Episode 15 – Visible dive



The exams were over, and I spent the weekend at home, just relaxing, and then Monday came.

I went to school as usual with Hinano, complaining in my head about why holidays go by so fast.

We arrived at school and after a while

“Morning homeroom is about to start~”

The students who had been talking with their friends returned to their seats and took their seats.

“I have two announcements to make to reward you for surviving the first round of exams.”

Hearing this, the class became a little noisy.

“The first is about the school trip, which I know you are all looking forward to.”

As the teacher handed out the handouts, the class became even more noisy.

“Yes, yes, quiet. The handout I just handed out has three choices on it. Circle the one you want to go to and submit it by next week. The three choices are Okinawa, Tokyo, and Hokkaido. You will go to the one that has the most requests. Understood~?”

Everyone was quickly discussing where to go with everyone around them without listening to the teacher.

Daiki, who was sitting in front of me, turned to me and started talking to me.

“It’s a school excursion. I’m looking forward to it.”


The number on his forehead was still 69.

“By the way, Daiki. Are the results of the examination okay?”

“Yes, today the teacher told me that I did a good job. No red marks. That’s good to hear.”

“That’s great.”

“So, so. Where are you going on your school trip?”

“Oh, that’s right. Do you have a place you want to go?”

“Hnn, Okinawa is good, and Hokkaido, too. Tokyo is also hard to leave for us rural people.”

While we were talking like that, the teacher started talking again, this time louder than before.

“The second thing is the class match next week.”

A class match. It is a ball game tournament between classes.

There will be a winner in each event and an overall winner, and every year there will be a prize.

“The details have been finalized, and I am happy to report that there will be three sports: basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Please discuss the teams and events for men and women separately. There will also be an MVP award, so do your best. That’s all.”

With that, the teacher walked out of the classroom, and the class was filled with a commotion.

“School trip is one thing, but the first thing is the class match next week.”

“I guess so. Daiki played soccer, so will you be playing in the soccer match?”

“Of course. I’m going to win the championship. The free coupon for the school cafeteria is a big deal.”

Normally, a free school cafeteria ticket would be a big deal, but as someone who had Hinano make lunch for me, it wasn’t all that appealing.

“What are you going to do, Shoma? Basket… no that’s imposibble.”

“No, I’m going to play basketball this time.”

“Oh, it’s rare that Shoma is going to play, is he aiming for MVP?~”

He grins and looks at me as if he can see right through something.

Of course, at this school there is a ridiculous rumor that some idiot came up with regarding class matches.

[The guy who wins MVP will be the most popular guy in his life.]

I can’t say that this rumor is true, but I can’t say that it is a lie either.

The coming of a period of popularity means an increase in likability.

The idea is to bring it to me, who can see the likability, and never the idea of being popular.

I can’t say that.

“Leave it alone. I’m going for the class championship.”

“Yeah. If Shoma is going to play basketball, I’m going to have to work hard too.”

The morning ended with that conversation.

At lunchtime, I was eating lunch with Hinano as usual.

“Shoma, what are you going to be in the class match?”

Hinano asked me,

“Class match, huh? I’m going to play basketball this time.”

“Eh!? Basketball?! Really?!”

Saying that, Hinano leans forward and asks me, coming very close to me.

Hinano’s face was right in front of my eyes and nose.

“It’s true, but why is Hina so happy?”

When I ask her that, she puffs out her face, folds her arms, and glares at me.

This is extremely angry, but cuteness prevails.

I look at the number on Hinano’s forehead and get impatient.



It dropped 11 at once!

Did something in our conversation just now offend her?

I hurriedly asked her.

“Did I do something?”


She is definitely angry.

“I’ll apologize if I did something.”

“Shoma, you have a habit of being insensitive to that kind of thing ……. If you’ve forgotten, that’s enough! I’ll confiscate your lunch too!”

“Eh~. that’s”

After saying that, Hinano started to eat the rest of her lunch box by herself.

I just watched her for a long time.

In the end, the bento was never returned, and the number on her forehead never returned from 89.

After all my classes were over, I checked my phone and found that I had received several messages, which was unusual for me.

The first was from Mai.

“Shoma-senpai! What are you going to play in the class match?”

“I’m going to play basketball. What about you, Mai?”

“Can you play basketball, senpai?! I’m going to play volleyball!”

“Well, let’s do our best!”


The second one was from Ayaka.

“Shoma, where will you choose for your school trip?”

“I haven’t decided yet. Every place is so attractive.”

“Then let’s go to Okinawa.”

“Okay, but why?”

“Where Kiuyu is from. We could make a sacred pilgrimage there.”

“I see. Speaking of which, some of the scenes are set in Okinawa.”

“I understand. I’ll ask my friend to set them in Okinawa.”


“I hope we can go.”

I replied to each of them and headed home, thinking about Hinano’s number.

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