My Childhood Friend Was Confused About What To Do After Graduation From High School, So When I Asked If She Wanted To Take A Permanent Job At My Place, She Started Wife Move The Next Day



With the intention of asking my childhood friend Todo Touka, who is struggling with her career after high school, to work for the company I am going to take over, I made a rather roundabout marriage proposal to her.

The next day, the wife move begins.

Permanent Employment

Episode 1 – Lifetime employment and permanent employment are two different things

Episode 2 – Wife move started

Episode 3 – Study group, two in the house

Episode 4 – Make a promise of a first date

Episode 5 – Photo Arrangement at night Touka side

Episode 6 – First date, before watching a movie

Episode 7 – Some can’t concentrate on the film

Episode 8 – Typhoon attack and his shirt?!

Episode 9 – test period

Episode 10 – finals

Episode 11 – sleeping together

Episode 12 – An Act Before Summer Vacation

Side Story 1 – Student whose career path is wife vs homeroom teacher

Summer Break

Episode 13 – Finish summer vacation assignments 1

Episode 14 – Finish summer vacation assignments 2

Episode 15 – Permanent employment…

Episode 16 – Summer vacation for two, first appointment

Episode 17 – shopping mall