This was between the typhoon attack and the testing period.

“Sensei, I’d appreciate it if you could keep this brief, since I have someone waiting.”
“I understand. But it’s up to Todo-san, isn’t it?”

During lunch break, Touka was called in to talk to her homeroom teacher about her career path.

“I understand.”

The two are seated in the middle of an empty classroom without even turning on the air conditioner, as if they are on track to finish the conversation quickly.

“I’ll start talking straight to you. Todo-san, do you really have no intention of going to college?”
“Yes. I will marry into the family without going to college.”
“If you don’t want to go to college, it’s fine if you don’t, but I want you to write down some sort of proper career path for me. I can’t tell the guidance teachers that the career choice of the students in my class is to be the wife of the company president.”

The day that Touka was told that Masaki wanted her to get a permanent job, she wrote “Mrs. President” on her career choice form and submitted it with the other students in the morning SHR the next day.

“Then why didn’t the teacher call me the day I turned in my career choice form, or the day after?”
“Because I had a lot of work to do, and I wanted to make sure that everyone had submitted their forms, and then I could look over each student’s form carefully.”
“Yes, I see. Sensei, you are also the advisor of the ping-pong club, and I am sorry for asking you to do so much for me when you are so busy.”

Touka was desperate to go to Masaki anyway, but she understood that the teacher had time for her and apologized.

“No, it’s fine. Then what do you want to do? I think it’s possible to talk about it as if you’re going to college for now, since you’re still in your second year. If you tell them that you’ve changed your plans when you become a junior, you can choose another path. ……”
“I understand. But I don’t have to attend special lectures for difficult universities during long vacations.”

The high school that Masaki and Touka attend does not have a course to enter a difficult-to-enter university, but they have special lectures for students who want to enter difficult-to-enter universities during the spring, summer, and winter vacations.

“That may depend on the university you want to enter, though. Well, let’s discuss that another time.”
“I understand. Then I’ll just say I’m going to college for now.”
“Then, Todo-san, what do you think about the university you want to go to? If you can maintain your current grades, I think you should be able to get into a local public university. So I think it’s a good idea to choose a school at that level as your school of choice.”
“Then, please choose the nearest regional public university.”

Touka immediately decides on the proposal with a condition.

“I-I understand. It’s that easy ……. So it’s really the school you want to go to in the first place.”
“Yes. I have already decided my future

Touka’s voice was sharp, but her expression made her smile as if she was thinking of Masaki.

“The actuality that you can be a high school student and have your future as the wife of the president decided ……. Life is really unfair ……. I studied as I was told, went to a decent university, lived a reasonably stable life, and still haven’t met anyone …….”
“I’m sure you will have a good encounter in the future, too!”
“I hope so. …… then todo-san, I’ll check out nearby universities that have faculties where you can learn useful things if you’re going to be the wife of the president.”
“I-I understand …… I’ll look into it too.”

Touka puffed out her cheek with a slightly mushy expression, but she agreed.
“Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.”

The last thing she did was to thank sensei, and then she went to Masaki.

“Really, youth is so nice.”


“It is also possible to become the wife of the president and support Maa-kun not only in his personal life but also in his work. …… If that happens, I guess I should study business administration or secretarial science after all.”

Touka mumbled to herself as she walked out of the empty classroom and down the hallway to go see Masaki.

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Masaki you have to take responsibility now, seriously…