“The test starts today, doesn’t it? Are you ready for it Maa-kun?”
“Thanks to Touka, I think I’ll be able to handle today’s math and modern Japanese.”

On the day of the test, Touka and I were talking to each other as usual on our way to school.

“That’s good. But the important thing is English. Do you remember?”
“I remember. The loser listens to whatever the winner says, right?”
“That’s right. Yes, it’s absolute.”

Touka reminded me strongly that she had a wish that she really wanted me to listen to.

“Is there something you want me to do for you?”
“…… um, Secret. It would be a loss of words if I lose.”

Is the bar so high that you can only ask me on an occasion like this ……?

“I-I see.”

If I win, I’ll ask you what you want to ask me.

Even though it was a test now, I arrived at school while thinking about what to do after the test was over.


“I’ll see you later.”
“Yeah. Good luck.”

The seats are not too far apart, but each student took his or her seat to study for the test that is about to start.

“First, math. ……”

I had memorized some of the formulas that would be on the test this time and how to solve the problems in the problem book, but I still felt uneasy so I went over the problem book to review it.

The SHR started before I could finish the test portion of the problem book. I paused my review, and when the SHR was over, I went over it again until well before the test started.

“I should be able to handle it.”

And so the test began.
The test consisted of more simple math problems than I had expected, and I felt that I could achieve a relatively high score.

The following test on modern literature was also well-prepared, probably due in part to Touka’s teachings, and I was confident enough to think that I could exceed the average score.


“Thank you, Touka. I felt the modern writing was easier than before.”
“No, it’s the result of your hard work.”

On the way home, I walked with Touka, retracing the same path we took on our way to school in the morning.

“No, it’s thanks to Touka who showed me the path of effort.”
“Ehehe, I see. Then I should do my best to get a high score in English that I learned from Ma-kun too.”

While we were conversing, we arrived in front of Touka’s house. But Touka never made any attempt to enter the house and continued to walk next to me without any sense of discomfort.

“Hey, do you feel like having another study session today?”
“Ah, Eh, maybe you were planning not to do it today?”

It was a test, and the school itself ended before noon, so I planned to study at each of our homes today, but Touka planned to study together.
“Do you want to have lunch or something….?”
“My mother-in-law asked me to eat with her, it wasn’t that Ma-kun said we were going to study together.”

Apparently, Mom thought we were going to study together today, and she thought we were going to have lunch together, too.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know. But if we’re going to have lunch together, let’s study tomorrow’s subjects together.”

We have passed Touka’s house,……, and it would take twice as much time to go get her stuff, and we can use my textbooks and stuff.


Finally, after getting through the other subjects without difficulty, it was the last day of the test, the day of the English test.

“Maa-kun. Are you ready? I won’t lose.”
“Well, I think I’m somewhat ready.”

To be honest, I didn’t put much effort into studying English yesterday. The reason is that the other subject today is the ancient Japanese literature, which is absolutely essential to review.

“Ehehe, I can get Ma-kun to listen to me.”

It seems that Touka already thinks she has won.
It seems that the delusion is swelling and the grin can’t be settled.

“What are you going to do on your way home today, Touka? The test is coming to an end, so why don’t we skip the study session at least for today?”
“Ummm, yes, I guess so. I haven’t had any contact with mother-in-law, so I’ll just go home today.”

Touka and mom are in contact with each other to what extent?
Perhaps she’s giving various photos to Touka. …… I think not

“I think I’ll be able to get by if I study some English after I do a little work on my old Japanese.”

I have never lost to Touka in English before.
That’s why I thought that I couldn’t lose to my carefreeness, so I decided to give priority to studying old Japanese literature when I arrived at the school.


“I think I managed to get above the average score. I’m really grateful to you, Touka.”
“Maa-kun, it’s almost summer vacation. Let’s do various things together.”

I was smoking after the test of ancient Japanese literature, and Touka came to talk to me.

What does it mean, suddenly talking about the summer vacation? Is she trying to stop me from studying English? Or is it related to the summer vacation when the loser is made to do what the loser says?

“Yes, that’s right. Yes, we’ll do a lot of things during the summer vacation.”
“Mouu, Are you listening to me?”

I was looking at my textbook and vocabulary book to start my English review, so Touka asked me if I was listening to what she was saying.

“I’m listening. But right now I have to review my English in order to beat Touka, I mean, is Touka alright with that?”
“I’m so confident that I’ve perfected perfection, so I’m fine!”

Apparently, Touka is quite confident.
I’m not going to lose ……, right?

The English test has begun.
By the way, Touka’s challenge was not English expressions dealing with grammatical problems, but communication English with long sentences.
I still don’t know why she chose that one, but I’m going to quit thinking about it and work on the problem.

I was quite comfortable.
I solved the questions smoothly and reached the last page of questions.

[Complete the sentences using the expressions we discussed in class.]


My voice leaked out.
The expressions we discussed in class are …… Did we use any special phrases?

I did it.
I had a strong sense that I was good at English, so I only listened to parts of the class.
This is a bad habit of mine that I should have corrected.

I see, this is what Touka was aiming for.
I’m sure she predicted that this question would come up even more in a subject where I don’t take the class seriously. ……
She did it.

Not knowing whether I was right or wrong, I tried to remember as much as I could from the class and the English notes that Touka had shown me, and did the best I could.

When it was time to collect the test, I turned my head toward Touka. Just then, Touka was also looking at me and smiling …….

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